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Shanoa the Fox

Shanoa the Fox
Shanoa the Fox

Biographical Information
Age 20
25 Years Later
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Light brown w/ peach face, chest and tail tip
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Leather chestplate
  • Blue ribbon
  • Long, blue, split skirt
  • High, leather boots
  • Blue cloth on arms
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Glyphs
  • Channeling of Glyphs
  • Glyph Union
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A. Michelle Ruff
Japanese V.A. Houko Kuwashima
Theme Song(s) Nightwish - Dark Chest Of Wonders
Original Creator Ryushusupercat (based upon a canonical char, however)

Shanoa the Fox (Shanoa za Fokkusu) is a character based upon the same Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Her type of magic involves the channeling of magic symbols known as Glyphs. Her biggest appearance in in The Demon Slayer Saga, however, she also appears in a few Roleplays and fan games.

Shanoa is the only person capable of channeling Glyphs through her body, and is the only person capable of using the Dominus Glyph in any way. Since only Shanoa can use the Glyphs through her body, anyone else must find a way to enchant an item to channel Glyphs. This process is nearly impossible, and so far only Albus the Cat has done it.



Shanoa spent her childhood with her best friend and surrogate brother, Albus the Cat.

Hunter of Demons

Shanoa makes a living by hunting and destroying malicious forces. Albus assisted her with the slaughter of Arthroverta, Brachyura, Eligor and finally Leraje the Wicked, but by herself she has fought Gravedorcus and Dagon.

Notable Abilities

Stamina 9
Attack 10
Defense 8
Speed 8
Reflexes 9
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 10
Total 64/80

Arm Glyphs

The different Arm Glyphs that Shanoa can use. If the same Glyph is activated in both arms, she can use two of the same attacks at the same time (I.E firing two Lumen Spheres with Dual Vol Luminatio).

  • Melio Secare - Superior sword Glyph.

Its name means "to cut" in Latin.

  • Melio Arcus - Superior bow Glyph.

Its name means "bow" in Latin.

  • Melio Macir - Superior hammer Glyph.

Its name means "leanness" in Latin. To translate into hammer, it should be called Melio Malleus.

  • Melio Scutum - Superior shield Glyph.

Its name means "shield" in Latin.

  • Ignis - Shoots a fireball at the foe.

Its name means "fire" or "flame" in Latin.

  • Vol Ignis - Summons a pillar of flames.

  • Grando - Fires an icicle at the foe.

Its name means "hailstorm" in Latin.

  • Vol Grando - Summons a pillar of ice.

  • Unda - Shoots a "bullet" of water at the foe.

Its name means "water" or "surf" in Latin.

  • Vol Unda - Fires a concentrated stream of water. Similar to Hydro Pump.

  • Fulgur - Fires an electric orb at the foe.

  • Vol Fulgur - Strikes the foe with a concentrated thunderbolt. Similar to Thunderbolt.

  • Luminatio - Two Lumen Spheres fly out in a circular pattern.

  • Vol Luminatio - Fires a powerful Lumen Sphere that tracks the foe.

  • Umbra - Sends a "ghost" after the foe that tracks them.

  • Vol Umbra - Shoots a ball of darkness at the foe. When it hits something, it stops and stays in place for a few seconds before disappearing, damaging anything that touches it.

  • Pneuma - A ground-traveling windstrike.

Its name means "a breath" in Latin.

  • Turbo - Powerful Tornado attack.

Its name means "hurricane" or "whirlwind" in Latin.

  • Lapiste - Strikes the foe with a giant stone fist.

The first four letters of its name (Lapi) means "stone" in Latin.

  • Morbus (Command a forbidden curse, resembles a bloody energy ball)

Its name means "the disease" in Latin.

  • Acerbatus - Fires a giant sphere of pure spite at the foe, dealing both Darkness and Electric DMG.

Its name does not seem to translate into anything. It should appropriately be called Malignus or Malevolus, which translates into "spiteful"

  • Nitesco - Fires a powerful energy beam at the foe, dealing both Holy and Fire DMG.

Its name means "become bright" in Latin.

  • Globus - Fires an energy ball that bounces off of objects, smacking into foes continuously before it fades. Shanoa can fire up to four at once (she sends two from one hand).

Its name means "ball" in Latin.

  • Redire -

Its name means "to return" in Latin.

  • Cataegis -

Its name means "storm" in Latin.

Back Glyphs

  • Volaticus - Conjures a large pair of wings to fly.

