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Shandi the Dog

Shandi the Dog

Biographical Information
Relatives unknown
Alias none
Romantic Interests none
Residence Blast Town
Physical Description
SpeciesYellow Labrador
Gender Female
Description Atomic Tangerine fur, large nose, long hair, semi-dark muzzle, brown eyes, floppy ears
Attire Jasmine hoodie and matching shoes, Orange Peel top, shoes, and beanie
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations People at the creepy Jeeperchomp Mansion
AbilitiesGood at solving things, Good gymnast, Magic enthusiast, Spin Dash, Good with guessing sizes, great at dodging
Super Forms none
Other Information
English V.A. Ana Mulvoty Ten (Amber from House of Anubis)
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances Roleplay:A Jeeperchomp Whodunit
Original Creator Pumpituppartyzone

Shandi the Dog is an original character created by Pumpituppartyzone. She is a Yellow Lab that is 93 cm tall and keeps her weight secret.



Shandi was born in O'Fallon, Missouri. She grew up there and was very popular in school. She got a British Accent from her mum, who is fully British. Her father is Egyptian but was raised in England. He made them move to Mobius in the city Blast Town because his job moved. She is still pretty popular at school and has a bad past with roaches and spiders.


Shandi was named after the previous hostess of Lingo, Shandi Finnessey. Since she and Pumpituppartyzone are both from Missouri, he decided to make Shandi from Missouri aswell. Pumpituppartyzone came up with the idea for Shandi in many different ways. He wanted to make a British character, but also a smart character with frequent blonde moments. The design for her hoodie and shoes are from a hoodie and shoes in the game Fusionfall.


Shandi is a pretty preppy person. She is very popular at school, but still very nice. She frequently has blonde moments, which she is known for. She can be very smart, however, and loves to solve mysteries. Her friends describe her as a "smart airhead," which she is always sensetive about. She loves bowling and is very into Egyptian Mythology and Hyroglyphics.


Roleplay:A Jeeperchomp Whodunit





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  • Shandi loves snowboarding.
  • Both of her parents are English.
    • Her father is of Egyptian descent.
  • She can play the digeridoo, the bongos, and the picilo.


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