Shane the Wolf is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian gray wolf revealed to be from the Gray Wolf Pack, before he joined the Storm Fighters. He was originally designed as a loner who fell in with Sonic.EXE, but as of the series overhaul, this was changed.


Shane is a Mobian gray wolf described to have pale gray fur the color of a cloudy sky, with a flash of white on his chest. He has amber eyes and thick fur


Shane is a distant, aloof person. He doesn't make friends easily, and is fairly closed off. However, like all other wolves, Shane is fiercely loyal to his friends. Shane is also shown to greatly despise troublemakers, shown when he bristles when Roy tells him why he left his Pack


Before the series: Shown in a Google Doc story, Shane met Roy on the fox's journey to find the Storm Fighters. After their meeting, the two become close friends.

Austin's Adventures (remake): Shane is briefly seen when Austin visits Lamarkie Village, but does not appear again




Shane is the first Tribe character to canonically appear who is not a fox

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