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Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Rise
Shadow 2 Cover
Action, Adventure, Third-Person Shooter
SEGA, Sonic Team
Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
T - Teen
"Be the Ultimate."
Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Rise is a action/adventure game and the sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog, released in 2017. Taking place during Shadow's time with GUN, an ambush on a transport delivering an unknown package to a colony of Black Arms gets Shadow wrapped up in a mystery that he finds is more personal to him than he could ever imagine.


Prologue: You Know My Name

The game begins on a shot of an abandoned warehouse scheduled for demolition. But there's more to this place than what meets the eye; Inside the warehouse, a large group of Black Arms are busy attempting to set up a teleporter (and failing hilariously), and unloading a large steel crate from a nearby truck. What these Black Arms don't know is that they are being watched by Shadow and Rouge, who have been tasked with stopping the shipment and learning more about these Black Arms, who are the last Colony of Black Arms in existence after Black Doom's death. The two engage in conversation while Shadow spies with a sniper rifle.

  • Rouge: Have they opened it yet?
  • Shadow: (groans) As I said 5 minutes ago and the 5 minutes before that, no, they haven't.
  • Rouge: Hey, don't whine at me, I can't see anything from here, if I knew you wanted us to scout from so far away, I would've grabbed the sniper rifle.
  • Shadow: Please. You'd only want this thing if the scope was made of diamonds.

After Omega reports that he is in position, Shadow and Rouge prepare for action. After Shadow identifies key points in the environment, such as a window for him & Rouge to enter the warehouse and heavy weapons for Omega to take out, Shadow begins by shooting out a vital part of the Colony's teleporter. The three agents enter the warehouse, Rouge taking out any Black Arms trying to attack from afar, Omega taking out the heavy weapons and heavy troopers, and you (as Shadow) using a shotgun, an assault rife and pistols to secure the crate. The Colony eventually retreats, and Shadow calls Commander Tower to tell him the package is secure.

  • Commander: Don't bring that package back until you find out what's inside it.
  • Shadow: Understood. Out.
  • Rouge: Anyone bring a crowbar?
  • Shadow: Who do I look like, Gordon Freeman?

Because the group dosen't have a crowbar, Omega tries and fails to open it with machine gun fire, which doesn't even scratch the crate, so he just opens it with his hands. The team look inside the crate, and are shocked at what they find; a stasis capsule similar to the one Shadow was found in in Sonic Heroes, with a young hedgehog girl contained inside.


Chapter 1: Faith

The chapter opens at GUN HQ, where the girl Team Dark found sits alone in an office, with Shadow and Rouge talking outside, and Rouge states that the girl barely remembers anything from before she was in the capsule.

  • Shadow: Well, that doesn't sound familiar at all...
  • Rouge: Yeah. But it's worse for her; she needed a second just to remember her name, and even then, she's not sure that she got it right.
  • Shadow: What did she say it was?
  • Rouge: She says her name is "Faith", and until we've concluded if that's it or not, that's what we'll call her.

As Rouge continues her explanation, Faith glances at them through the window, when Shadow notices her eyes turning blue. He suddenly finds himself standing in a dark hospital nursery, and walking around shows that all the cribs are empty. He sees two shadowed figures talking on the other side of the window who don't seem to notice him, who seem to be a father and a doctor discussing a newborn.

  • Doctor: You have quite the unusual child, sir.
  • Father: "Unusual" is exactly what I want. She will lead the universe to a new age of---

Shadow is unable to hear the rest because their voices echo and drown out what's being said. He turns around and discovers that all the cribs but one have disappeared, and he looks inside it to find Faith as an infant. Based on this, he figures out that he is somehow experiencing one of her memories, or at least the bits and pieces she remembers. He suddenly returns to the real world, where he's being smacked by Rouge.

  • Shadow: OW! What the hell?!
  • Rouge: You zoned out.
  • Shadow: So you decide to smack me in the face?!

Shadow informs Rouge of what he saw. Though she is skeptical, Shadow reminds her that they've seen things far crazier than that, which convinces her. Their conversation is interrupted by an agent who had talked to Faith during the conversation:

  • Soldier: Uh, pardon me for interrupting, but she wants to talk to you two.
  • Shadow: What? Why?
  • Soldier: Beats me. I stopped asking questions after "I want to talk to those two outside".
  • Rouge: Does she know we saved her?
  • Soldier: She does. Maybe that's what it is. Either way, she's all yours.

Though both Shadow and Rouge are reluctant to talk to her, they soon relent and enter her room, where Shadow makes a few things clear;

  • Shadow: Just so you know, it's nothing against you if I get a bit aggressive. I'm just not good with kids.
  • Faith: You're carrying a bunch of guns on your back and you did nothing but stand in the corner with your eyes closed before she started talking to you. I figured it out.
  • Rouge: ...(grins) I like her already.

Shadow asks Faith about her memory and the vision he experienced in the hallway. She tells the duo that she can't remember anything about her past except for multiple faint images, one of which Shadow experienced earlier.

  • Shadow: Why did you show it to me?
  • Faith: I didn't mean to... I kept looking out the window whenever no one was talking to me... then I see you looking at me the same way and... well, you saw the rest.

Suddenly, Faith's eyes glow again, just when Shadow glances at them. Shadow is once again in a pitch black environment, standing on a single patch of grass.

  • Shadow: ...Crap, not again...

Before Shadow can do anything, he is suddenly returned to the real world again, as Rouge has just kicked his chair over.

  • Faith: Sorry! Did I do it again?!'
  • Rouge: Oh, please, keep it up, this is fun.

Dialouge options:

Threaten Rouge

  • Shadow: Don't. Do that. Again.
  • Rouge: Kid in the room, Shadow. You really want to talk that?

Threaten Faith

  • Shadow: Do that again, you little brat, and I'll--
  • Rouge: Shadow.
  • Shadow: ...Like I said, not good with kids.

Brush it Off

  • Shadow: We have got to find a better way to bring me out of that...
  • Rouge: I don't know, beating you up seems to work pretty well.

Do It Again

  • Shadow: Do it again. (Rouge raises her fist) Not you.
  • Faith: Dang it, I was hoping you were talking to her.

