Shard the Metal Sonic

Shard the Metal Sonic (former: Metal SonicMetal Sonic 1.0, Metal Sonic 2.0 and Metal Sonic 2.5) is a hero and a former series antagonist. Initially, it was built by Doctor Ivo Robotnik, later a new version was built by Tails to gain a new friend.



Before Metal Sonic was created, Robotnik built Silver Sonic at the Death Egg station, but he was defeated by Sonic.After the events of Sonic CD, he built a new version of Silver Sonic, called Mecha Sonic.

Sonic CD

Metal Sonic was built on the Little Planet to defeat Sonic in the race, but he lost the race and was muted.

Knuckles' Chaotix

Robotnik, rebuilt Metal Sonic and was sent to the Crimson Island. During the fight with Chaotix he joined the machine, however, the team destroyed the machine and Metal Sonic.Robotnik was created thanks to Chaos Rings to change him in Metal Sonic Kai.Chaotix unfortunately shortly after the fight fell down and Metal Sonic Kai started attacking, but lost the final fight and Robotnik escaped.

After the Events of Sonic Adventure

After the events of Sonic Adventure, Eggman found Metal Sonic in the capsule and rebuilt him.Sonic and Tails, they were sent to the Volcanic Island to fight Metal Sonic who gained the ability to speak. When he recalled the moments he did badly, he sacrificed himself and was burnt in the lava.

Shard the Metal Sonic

Tails, he found pieces of old Metal Sonic. He colored, rebuilt and added a piece of Emerald and created Shard the Metal Sonic. He fights with his ex-master today.


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Eggman, he also found the old parts of Metal Sonic and rebuilt creating a new model. As Shard the Metal Sonic once was evil and serves Eggman. Metallic Son 3.0 rebelled against his master, but he himself rebelled to rule the Eggman Empire that changed to the Metal Sonic Empire. Unfortunately as Shard once did, he could not speak, and only when he changed forme. One thing that differentiates the two models is that he can change the form, which is opposite to the official. His form is: Neo Metal Sonic, Super Neo Metal Sonic, Metal Madness and Metal Overlord.


  • V2.5 it was powered by a shard of Yellow Chaos Emerald. As Shard, at first it was overlaid with green until finally red.


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