Its name means "flying" in Latin.

  • Rapidus Fio - Greatly increases speed and makes a damaging shockwave appear in front of Shanoa wherever she runs.

Its name means "become rapid" in Latin.

  • Magnes - This allows Shanoa to shroud herself in a blue energy sphere and attract herself to magnetic objects. Unlike in the game, Shanoa can also reverse the polarity, repelling magnetic objects.

Its name means "magnet" in Latin.

  • Paries - Allows Shanoa to pass through certain walls.

Its name means "wall" in Latin.

  • Fides Fio - Increases magical resistance for a short while.

  • Fortis Fio - Increases physical resistance for a short while.

  • Sapiens Fio - Increases magical strength for a short while.

  • Vis Fio - Increases physical strength for a short while.

  • Refectio - This allows Shanoa to slowly heal herself. She can also use it on others.

Its name means "refreshment" or "recovery" in Latin.

  • Incito Ignis - Greatly increases the power of any Fire Glyph.

Its name means "urge the fire" in Latin. Incito means "augment" or "increase" in Latin.

  • Incito Glacies - Greatly increases the power of any Ice Glyph.

Its name means "urge ice" in Latin.

  • Incito Unda - Greatly increases the power of any Water Glyph.

Its name means "urge the wave" in Latin.

  • Incito Fulgur - Greatly increases the power of any Electric Glyph.

Its name means "urge lightning" in Latin.

  • Incito Terra - Greatly increases the power of any Earth Glyph.

Its name means "urge the land" in Latin.

  • Incito Aer - Greatly increases the power of any Wind Glyph.

Its name means "urge air" in Latin.

  • Incito Lumin - Greatly increases the power of any Light Glyph.

Its name means "urge the light" in Latin.

  • Incito Umbra - Greatly increases the power of any Dark Glyph.

Its name means "keeper of the arms" in Latin.

  • Dominus Agony - Grants the powers of the universe.

Its name means "the lord of agony" in Latin.

Glyph Union

Glyph Union is Shanoa's ability to combine the two Arm glyphs currently activated to make a powerful attack. For example, combining either Melio Secare or Melio Macir with any of Shanoa's Magic Glyphs (Luminatio, Nitesco, Umbra, Ignis, Acerbatus, Grando, Fulgur, Morbus and Globus) will create an Elemental Slash attack. Combining Melio Arcus with any of the Magic Glyphs will create a Magic Bow attack.

Example: Ignis/Vol Ignis + Melio Secare/Melio Macir = Ignis Secare (Fire Sword)

Example: Ignis/Vol Ignis + Melio Arcus = Ignis Arcus (Fire Bow)

Using Glyph Union with the same Glyph equipped in both of Shanoa's arms will create a more powerful version of that same Glyph.

Example: Grando/Vol Grando + Grando/Vol Grando = Melio Grando

Example: Melio Secare + Melio Secare = Prestans Secare (resembles an enormous Holy Claymore)

Magic Slash Unions:

For these examples, we just use Secare and any of the regular Magic Glyphs.

  • Ignis + Secare = Ignis Secare (Fire Sword)
  • Grando/Torpor + Secare = Grando Secare (Ice Sword)
  • Fulgur + Secare = Fulgur Hasta (Electric Lance)
  • Unda + Secare = Unda Secare (Aquatic Sword)
  • Umbra/Morbus/Acerbatus + Secare = Umbra Secare (Dark Sword)
  • Luminatio + Secare = Luminatio Secare (Holy Sword)
  • Nitesco + Secare = Nitesco Secare (Beam Sword)
  • Lapiste + Secare = Lapiste Macir (Stone Hammer)
  • Pneuma/Turbo + Secare = Pneuma Hasta (Wind Lance)

Magic Bow Unions:

These examples will use Arcus and any of the regular Magic Glyphs.

  • Ignis + Arcus = Ignis Arcus (Fire Arrow)
  • Grando/Torpor + Arcus = Grando Arcus (Ice Arrow)
  • Unda + Arcus = Unda Arcus (Aquatic Arrow)
  • Fulgur + Arcus = Fulgur Arcus (Electric Arrow)
  • Umbra/Morbus/Acerbatus + Arcus = Umbra Arcus (Dark Arrow)
  • Luminatio + Arcus = Lumen Arcus (Holy Arrow)
  • Nitesco + Arcus = Nitesco Arcus (Beam Arrow)
  • Lapiste + Arcus = Lapiste Arcus (Stone Arrow)
  • Pneuma/Turbo + Arcus = Pneuma Arcus (Wind Arrow)

Melio Magic Unions:

For these examples, two of the same regular Glyphs (Ignis + Ignis) are combined.

