Shadow: The Forking Road is a game for the PSP taking place immediately after the first Shadow the Hegdehog game. The game will be released for the PSP never. It also adds in characters from the franchises Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. While Shadow is the only playable character, which characters will assist him and which will physically oppose him are dependent on his moral choices.


A month after the final defeat of the alien Black Doom, Shadow has gotten over the death of his friend Maria at the hands of G.U.N, an organization that was dedicated to ending the research of Professor Gerald Robotnik, Shadow's creator. Or so he thinks. He finds himself increasingly thinking about Maria, her loss, as well as the revelaion of him being biological offspring of the Black Arms, the race of aliens that tried to conquer Earth under the leadership of the now-deceased Black Doom. All of this thinking attracts the attention of an omnipotent being named Q, part of a race that plays with other races and universes out of sheer boredom.

Testing Shadow, he teleports the hedgehog to the Space Colony ARK, in which he challenges the hedgehog to destroy the spaceship in which G.U.N. invaded the ARK with. His strong moral character and his worry of what Maria would think prevents him from doing so. (Eventualy, Q reveals that the whole thing was a "trik question" of sorts that was testing Shadow's mental state) In response to Shadow's choices, Q teleports him to an alternate dimension, where Humanity has technologically advanced so far that it has practically abandoned it's home planet for the sake of the exploration of other planets. Q explains that an alternate race, only described as the 0, want to destroy this new world, streamlining it's entire reality to fit their own designs. A member of the 0, aware of Shadow's confliction between morality and revenge, then comes before the hdegehog, trying to persuade Shadow to assist their endeavours in an effort to finally gain revenge against the savage Humans that caused the death of his best friend; no longer bound by her death, as she does not exist in this world.

What the 0 fails to tell Shadow is that the two bickering races have also summoned some of Shadow's allies/enemies to this world, in order to further test Shadow's resolve.

Shadow, stressed out by the Q and 0's bickering, decides to explore the dimension on his own in an effort to find his way home. And that's where the story begins.....


  • Space Colony ARK (Tutorial)
  • Breaking Battleship (First Level)
  • The Enterprise (Good====>Breaking Battleship)
  • Asteroid Belt (Neutral====>Breaking Battle Ship)
  • Omicron Theta (Evil====>Breaking Battleship)
  • Boss/Holographic Lifeform Moriarty (====>Breaking Battleship)
  • Boss/Maquis Raider (====>Asteroid Belt)
  • Boss/Egg Driller (====>Omicron Theta)

More coming soon...


Good Assists

  • Q
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • William Riker
  • Miles O'Brien
  • Benjamin Sisko
  • Data
  • Worf
  • Spock
  • McCoy
  • Sonic
  • Silver
  • Rouge
  • Omega E-123
  • Maria Robotnik
  • Gerald Robotnik

Neutral Assists

  • Q
  • Quark
  • T'Pau
  • Julian Bashir
  • Rouge
  • Omega E-123
  • Dr. Eggman
  • G.U.N. Commander

Evil Assists

  • Q
  • 0
  • Female 0
  • Chancellor Gowron
  • Lore
  • Gul Dukat
  • Kai Winn
  • Luther Sloan
  • Sela
  • Female Changeling
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Scourge the Hedgehog


Shadow: Forking Road uses a slightly different system descended from it's predecessor. Common to all Sonic games, Shadow will proceed through stages (which are set in the Star Trek universe, a first for the series) collecting Rings, defeating enemies, and completing certain objectives within as little time as possible.

The original Shadow the hedgehog used a "Moral Power" system, in which "Good" and "Evil" gauges filled as Shadow committed Good/Evil acts, allowing him to use a Chaos power once full. In Forking Road, The Gauges now correspond to the objectives of the current stage, the objectives completed when one of them reaches full or in the case of Neutral Missions, reaching the Goal Ring or a character in question.

Shadow now has access to other combat abilities aside from the Homing Attack and the three-punch combo. Ala inFAMOUS, Shadow now gains EXP after defeating enemies, which he can then buy powers and abilities that he can use in battle. Shadow can now also enter an attack reminiscent of the "Team Blast" from Sonic Heroes with his current Assist Character, which increases in power if he is of the same Moral Allignment as the character in question; and is weaker if they are his Moral opposite.

After completing a stage's objectives, he will move to a different stage depending on which objective he completed. After two stages, Shadow will face a Boss before moving onto the next stage.

Also, unlike the original game, Forking Road now only has six endings, Two for each Allignment possible to achieve in the game.

Extra Mode

Once a stage is completed as Shadow, One of eight unlockble characters (One for each achieveable ending, plus one more for the Final Ending and another for completing all Extra Stages) can enter the stage and Roam around, or complete seperate objectives made especially for them. Note that in order to complete the game 100%, the Extra stages must be completed as well as those of the actual story.

Playable Extra Mode Characters

  • Rouge
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Miles O'Brien
  • Julian Bashir
  • Luther Sloan
  • Q (After completing Extra Stages)
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