No matter what Shadow says, the possibility of him tapping into Faith's memories comes up somehow. Faith is reluctant at first, but eventually allows Shadow to do so. Shadow is soon in the field again, with the light around him expanding because of Faith focusing on trying to remember. This reveals a hill with a tree on top, overlooking a vast city. Before Shadow can investigate, he sees a group of Black Arms running towards him and draws a pistol, only for them to run straight through him. Shadow turns and sees their target: a young hedgehog woman with fur of the same color as Faith's, who is attempting to defend someone behind her--- Faith. As Faith approaches the woman, the world suddenly becomes pitch black again.

  • Faith: Sorry! That's all I can remember...
  • Shadow: Hold on a second...
  • Faith: What's wrong?
  • Shadow: There's something familiar about this place...

With this, the memory rewinds, and Shadow must examine elements of the memory, which includes; the tree, the city, the woman, Faith, the Black Arms, and a newspaper near the tree.

  • Tree: What is it about this place that makes it so familiar?
  • City: Now that's one heck of a view...
  • Woman: Her fur is the same color as Faith's... they could be related...
  • Faith: Faith was clearly their target... but for what reason?
  • Black Arms: None of them have weapons, and they're not exactly charging at them... they clearly didn't see them as a threat, so why attack them at all?
  • Newspaper: This thing's dated to almost 5 years ago...

After observing everything in the environment, Shadow realizes how he knows the place... just in time to get punched by Rouge again. Shadow explains that he's been to that same place before (the hill is, in fact, the same hill where the first Shadow the Hedgehog began, explaining the newspaper). Rouge suggests he take Faith to that location and see if it jogs her memory at all, an idea Shadow agrees with, which Faith questions.

Dialogue options:

  • Personal Reason: I've been in your situation before. I know from experience how it feels to have nothing in your head but a few scattered images. You deserve to know your true story, not just bits and pieces of it.
  • Practical Reason: The Black Arms came at you for a reason. If you were really just a normal kid, they would've just killed you and been done with it, they wouldn't have thrown you in a pod and sent you back to their world. Maybe you saw something you shouldn't have, or you had something they wanted, either way, you're important to them, and I intend to find out why.

After choosing a response, the scene cuts to Shadow and Faith riding there on the Dark Rider.

  • Faith: Are we there yet?
  • Shadow: No.
  • Faith: ...How about now?
  • Shadow: No.
  • Faith: ......Now?
  • Shadow: Don't make me turn this bike around.

Faith is then silent for a bit of the journey, before asking Shadow an important question:

  • Faith: You think she's my mother?
  • Shadow: Who?
  • Faith: The lady in my memory. I mean, she looked a lot like me, so we were obviously related.
  • Shadow: Well, I'll give you that, but you shouldn't get your hopes up. For all you know she's your aunt, or maybe even someone you never knew. Maybe she's someone you trusted who you shouldn't have...
  • Faith: ...Did that happen to you?
  • Shadow: ...We're here.
  • Faith: (happy) Really?!
  • Shadow: No.
  • Faith: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

After they finally arrive, Faith spots what looks like a series of green shooting stars, which leads Shadow to report the strange sight to the Commander.

  • Commander: I was just about to call you about that, Shadow. You see, after Miles Prowler somehow managed to create an Artificial Chaos Emerald during the second ARK incident, we had a team of scientists attempt to recreate his work. But I just got a report that the facility they were provided has exploded somehow. We suspect that the Colony has something to do with it.
  • Shadow: I take it that we just saw the results of their work?
  • Commander: Yes. The Emeralds have been spread across the world. They will destabilize if left alone, but if you find one, you're free to do whatever you want with it.

After finishing his call, Shadow goes around the hill and recoils in shock from the sight, and quickly goes to prevent Faith from seeing it.

  • Shadow: There's nothing here, we need to go.
  • Faith: Well, at least let me look.
  • Shadow: There's really no need to.

Faith manages to shove past Shadow and sees what he was trying to hide from her: the corpse of the woman from Faith's memory with a large bloodstain on her back.

  • Faith: ...Mommy...?
  • Shadow: I'm sorry, Faith.
  • Faith: ...Are we going to find who did this?

Dialogue options:

  • Yes
  • You're Not: I will.You're too much of a risk to be leading into danger like that.

Faith is silent regardless of the answer. Shadow soon notices a small shack further down the field and heads in to investigate with Faith in tow. As soon as they enter it, Shadow is suddenly in Faith's memories again.

  • Shadow: Do you mind?
  • Faith (voiceover): Sorry, but I just remembered something that I think you'll want to see.

Shadow sees Faith's supposed mother and a panicked Faith.

  • Faith: Please, please! They're coming for me!
  • Faith's Mother: Shh... it's okay, sweetie. I won't let them hurt you.
  • Faith: They'll find me...
  • Faith's Mother: No, they won't...
  • Faith (voiceover): See, I told you she was my mother! Why else would she call me "sweetie"?
  • Shadow: If I say she's your mother, can we drop this argument?

Shadow then must examine these parts of the shack and the memory: the bed, a high school diploma on the wall, Faith's "mother", and Faith herself.

  • Bed: Only one bed... if Faith lived here, where did she sleep?
  • Diploma: Her name's Hope Fairheart... I'm starting to notice a pattern here...
  • Faith's "mother"/ Hope: It seems that she really cared about Faith's safety... she might actually be the mom.
  • Faith: Looking at her, all I see is a scared little girl. Why would the Colony want her?

After examining everything, the memory ends, revealing that the shack has been ransacked. Faith sits in a chair in the middle of the room.

  • Faith: Well?
  • Shadow: "Well" what?
  • Faith: Do you think she's my mother now?
  • Shadow: I admit, everything seems to point that direction... except for one thing. I don't see any indication that more than one person lived here, or that Hope had any children. Only one bed, no photos of anyone but her...
  • Faith: Hey, you don't know. She might've been a little self-centered...
  • Shadow: Faith. Hope's not here anymore. If that's really your mother laying dead out there, do you really want her to be your mother?
  • Faith: ...Well... even if she's not my mother... that doesn't mean I shouldn't care that she's gone, right?

