Sharada the Hedgehog is a character in the Sonic Next Gen. She is the daughter of Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose


Sharada appears as a loner child like Shadow's life, when no kid wants to play with her

During her teenhood, Sharada grew with her mother's similar personality and less with her father's.


Amy Rose got pregnant with Shadow's child during their end of their honeymoon

Sharada was


  • Sharada's name is Sanskrit for "autumnal", It is another name for the hindu goddess Saraswati/Sarasvati, also her name is diminutive for Sarada. There is a female Sanskrit figure known by the name is Sarada Devi.
  • She and Risu, daughter of Knuckles have a shared similarities but different are individuals: both have a cold demeor against Rush, they both have no friends, and sometimes have in a familiar relationship with their father/mother.
  • Sharada was inspired by Sarada Uchiha, the other being Risu Echidna
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