Sharifa the Lizard
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Sharifa the Lizard is the partially roboticized leader of the Egg Ruin Renegades.

Physical Description

A lean-muscled and fairly athletic horned lizard who stands a little over three feet tall, Sharifa has a short muzzle with slit nostrils, a few black-colored horns decorating her head, and a medium-length, somewhat spiny tail, as well as a scar across the bridge of her snout. She has spiky scales on her jawline and back, and her two bottom canine teeth jut out slightly past her jaw.

Her scales are primarily bronze in color, with a buff chest, throat and stomach. She has no hair on her head, and her eyes are fulvous in color.

Her outfit consists of a black jacket with the sleeves torn off, a white shirt underneath it, and khaki shorts, as well as a bandana around her head. Her left arm and shoulder are completely roboticized, as are both of her legs starting below the knee.


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Partial Roboticization

At the age of sixteen, Sharifa had a run-in with some of Eggman's robots. Unable to fight them back, she was captured and brought to the Desert Ocean Robotics Compound; one of the many facilities on Mobius where Eggman's robotic legions were manufactured, and where hapless Mobians were brought in to be roboticized.

Sharifa would've ended up as a full Robian were it not for the timely interference of a squadron of soldiers from the Efrikan G.U.N base, led by Lt. Rufaro Machán. She had already been put into the Roboticizer when they showed up and razed the base, freeing her and the other captured Mobians in the process.

Claiming the Egg Ruins

A few years passed since Sharifa was rescued. Having found the building where her life was changed forever now sand-choked and forgotten, she took the deserted domicile as her own. While Eggman's legions had not completely vacated Efrika, the Desert Ocean Zone had been rendered largely free of his influence.

Renegade Leader


Base Stats
Other Stats

Being partially roboticized has given Sharifa a great deal of new-found strength, especially in her left arm and both of her legs. A formidable combatant even before the partial roboticization, her robotic left arm and shoulder make all strikes from that limb incredibly strong, able to shatter boulders with one forceful punch. Her roboticized lower legs allow her to jump 6 feet straight into the air, and leap forward about 10 feet with a running start. She also has powerful kicks, being on par with Mobian kangaroos and horses; species well-known for having strong legs.

While she is unable to manipulate any of the Elements, she more than makes up for this with raw power and durability; her tough scales make her surprisingly durable. Being a species suited for life in the desert, she can easily tolerate hot and dry weather, and doesn't need to rely on drinking water as much. However, being a reptile, cold weather and Ice-aligned attacks are quite dangerous to her.


Sharifa is fairly resistant to the Elements of Earth and Fire, despite her not having any Elemental affinity. She is quite durable, and can weather minor physical blows with ease.


Sharifa is weak to the Element of Ice, given her reptilian nature. While her roboticized legs make her fairly fast, her agility and reflexes aren't anything special, and she isn't too adept at dodging. Her resilience is not as high as her durability, making her more susceptible to energy-based attacks.

Friends and Foes






Aggressive and territorial, Sharifa holds a bold and commanding air about her. Despite possessing a quick temper, she is deeply respected by her comrades. Brashness is not the only facet of her personality; she is highly loyal to her friends, and cares a great deal for them. After claiming the Egg Ruins as her stomping grounds, she converted them into a safe haven for those who were (and still are) adversely affected by the Eggman Empire's presence in Efrika.



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