Before Shadow can answer, the back wall of the shack explodes and knocking both of them to the floor. Two Black Warriors appear and take Faith away, with Shadow being unable to interfere because of a sudden headache, but he soon recovers and pursues them across a Green Hill Zone-like stage, defeating any Black Arms that get in his way using his pistols as well as using the Artificial Chaos Emeralds to fuel his Chaos Control. During his pursuit, Shadow calls the Commander.

  • Shadow: Commander, the Colony's trying to take Faith.
  • Commander: Then what are you waiting for, go after them!
  • Shadow: Already on it. But I'm gonna need you to send me some extra firepower. I'll need a supply drop a few miles from here, make it something that fires a lot of bullets very fast.

Shadow eventually catches up to Faith (conveniently, right at the supply drop, which contains an Assault Rifle) and kills the Black Arms who took her, and holds off their reinforcements, with Faith assisting him by throwing him ammo and Emeralds. Eventually, the reinforcements stop, and Shadow takes the opportunity to check on Faith.

  • Shadow: Faith, are you okay?
  • Faith: Yeah... Shadow... did you do all that?
  • Shadow: Do what?

Faith points towards the rest of the level, revealing an army's worth of dead Black Arms.

  • Shadow: ...Damn.
  • Faith: You kiss your mother with that mouth?
  • Shadow: My mother's dead.
  • Faith: ...Really?
  • Shadow: No.
  • Faith: (laughs)
  • Shadow: Never had one.
  • Faith: ...What does that even mean?
  • ???: Well, this is a surprise.

Shadow turns to face the source of the voice: a Black Arms with an uncanny resemblance to Shadow himself.

  • ???: Shadow the Hedgehog. I thought I'd run into you eventually.
  • Shadow: Who the hell are you supposed to be?
  • ???: Right, where are my manners? You may call me Eclipse the Darkling, and you have something that belongs to the Colony.

Dialogue options:

What do you want with her?

  • Shadow: First explain to me what you want her for.
  • Eclipse: That would just make your job so much easier, now would it?

Not gonna happen

  • Shadow: You'll get her over my dead body.
  • Eclipse: If that's your preference...

Shadow orders Faith to run and hide as Eclipse draws two Black Swords from his back. Shadow attempts to use Chaos Control, but finds it to be ineffective against Eclipse, who is barely slowed down by the time slow at all.

  • Eclipse: That's not going to work, Shadow. I was created specifically to combat you... and that means your Chaos Control has no effect on me. You still want to do this?



Eclipse teleports around the arena, attacking by hitting Shadow with his swords, launching Chaos Spears at him, or by straight up pummeling him. He will also attempt to hit Shadow with a slow charging laser, though he uses his own variant of Chaos Control to slow Shadow down and give him little chance to evade him. Shadow must use his own Chaos Control to cancel out Eclipse's, giving him time to shoot Eclipse and perform follow-up attacks. Eclipse can also use the Chaos Blast, which Shadow can avoid by jumping, which will also allow him to hit Eclipse with a Homing Attack, which can then be chained into a combo.

Eclipse eventually falters, but soon hits Shadow with a sneak attack, allowing him to get the upper hand. He prepares to strike Shadow down with his sword, but is cut off when Rouge and a small amount of GUNships arrive.

  • Eclipse: (chuckles) Lucky devil...

With this, a small series of Black Tanks de-camouflage themselves and begin firing upon the ships, who take evasive maneuvers. During the skirmish, Shadow recovers and finds Faith, before using his jet boots to jump into Rouge's ship with her. As Rouge takes the initiative and retreats, Eclipse spots them and pursues them in his own gunship. Shadow must then use the ship's minigun to fire upon Eclipse, as well as destroy Eclipse's projectiles. Eventually, Eclipse will relent and flee area.

  • Rouge: Well, that was close...
  • Faith: Yeah... let's do it again!
  • Shadow: (glares)
  • Faith: ...No?


Chapter 2: Controllers of Chaos

Faith sits alone in a barren room with nothing but a bed, a chair, a side table, and a computer, lit by a hanging light bulb and a single lamp. Faith attempts to use the computer to search for something, but appears annoyed before Shadow comes in.

  • Faith: If you see the old man again, tell him that the internet here sucks.
  • Shadow: Actually it isn't. You just need the password.
  • Faith: That's why it sucks.

Shadow chuckles at Faith's statement before changing the subject.

  • Shadow: Sorry you got stuck with this room, but we didn't really have any five-star apartments lying around.
  • Faith: Yeah, I noticed. What did this thing used to be, a prison cell?
  • Shadow: ...Yes, actually.

After an awkward silence, Shadow decides to speak again.

  • Shadow: Sorry.
  • Faith: About what?
  • Shadow: Your... mother.
  • Faith: I thought you said she wasn't my mother.
  • Shadow: I never said that.
  • Faith: ...Thank you... for your concern...
  • Shadow: Okay.

With that, Shadow walks to leave the room, and is about to grab the doorknob before Faith speaks up again.

  • Faith: Who's Maria?

The words cause Shadow to freeze in place, shocked from the words he has just heard.

  • Shadow: ...How do you know that name?
  • Faith: The old man let me read your file when you saved me. Pretty much everything after her name was blacked out. So who is she?

Shadow does not respond, instead walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him, after which he is approached by a nervous agent who informs him that the Commander wants to speak to him. Shadow goes to the Command Center, and comes face-to-face with Commander Tower.

  • Commander: Shadow, I know you're hot off a mission right now, but something's come--
  • Shadow: You let her read my file?
  • Commander: ...I'm sorry?
  • Shadow: Faith. Why did you give her my file?
  • Commander: ...She asked. Everything classified was redacted, I didn't think there was a problem.
  • Shadow: You didn't redact enough. She asked about Maria.
  • Commander: ...Shadow, I'm... I'm sorry. If I knew she would ask about that, I never would have given it to her.

Shadow forgives Tower and asks about the mission.

