This is an article about Shadren the Lost, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 10/2/2013.


Before her Capture

Physical Appearance

She had russet-brown fur, and violet purple eyes. She had a white muzzle, and a white patch on her chest and stomach.

Material Appearance

She wore


Now Shadren has no real appearance, being only a black shadow shaped like a mobian. She does wear clothes though they are a faded grey. Her eyes are pure grey with the irises being blue, and her pupils being grey.


She's a shy creature normally, but that's only due to it's being an experimental test subject after it's was captured by Mephisto. When someone gets to know her they discover that she's a good person at heart. She doesn't mind her current form anymore but she still really wants her normal form back as she just wants to fit in.



She can turn her body into different things or people, basically being a shapeshifter. 


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She's afraid of sunlight, as people can see her black shadow form. Sunlight also weakens her shadow form and can redner her vulnerable. Any further contact with it and she may possibly die unless she can get to shade in time.

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