  • Ignis + Ignis = Melio Ignis (Massive blast of flame)
  • Grando + Grando = Melio Grando (Ice storm)
  • Unda + Unda = Melio Unda (Massive stream of water)
  • Fulgur + Fulgur = Melio Fulgur (Stationary electric orb zaps any enemy in the vicinity)
  • Luminatio + Luminatio = Melio Luminatio (A ring of light emanates from Shanoa, and any enemy that touches it gets hit by a Lumen Sphere (Holy Energy Orb)
  • Umbra + Umbra = Melio Umbra (Same as Melio Luminatio, but Dark-aligned. Acerbatus and Morbus produce the same effect as two Umbra Glyphs.)
  • Nitesco + Nitesco = Melio Nitesco (Massive beam attack)
  • Lapiste + Lapiste = Melio Lapiste (Massize stone fists smash the enemy from both sides)
  • Pneuma + Pneuma = Melio Pneuma (Massive version of Pneuma)
  • Turbo + Turbo = Melio Turbo (Hurricane attack)

Elemental Shields

Perform a Glyph Union with Scutum (Shield Glyph) and any elemental Glyph (such as Ignis, Fulgur, etc.). It creates a damage shield of the Elemental Glyph's alignment.

Forms and Fusions

Dominus Shanoa

Dominus Shanoa is Shanoa's super form. It is obtained by equipping all three Dominus Glyphs. While it is incredibly powerful, it slowly eats away Shanoa's health, so it cannot be activated for too long.

Cerberus Shanoa

While not as powerful as her Dominus form, Shanoa's Cerberus form is still incredibly dangerous. It is activated by combining Dextro Custos, Sinestro Custos and Arma Custos. It does not eat away Shanoa's health; in fact, the more damage she takes, the more powerful her attacks become (just like in the game).

OOC Shanoa

The OOC (Out Of Character) version of Shanoa. She becomes an undignified tramp, and she also now despises Albus. However, she flirts shamelessly with every other male.

Shane the Fox

The Gender-Swapped counterpart of Shanoa.

Diamond Shanoa

A form that appears only in House of Cards.


Shanoa is quiet and while she is seemingly without emotion, this fact is untrue; she is capable of showing emotions. However, she almost never smiles; in fact, the only person she'll smile for is Albus.

Shanoa cares deeply for Albus, as if he actually were her brother, and not just a surrogate (seeing as how both Shanoa and Albus have no living parents).



  • Wearing dresses
  • Overly girly things

Biggest Fears

  • Albus getting killed


The Demon Slayer Saga

The Demon Slayer Saga 2

Shanoa is the mother of Jonathan the Fox and Charlotte the Cat.

Roleplay:The Troll Wars

Roleplay:The Glacier Comedy Show

Roleplay:Sonic Fanon Kids

Roleplay:SFK Halloween Special

Roleplay:Eternal Darkness

Roleplay:Werehog Plague

Friends and Foes




  • Justin the Dog - She does not appreciate him making jokes about her relationship with Albus.



Albus the Cat

Statyx the Hedgehog

This idea was brought to you by both Ryushu and Kagimizu.

Shanoa has a "high-school" crush on Statyx. She will blush, stammer and sometimes giggle in his presence. Comically, her Glyph powers will also react; usually she will set random objects on fire by accident. Small, heart-shaped bursts of fire, electricity, ice, light or darkness will also emanate from her body, usually her hands. She also tends to daydream about him, and has been contemplating on whether or not she should dress in a more "flattering" matter in order to impress him.

She most likely fell for him because of his chivalrous nature.


"Your time has come, demon! Prepare to die!"


  • Shanoa tends to call out the name of any Glyph she activates.
  • In Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Dominus is made from Dracula's magic. In the Sonic Universe, however, Dominus, as well as the other Glyphs, are said to be formed from The Everywhere, making them one of the oldest and most powerful forms of magic.
  • Furor is latin for "Fury".
  • While the Melio version Glyphs are referred to as "superior", Melio is actually latin for "better"; prestans is latin for "superior", making the Prestans version Glyphs (the Weapon Unions) superior to the Melio versions.

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