  • Commander: Alright... remember the Chaos Emerald plant I told you about earlier?
  • Shadow: Kind of hard to forget a ton of green shooting stars crashing into the savanna.
  • Commander: Well, we have failed to receive any reports from them since then. Which isn't surprising, considering that it's situated in a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. But still, with the current Colony activity surging, we can't be too careful. If they did take the facility, then i'd rather send you to check it out then some random group of soldiers that would get slaughtered on sight.
  • Shadow: ...You're sending me cause you think I'll die.
  • Commander: N-no, no! I'm sending you because you can handle it better--
  • Shadow: (smirks) I know.
  • Commander: ...Regardless, we have your bike waiting for you in the hanger. Comm support will be limited when you reach the facility, so I'm wishing you good luck right here.

With the briefing out of the way, Shadow proceeds to the hanger, where he has the option of listening in on two soldiers in front of a jeep before mounting the Dark Rider.

  • Soldier 1: Just got these babies last month. Haven't got the chance to see them in action yet.
  • Soldier 2: So what are they calling it?
  • Soldier 1: What? The car?
  • Soldier 2: No, that traffic cone, yes, the car! They're not just gonna call it "the jeep", are they?
  • Soldier 1: I don't think they have a name for it yet. I'd say it's a... walrus?
  • Soldier 2: ...A walrus.
  • Soldier 1: Well, those tow hooks kind of look like tusks!
  • Soldier 2: I can think of 20 other animals that have tusks that sound way cooler than that.
  • Soldier 1: ...Though actually, now that I think about it, it kind of looks like a big cat.

When Shadow does mount the bike and leaves the hanger, it cuts to him riding through the desert on the way to the facility, where he receives a call from who he thinks is the Commander.

  • Shadow: Tower, I'm approaching the--
  • Faith: It's not your boss. It's me.
  • Shadow: ...Dang it...
  • Faith: Sorry to bother you, but I need to say something.
  • Shadow: Make it quick. I'm going somewhere I might lose signal.
  • Faith: I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
  • Shadow: That's okay. You didn't know. Hearing that name just took me by surprise, that's all.
  • Faith: I know it's a touchy subject, but I'm just dying of curiosity, so... who is she?
  • Shadow: ...She was a friend. You could say she's the reason I'm here now. But she's... not here anymore.
  • Faith: I'm sorry.
  • Shadow: I know. But I've moved on.
  • Faith: Have you?
  • Shadow: Excuse me?
  • Faith: I mean, saying you've moved on and actually having moved on are two separate things.
  • Shadow: I've had my whole life to cope. I'm fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do.
  • Faith: Talk to you later.

Shadow finally begins to approach the gate to the facility, and sure enough, is fired upon by Colony soldiers. After avoiding their shots and dismounting his bike, Shadow returns fire, dispatching both assailants. He then proceeds to grab the Shotgun off of a fallen GUN soldier and report his findings to the Commander.

  • Shadow: Tower, you were right. The Colony have definitely taken the facility. I just ran into two of them at the door.
  • Commander: Dammit... Shadow, if they have access to anything in that lab, then we have a serious problem on our hands.
  • Shadow: Why? I thought you were just making fake Emeralds here.
  • Commander: I haven't been entirely honest with you Shadow. We are making Artificial Chaos Emeralds there, but that's just one function of that lab. We've also been using it to study biological and metaphysical anomalies. Ancient beings, extraterrestrials, ARK experiments, you name it.

Dialogue options:

Black Arms related?
* Shadow: I take it you have some Black Arms in this collection?

  • Commander: Some? Try any Black Arms you didn't kill during their first invasion.
  • Shadow: Didn't know they existed.

ARK experiments?

  • Shadow: You have stuff from the ARK in there?
  • Commander: Sorry. Most of it's skin and blood samples, nothing that'll bring back the dead.

Are you serious?

  • Shadow: You're telling me that you've been squatting on freaking Area 51 and filling it with bloodthirsty aliens. Great plan.
  • Commander: You can make all the smart remarks you want when this is over.

Regardless of Shadow's choice of words, the Commander gives him permission to destroy anything in the facility as Shadow proceeds into the facility and loses signal.

Shadow dashes through the facility, overrun with Black Arms, and eventually reaches the Emerald Plant, where he finds that the Colony have left the template Chaos Emerald untouched.

  • Shadow: They haven't taken the one real Emerald. They must be here for the extra manpower.

Shadow takes the real Emerald, but before he can leave, he suddenly spots what appears to be Doom's Eye, which blinds him with a flash of light and vanishes before he can react. After he gets his bearings, Shadow finds himself in a hallway on the Space Colony ARK.

  • Shadow: What in the hell...? If this is what I think it is...

Sure enough, Shadow begins to hear himself conversing with Maria, including the promise he made with her to protect humanity. Shadow eventually reaches the end of the corridor, seeing the room Maria died in on the other side of a glass window. Realizing what he is about to witness, Shadow tries to turn away, only to find the window in front of him again. Sure enough, he sees himself and Maria enter the room in front of him, followed by several GUN agents. Shadow desperately begins pounding on the glass as the scene continues:

Maria shoves Shadow into an escape pod set for Earth. Shadow attempts to force the pod open as an agent takes aim at him. In one action, Maria launches the pod, and then jumps in front of it as the agent fires.

As a gunshot rings out, Shadow punches the glass one last time, causing the entire illusion to shatter like glass.

  • Shadow: All of that... Maria, the ARK... Eclipse knew about it... or was that all me? Either way, I can't let him stop me.

Shadow shakes off his doubts and proceeds deeper into the facility until he comes across a room with a few familiar looking specimens; a skin sample from Biolizard, a Dark Gaia creature, shards of a Phantom Ruby, and a shard of Precioustone, all of which he can examine before moving on.

  • Biolizard skin sample: Ultimate Life Form, you weren't.
  • Dark Gaia creature: (reading description) "The energies of these creatures have been known to bring out the beast within." Hmph, don't think I'd feel any different.
  • Precioustone: "Brings inner peace to the most troubled of minds." You haven't met me.
  • Phantom Ruby: Brings nightmares to life. I should know, I helped make one of those nightmares.

Proceeding through the door has Shadow come face-to-face a group of Colony soldiers, whom he swiftly dispatches (taking one out by kicking an empty pistol magazine at it, and another by blasting it with his jet boots). After which, he is confronted by Eclipse, who strolls in with a slow clap and confident demeanor.

