Sharia is a ninja lynx with raven blood.


Early History

She had been at the Dojo since she was two. A day after arriving, she was put to training. She is a very hard worker, and climbed the ranks of the Ninja accademy.

The Training

One day, to up her overall ninja score, Sensei assigned her to teach younger members and become the mentor to a child named Resh. On her first day, the children tormented her. They did the complete opposite of everything she told them. After a week of this, she nearly quit. However, that would indicate failure, which she hates.

She was told to take Resh to the mountains for a survival lesson. Sharia hesitated, as Resh was the worst of the group and the ring leader. She did, however, agree. As soon as they set up camp, Resh grabbed her and flung her onto a tree. Before she could react, he tied her up with a grappling hook and some chains. Normally, it would have been easy getting out, but he knew her weaknessess and she was dangling upside down.

After nearly forty-eight hours of this, a small white cat came out of the bushes. After a very awkward conversation, the cat undid the chains. It also held her, but lost balence and dropped her on her face. It ran in fear, as it sensed she was angry and powerful. The next day, when Resh came to tease her by eating right in front of her, as she hadn't eaten in all that time, he found the rope and chains had been torn. A bit of blood, which was actually ketchup, was on the tree. He was scared, and Sharia leaped at him and attacked. They came to an agreement, and they left.

Later, when teaching them, they did the worst they had done yet. Resh wanted revenge, while the others were hoping for some fun. They completely covered her in mustard and tied her to a beanstalk. Although she got down, she fell into a bag that led her to a farm in New Mexico. When she got back, she was punished for leaving her class alone. Afterwords, she quit, and said she would never have children.

The Newcomer

Months afterwords, a few new trainees were brought to the dojo. Most were older children, and three were around her age. One was Rockin the Riolu, yet the Sensei didn't like him. Although he was good at fighting and stealth, he lacked control at times. He also needed to earn his keep by working there as well. Sharia and Rockin had to walk by each other on different classess. Usually, Rockin would say hi, but Sharia ignored him. When the older students needed to take younger ones on survival assignments, Sharia immediatly decilned. She still had nightmares from the last time.

With this, only her, Sensei, Rockin, and a few others were left to stay. All the classess were combined and taught by Sensei at this time. Rockin and Sharia eventually became friends. Usually they would speak between classess or at night. Sensei wouldn't approve of the friendship, so it was kept secret.

Almost two years later, Rockin needed to leave. Sharia barely got to say goodbye, but her friendship was revealed by accident when she was saddened. Sensei noticed, but let her off the hook, this time. Rockin and Sharia made a promise to one day meet again.

The Aftermath

She still trains at the dojo. Her and Rockin's promise is unlikely to happen. She is now trusted to go and get things for Sensei, which it had been her dream to see the outside world. She sleeps at a far end of the dorm now, as Resh and the others have been promoted.


  • She has extreme agility.
  • She is a very powerful ninja and has many knives and dangerous items at her disposel.



  • Rockin the Riolu
  • Sensie
  • Various unnamed schoolgirls


  • Resh
  • The children she trained
  • Abbey Jenson


None, she believes herself to be to busy, and she wishes not to have kids like those "Monsters" she trained.

She also believes romance to be "overrated" although, this is simply a cover.


  • She usually curses Abbey Jenson, yet it is unknown who this actually is.
  • She may have at one time had a small crush on Rockin, yet she still saw him as just a friend.
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