Shamar the Fennec Fox, also called Shamar the Fennec, is a short anthropomorphic fennec fox, named after the town of Shamar. He was once friends with the "Freedom Fighters" of the region, until he learned of their true intentions at the start of his journey to the Storm Fighters. He is one of only two Pokemon Trainers to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave, the other being Lerry the Bear. Like Lerry, Shamar has a very minor role in the series, but still plays a pivotal role in the Light Mobius stories Shadowed Future and its sequel, 5 Years Later.


Shamar is a short anthropomorphic fennec fox. He is about a head shorter than E.J. the Hedgehog(who is of the same height as Modern Sonic), with tawny-tan fur, a short, black-tipped tail, and large ears. He has amber eyes and wears Fox the Brave's attire, minus the jacket(of course, it's downsized to accommodate Shamar's smaller stature)


Being very short, Shamar is the typical target for bullies, yet despite this, he is always upbeat and friendly. He isn't really one to hold grudges unless they directly affect him or his home(similar to Austin Smith). When picked on about his large ears and short stature, Shamar likes to point out how useful ear size is to fennec foxes(in the wild, it allows fennecs to keep themselves cool during hot desert days)


Before the series: Shamar was born in Midesta to Sand and his unknown mate, and named after his hometown Shamar. Shamar was initially very shy until he met a wild Fennekin he befriended. After that, he quickly became friends with the Shamar Freedom Fighters and endeavored to help them. When his mother was dying of illness, she told Shamar about a group of heroic Mobians and Pokemon called the Storming Alliance. She encouraged him to go find them and help them, since he'd been helping the Freedom Fighters(unaware of their true intent). Shamar vowed to find the Alliance and join the Mobian group, The Storm Fighters. Afterward, Shamar departed with his Fennekin friend, only to find some of Eggman's lackeys in the Midesta Egg Army attempting to capture a Druddigon. Shamar freed it(earning its trust and companionship), only to find the "Freedom Fighters" helping. Furious, Shamar swore off his friendship with them and left with Fennekin and Druddigon, catching them both before he left. After many moons of traveling, he finally found the Storming Base; during his journey, he found and rescued a Chesnaught, a Heracross named Hiro-who was in possession of a Heracronite-and a Riolu(that evolved into Lucario), finding the Lucarionite for him. He then managed to catch a melanistic Greninja named Tidesworth, who was part of the Outsiders, later earning Tidesworth's trust and respect despite his diminutive stature.

Light Mobius: Shamar never makes a real physical appearance, but still plays a pivotal role in Shadowed Future. He is mentioned to have been picked alongside his good friend Lerry, plus Lucas the Lycanroc and Rokky the Krokorok to join Braveheart to rescue Sadie-who was captured by King Shadow. Though unmentioned, Shamar's small stature was a serious hinderance to him, and he was shot dead. Later, he is one of the Spirits in Braveheart's dream when Fox gives him the warning about Shadow's downfall.


While Shamar doesn't have any special powers himself, he commonly fights with a team of Pokemon.

Shamar's Team:


  • Pokemon: Delphox
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moveset: Dazzling Gleam/Flamethrower/Unknown
  • Item: Fairium Z
  • Description: Shamar's Starter, and the first Pokemon to help him overcome his shyness. Since it was a Fennekin, Delphox has been an extremely loyal and even powerful partner of Shamar's.


  • Pokemon: Druddigon
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability: Rough Skin
  • Moveset: Draco Meteor/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: Saved by Shamar from Eggman's lackeys in the Midesta Egg Army at the start of his journey. Extremely strong powerhouse, commonly used when strength is needed.


  • Pokemon: Chesnaught
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability: Overgrow
  • Moveset: Spiky Shield/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: Saved by Shamar and caught sometime during his journey to find the Storming Base. Mostly used to stop strong attacks with Spiky Shield


  • Pokemon: Heracross
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Swarm/Mega Evolved Ability: Skill Link
  • Moveset: Bullet Seed/Arm Thrust/Megahorn/Hyper Beam
  • Item: Heracronite
  • Description: Saved by Shamar and caught sometime during his journey to find the Storming Base. One of two Pokemon on his Team that can speak as well as one of the few Wild Pokemon to have owned a Mega Stone without being on the Storming Alliance(prior to being caught by Shamar)


  • Pokemon: Lucario
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Steadfast/Mega Evolved Ability: Adaptability
  • Moveset: Psychic/Aura Sphere/Unknown
  • Item: Lucarionite
  • Description: Saved by Shamar and caught sometime during his journey to find the Storming Base. Mostly used for tracking


  • Pokemon: Greninja(Melanistic)
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moveset: Water Shuriken/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: Caught by Shamar shortly after his arrival at the Storming Base. Was once a warrior of the Outsiders until caught by Shamar. One of two Pokemon that can speak, as well as one of the few Melanistic Pokemon to be confirmed for the series(the others being Cado the Luxray and his son Shilo), and the only Melanistic Pokemon to be owned by someone.


Though unmentioned, Shamar's small stature is a hinderance, as it means he cannot take hits as well as a larger fox can. This is what led to his death in Shadowed Future. This may also be a problem since he fights with Pokemon, and all of them are a great deal larger than he is.

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