  • Eclipse: I may have come here to liberate my brothers, but I admit, its always fun watching you work.
  • Shadow: I hope it was worth dying over.
  • Eclipse: Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, are we? I haven't even begun my master plan yet... I've yet to bring your planet to its knees.

Dialogue options:

Master Plan

  • Shadow: What plan? How does it involve Faith?
  • Eclipse: Please, Shadow. You of all people know the necessity of keeping secrets. Plus, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

You Talk Too Much

  • Shadow: If your plan is to bore me to death, then congratulations, it's working.
  • Eclipse: (sigh) There's no use talking to some people.

Regardless, Eclipse reveals that he has already transported a large number of Black Arms out of the facility, and leaves Shadow to deal with a new breed of Black Arms; an enormous, dog-like creature that bursts through the wall and faces Shadow.



The Cerebus attacks by charging at Shadow, shooting lasers from its mouth, swiping at him, and stabbing at him with its spear-like tail. Because it is heavily armored, Shadow must maneuver around the creature's attacks until it exposes the weak point on the back of its head, which can then be reached by performing a Homing Attack on the creature's tail. Eventually, the creature will seem to be defeated, and Shadow attempts to follow Eclipse through the hole in the wall the Cerebus made. However, the Cerebus proves to still be alive as Shadow enters the corridor, and with little room to fight or maneuver, he is forced to retreat through the corridor until he makes it outside, at which point he calls his bike remotely and begins to ride towards the exit with the Cerebus in hot pursuit. With the creature's armor being weakened by its charging through a tight corridor, Shadow begins shooting at it until the creature falters once again. Not willing to let it pursue him again, Shadow builds some distance between him and the creature before turning around and charging straight for it. He once again dismounts his bike and leaps above the creature, shooting at it multiple times with his Shotgun, before landing on the creature's back and shooting it square in its original weak point, finally causing the Cerebus to keel over and dissolve.

  • Shadow: I know you like playing dead... try doing it for real this time.

With Eclipse having escaped and the facility utterly decimated, Shadow retrieves his bike and rides away, leaving the facility behind.


Chapter 3: Famine

Shadow, the Commander, and Rouge stand in the briefing room going over the incident in the facility.

  • Commander: There were millions of powerful creatures, weapons and God knows what else that the Colony could have gotten their hands on, and that's not even counting the Emerald. Yet the only things in that facility that are unaccounted for are related to the Black Arms...
  • Shadow: It makes sense. If I was placed in a room full of powerful weapons, I would choose the one I was most familiar with.
  • Rouge: Really? Because I don't think they've managed to turn the power of brooding into a weapon yet.
  • Shadow: No, but if they ever make a weapon that harnesses sarcasm, you could destroy the world with it.
  • Commander: Alright, you two, trade barbs on your own time.
  • Shadow: The point is, Eclipse is gearing up for something big, something we need to stop before it's too late.

Before the meeting can continue, Faith barges in and frantically demands to speak to Shadow.

  • Shadow: Is this about the vending machine again?
  • Faith: No, I remembered something else!
  • Shadow: (sigh) Okay, now before you even think about--

Shadow cannot even finish his sentence before he is already inside Faith's new memory.

  • Shadow: Oh, come on... Here we go again.

This time Shadow sees Faith being shoved inside a pod by a Tenrec in a lab coat, who locks her inside and then begins activating panels scattered around the room, eventually causing green electricity to surround Faith and zap her head. Both parties appear to be speaking during this event, but the sound is too muffled for Shadow to make out any of the conversation.

  • Faith (voiceover): That monster! He's the reason I can't remember anything!
  • Shadow: Slow down. We don't know anything about this person... maybe if I look around, I can learn a bit more.

Once again. Shadow must observe elements of the memory to complete the sequence: The scientist, one of the panels, Faith, and the door of her pod.

  • Scientist: A tenrec, orange and red fur... GUN could probably track him down with a full description... but I can't make out his face. I probably need to view him from the same angle that Faith did.
  • Panel: "F.A"... either he didn't know Faith's full name, or she just didn't see the whole panel.
  • Faith: Who would want to do something so cruel to an innocent little girl...?
  • Door: (Shadow opens the pod and steps inside. From inside the pod where Faith was, he can finally get a good look at the scientist's face) Bingo.

With all that done, Shadow quickly exits the memory... just in time to catch Rouge's fist in his palm.

  • Shadow: I've had quite enough of that.
  • Rouge: Eh, fun while it lasted.

Shadow describes the scientist from Faith's memory, and his description matches that of a Dr. Harrison Tenrec, a noted neurologist and engineer, who Rouge points out would have the skills to build a machine that could erase one's memories. It's also discovered that he has been reported missing for a few months, but that he owns a lab in Downtown Central City.

With that, the scene cuts to Shadow and Faith standing outside a seemingly abandoned building in Central City.

  • Faith: Are you sure this is the place?
  • Shadow: This is the address Rouge and the Commander gave me.
  • Faith: I know, that's just what detectives say when they go places.
  • Shadow: Why'd I bring you again?
  • Faith: If he reacts to me, we'll know he's the right guy.

Shadow knocks on the door, and, of course, gets no response. They soon find that the door is unlocked, and find a multitude of terminals and lab equipment covered in dust. Shadow decides to investigate the lab, and the player can interact with these objects: the drawers, and a lone terminal that does not have dust on it's screen:

  • Terminal:
    • Shadow: This is the one thing in the lab that isn't covered in dust... (activates the terminal) Hmm, looks like it needs a password.
    • Faith: Have you tried "swordfish"? Or his birthday?
    • Shadow: Yeah, I refuse to do any of that. The password might be in one of these drawers.
    • Faith: This had better open a secret door!
  • Empty Drawers: Nothing. / Nope. / Empty.
  • Password Drawer:
    • Shadow:...You've gotta be kidding me...
    • Faith: What did you find?
    • Shadow: The password's scratched into this drawer.
    • Faith: What is it?
    • Shadow:...His birthday.
    • Faith: Aha! I called it!

Shadow types the password into the terminal, which opens a secret door in the back of the room, to Faith's delight. The door leads to a very long staircase going down, which, in contrast with the room hiding it, appears virtually stainless. Reaching the bottom of the staircase, the duo discover a metal door that opens automatically, which opens into an enormous complex of machinery.

  • Shadow: Guess we can add "architect" to his list of professions.
  • Faith: How did he build all this under an old building without anyone knowing?
  • Shadow: If the government could put a research center in orbit without anyone knowing about it, then one person can build all this without anyone knowing.

Before the conversation resumes, the two are spotted by a drone, immediately sounding an alarm that is answered by an unexpected source: robots created by Dr. Eggman. Shadow must hold off the robots until they stop coming, with Faith again supporting him by throwing ammo and Emeralds. Eventually, they stop coming, and Shadow kneels next to one of the destroyed bots.

  • Shadow: These are Eggman's robots... what does the Doctor have to do with this?
  • ???: Nothing. His robots just make good security, that's all.
  • Faith: You!

Shadow turns and finds that the voice belongs to Harrison Tenrec, who is brandishing an Egg Gun and holding the two at gunpoint.

  • Tenrec: I must admit, I'm... honored that you, of all people, came down here to visit me. Or was it just for her sake?
  • Shadow: Put the gun down.
  • Tenrec: And get dragged to a government lockup? No thanks.
  • Faith: Well, too bad, because that's where you belong! You erased my memories!
  • Tenrec: Of course I did. Why wouldn't I? You asked me to.
  • Shadow:...What?
  • Faith: No... No! You're lying! There's no way that's true!
  • Tenrec: I figured you wouldn't believe me. Maybe this will convince you... Codeword: Famine.

Upon hearing these words, Faith suddenly begins screaming and clutching her head, and begins to collapse before Shadow catches her. Shadow ignores the fleeing Tenrec in favor of trying to calm Faith, who is still screaming and writhing in his arms. Suddenly, her eyes flash, and Shadow once again finds himself in one of her memories. However, this memory is much more substantial than the others, as it appears to be fully reconstructed, appearing to be a corridor on a space station similar to the ARK. As Shadow reaches the end of the corridor, he reaches a large, open room with the G.U.N logo on the back wall. Though the game interface suggests you can interact with it, moving towards it causes Shadow to be ambushed by G.U.N soldiers who appear on the catwalks above the room and surround him.

  • Soldier A: FREEZE!
  • Soldier B: Don't move!
  • Soldier C: Lower your weapon or we will shoot!
  • Shadow: What the hell?

The soldiers are soon joined by someone who appears to be their captain.

  • Captain: What do we have here, men?
  • Soldier A: Caught one of them, captain. I think it knows what we're saying.
  • Captain: Really? Then why don't you tell us you think you're doing here?
  • Shadow: What's going on here? Where am I?
  • Soldier C: Speak English!
  • Shadow: What? Wait... I recognize that voice.
  • Soldier C: Why is it looking at me like that?
  • Soldier B: It's probably thinking about how to kill us.
  • Soldier A: I can't die here! I have a wife and kids back on Earth!
  • Captain: No one's dying! We're all going to be fine, men. I promise you, we're going to be fine.

As the Captain speaks, a Black Wing descends behind him and rears to attack, causing Shadow to raise his gun.

  • Shadow: Behind you!
  • Soldier 2: Drop 'em! Drop 'em!

The soldiers immediately open fire, though one of the bullets turns into a grenade in mid air, which Shadow dodges. It's at this point that Shadow realizes that he's back in the real world, being attacked by an Egg Pawn with a grenade launcher. Shadow promptly destroys the robot, moves the now unconscious Faith to a safe place, and grabs the grenade launcher. Shadow decides to pursue Tenrec, and begins working his way through the complex, destroying robots and maneuvering through security gates. As he does this, he contacts Rouge.

  • Shadow: Rouge, I need a medical evac as soon as you can get one!
  • Rouge: No problem. What's going on, did you find Tenrec?
  • Shadow: Yeah, but he's running and Faith's knocked out. Long story. He said that she wanted her memories erased.
  • Rouge: What?! Why would she want that?
  • Shadow: That's exactly what I plan on asking him.

Shadow eventually finds himself in the lab from Faith's memory, and sees Tenrec flee into another room. After following him, Shadow holds Tenrec at gunpoint.

  • Shadow: Enough! If I wanted it, you'd already be dead.
  • Tenrec: Well, then, go ahead. Shoot me. See what good it does you.

With that, Tenrec activates a device under his coat, which coats his body in a forcefield that deflects Shadow's bullets.

  • Tenrec: I took a risk helping her, Shadow. I'm not about to let that risk land me in a G.U.N lockup!



The good doctor stays in the middle of the room, and his shield blocks any form of conventional attack. He attacks by firing at Shadow with two modified Egg Guns, which can shoot long, sweeping lasers or individual shots. Despite the intimidating range of his equipment, Tenrec's shield has one crucial weakness: sound. To damage him, Shadow must activate speakers that are fixed into the walls of the arena, which will cause an ear-piecing noise that forces Tenrec to deactivate the shield, leaving him open to attack.

After repeating this process four times, Tenrec will become annoyed and destroy the speakers, and begins using new attacks. Alongside using his guns normally, he will also fire them both into the air several times, causing the lasers to fall on Shadow from above. Most crucially, he will also use the energies of his forcefield to create a shockwave that covers the floor of the room. Though it causes massive damage if not avoided, this attack also drains the forcefield's power, forcing him to power it down to let it recharge, once again leaving him open to attack.

After this process is repeated four times, Tenrec is exhausted and attempts to attack Shadow, only to be disarmed and for his shield device to be smashed. Shadow pins the doctor against the wall, at which point the doctor surrenders and agrees to tell Shadow whatever he wants to know.

Dialogue options (Shadow can pick all of these before the conversation ends):

Your Machine

  • Shadow: The machine you put her in. What does it do?
  • Tenrec: Well, the mechanics of it are far too complicated to explain in one sitting, but it allows me to target a specific area of the brain, allowing me to erase memories and replace them with new ones.
  • Shadow: Why would you just erase Faith's memories and not replace them?
  • Tenrec: I intended to, but we were... interrupted.


  • Shadow: "Codeword: Famine". What does that mean?
  • Tenrec: Anyone who gets put through the machine is given a trigger word that brings back one specific memory of their choosing. I don't know why she wanted that specific word to be her trigger.

Faith's Incomplete Memories

  • Shadow: The machine's supposed to completely erase memories. So why does Faith still have bits and pieces of them?
  • Tenrec: I was unable to complete the process of erasing her memories... the Black Arms, as I believe you call them, broke into my lab and kidnapped her before we were finished.

Before Shadow can ask any more about Faith, the complex begins to collapse as a result of the battle, and Tenrec is crushed by debris. Shadow returns to Faith, and discovers that she has not yet regained consciousness. He carries her safely out of the collapsing lab, where he is met by Rouge and the medical evac she ordered.

  • Rouge: What happened in there?
  • Shadow: I'll explain on the way. Just get us back to base.


Chapter 4: Faces of Anarchy

Faith awakens in a hospital room in HQ, dazed and confused, until she sees Shadow sitting next to the bed, trying to hide his worry.

  • Faith: ...What happened to Tenrec?
  • Shadow: He's dead.
  • Faith: ...So we don't know anything more about me?
  • Shadow: I'm afraid not... Tenrec was our only lead, or at least the only one not trying to kill us. At this point, it would probably be easier to let your memories return on their own.
  • Faith: ...So that's it? We're just giving up? There's nothing else we can do?
  • Shadow: Actually... does the name "N.O.A.H" ring a bell?
  • Faith: Like Noah's Ark? No... but I do remember something about an "ARK" in your file...

Shadow rises from his chair and begins walking towards the door, but stops and reconsiders.

  • Shadow: That's Space Colony ARK. It's where I was born... well, "born". Maria was dying, and I was made to cure her... or at least, I thought I was. I found out a few years later, that Maria's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, made a deal with the leader of the Black Arms, Black Doom, that I would help him take over the world... but Gerald had other plans. He made it so that I could rebel against Doom.
  • Faith: You killed Doom. That's how Eclipse knows you.
  • Shadow: No, Eclipse is new. I've never met him until a few days ago.
  • Faith: So, you were made out of a deal with the Black Arms. Does that mean... you're one of them?
  • Shadow: I know who I am. I'm not a Hedgehog, I'm not a Black Arm, and I'm sure as hell not a hero. I'm a time bomb. And I don't think I want you to be there when I'm done ticking.
  • Faith: "Not a hero?" You saved the world, Shadow.
  • Shadow: I've put it in danger just as much.

The discussion is interrupted by Rouge, who asks to speak with Shadow privately. Shadow follows Rouge out of the room, giving Faith a brief look as he leaves.

  • Rouge: I heard everything. What the heck is N.O.A.H?
  • Shadow: One of Tower's projects. The ARK may have been used for some ulterior purposes, but it had promise. N.O.A.H is a new research center with the same format.
  • Rouge: What? How did I not hear about this?
  • Shadow: The only other people that knew about it were Tower and the engineers who built it. He only told me about it because of my history with the ARK.
  • Rouge: Okay, so it's ARK 2.0. What does that have to do with Faith.
  • Shadow: The only people who were sent onboard the N.O.A.H to date were a few soldiers... and they showed up in Faith's memory.
  • Rouge: She was on the N.O.A.H?
  • Shadow: I think... but it doesn't make sense. There aren't supposed to be civilians at that place until it goes past the testing phase.

Chapter 5: Crash

Two GUN soldiers stand guard outside the HQ, and try to kill some time.

  • Soldier 1: Hey.
  • Soldier 2: Yeah?
  • Soldier 1: You ever wonder why we're here?
  • Soldier 2: ...You've been watching those cartoons online again, haven't you?
  • Soldier 1: Oh, come on, they're awesome and you know... it... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

The second agent turns and finds what his colleague was so shocked by: a gigantic Colony warship headed straight for the building.

Chapter 6: Hell to Pay

The scene cuts to Shadow waking up in a dimly-lit room resembling a room on the Black Comet. He tries to stand up, but discovers that he is chained to a stone by his wrists and ankles, and is surrounded by Black Arms, Eclipse among them.

  • Eclipse: Ah, you're awake finally.
  • Shadow: What is this place? Where's Faith?!
  • Eclipse: You're on the New Black Comet. And don't sound so mad, Shadow, you should be honored; it took so much trouble getting you here all the way from Earth... Which reminds me... we are currently 300 miles away from that wretched planet... no one's coming to save you--
  • Shadow: Where. Is. Faith.
  • Eclipse: Oh, don't worry about her, Shadow. (grins) I'll take real good care of her.

At this, Shadow angrily tries to lunge at him, but is held down by the chains, to Eclipse' amusement.

  • Eclipse: That isn't going to help your case, Shadow.
  • Shadow: What are you talking about?
  • Eclipse: What, you think we strapped you to a table for the hell of it? Oh, no no no... you're on trial, Shadow. And it will only end one way.

Eclipse walks over to Shadow and begins listing off the "charges" in a barely-restrained tone of anger.

  • Eclipse: You have been rightly accused of betrayal and murder of the all-powerful Black Doom. The near-genocide of the Black Arms species. And keeping us from reclaiming what we have been searching for for god knows how long... Now... how does the "defense" plead?

Dialogue options:

  • Innocent: They brought it on themselves.
  • Guilty: Responsible... but not guilty.

No matter the response, Eclipse pulls out his sword and places it directly on Shadow's neck.

  • Eclipse: (furious) I should slit your throat right now, end you like you ended them!

Eclipse suddenly calms down and puts his sword away.

  • Eclipse: But I know that this is better; you are about to feel all the pain that you have inflicted on our brothers, and you will spend your final moments in slow, never-ending agony. See you in Hell, Shadow. It's where you belong.

Eclipse instructs the guards to stop Shadow if he escapes and leaves. At this point, the stone begins moving, and Shadow looks up and realizes that the stone is on a conveyor belt leading directly into an active furnace. Shadow looks around the room and notices his belt and weapons piled up in the corner and immediately begins pulling at the chains and trying to break free. However, the chains are too strong for him to break, and Shadow notices the flames getting closer by the minute. He desperately activates Chaos Control to buy more time, but fails to break the chains before he runs out, at which point Shadow resigns himself to his fate.

  • Shadow: (thinking) I'm sorry...
  • Maria: Sorry for what, Shadow?!

The flames suddenly go out and the chains disappear as Shadow looks up in surprise as to who just addressed him. Maria begins berating him, accusing him of failing every one he's grown close to.

  • Shadow: You're not real... this is all in my head...
  • Maria: That doesn't make the truth any less real. You failed to save me, and you failed to save Faith. They're probably torturing her right now...
  • Shadow: Maria...
  • Maria: And what about me? You've given up on what you promised me that you would do. Heck, you've done the complete opposite of what I wanted like, what, 10 times?!
  • Shadow: Stop it...
  • Maria: Face it, Shadow, you're a failure. That's how you lived, and that's how you'll die.

All of sudden, every Black Arm in the room becomes a GUN agent, and all of them point their guns directly at Maria. As Shadow cries out in despair, all of them fire at once, causing Maria to shatter like a mirror, and for the entire room to shatter in the same manner. Shadow finds himself in the room he confronted the Commander in during Shadow the Hedgehog, and sure enough, the Commander is there pointing a gun at him.

  • Commander: How many innocents have died because of your actions? How many died because of your misplaced sense of morality? How many men have I lost because of you?
  • Shadow: Tower?
  • Commander: You can't fool me again, Shadow. This time... you're mine!

The Commander suddenly kicks Shadow out the window, which causes him to plummet into a dark cave. Shadow pushes himself to his feet and starts staggering towards the nearest light source he can see, as quotes about him echo around him, prodding him for his faults. Shadow finally arrives at the other end, and sees a city consumed by flames, which is being constantly ravaged by Black Arms. Suddenly, Shadow to turns to find Black Doom, enlarged to the size of a planet, looking down on him.

  • Black Doom: Memorize this face, Shadow. This is what you've become.

Shadow tries to run away from Doom, but the roads beneath him collapse, sending him plummeting into a pit surrounded by flames that slowly inch closer to him, as one last quote sounds:

  • Eclipse: See you in Hell, Shadow... It's where you belong.

The flames suddenly stop, and a familiar voice calls out to Shadow as a bright light begins to light up the pit.

  • Faith: Shadow! Shadow, can you hear me?! Please, answer me! Please!
  • Shadow: Faith!

Shadow ignores the flames around him and heads directly into the light, and finds Faith in a dark room vaguely resembling her fragmented memories. Faith informs Shadow that the Colony is holding her prisoner in an unidentified building not far from him.

  • Faith: Listen, I know you're kind of having a moral crisis right now, but if you don't get me out, they'll never let me leave!
  • Shadow: Faith...
  • Faith: Listen, he's about to come back in and he knows when I'm talking to you, but the leftover psychic energy should be enough for you to find your way to me.

True to her word, Eclipse walks in carrying a bucket while wearing a wicked smile on his face. He shoves Faith to the ground and pins her down with his foot, and readies the bucket to pour its contents all over her.

  • Shadow: NO!

At this point, the scene finally cuts back to the real world, where Shadow, fueled by sheer rage, breaks off a chuck of the rock his wrist is chained to. A Black Warrior promptly runs up to the stone with a Light Shot, but before it can shoot Shadow, Shadow grabs him by the neck and viciously slams it into the rock, and then steals the Light Shot and uses it to shoot off the manacles on his ankles. Fueled by an Infinite Chaos Meter (with Chaos Boost permanently enabled), Shadow shoots down all the Black Arms in the room before breaking the last chain, retrieving his equipment and exiting the room. Shadow steps out into a cell block and realizes that Faith took one of his pistols in a futile attempt to defend herself from Eclipse, so he improvises by dual wielding the remaining pistol with the Light Shot, and makes use of any of his weapons and skills as he mows down any Black Arm in his path.

Shadow eventually escapes the prison and follows Faith's psychic trail across the courtyard, when he is suddenly stopped by something bursting out of the ground beneath him. After maneuvering to safety, Shadow gets his bearings in time to hear Eclipse speaking to him over his psychic link with Faith.

  • Eclipse: So, you're attempting to escape the punishment you so rightly deserve. If you're trying to prove your innocence, I wouldn't do that by wiping out another 5th of the Black Arms. Believe me, after what you did, that's a lot.
  • Shadow: Good.
  • Eclipse: Okay, I really didn't want to set this thing loose on you, Shadow, but you've left me no choice...

At this point, Shadow looks back at the creature that attacked him:



The beast attacks Shadow by throwing down Death Leeches, swatting him with its arms and firing lasers at him using the Cell Cannons on its shoulders. Shadow must avoid these attacks until the creature charges up energy and attempts to hit Shadow with an enormous shock wave, which will stun the creature and expose its weak point. After repeating this process twice, defeating numerous reinforcements as well, Shadow must climb the beast's body and tear a Cell Cannon off its shoulder. Shadow then lands and prepares to fire... only to be eaten by the creature mid-pose. However, pressing the fire button when prompted will result in Shadow firing the cannon from inside the creature, and 5 shots result in the creature exploding hard enough to send Shadow flying out of the courtyard. After a rough landing, Shadow continues following the trail until he reaches the place Faith is being held: a large cathedral-like building.


Chapter 7: Truth

Shadow enters the building, pistol drawn as he walks down the corridor. After confirming the lack of resistance, Shadow makes note of three prominent stained glass windows:

  • Shadow: Black Doom... Black Death, his predecessor, and... I don't recognize that third one...

Shadow's investigation is interrupted by Eclipse, who emerges from the door at the end of the hall, carrying an empty bucket.

  • Eclipse: Oh, hi.
  • Shadow: Where is she?
  • Eclipse: She's right through here. But you should know by now that I won't just stand by and let you take her.
  • Shadow: You won't have a choice.

Shadow attempts to shoot Eclipse, but Eclipse draws his swords and knocks the pistol and Light Shot away before rushing Shadow, but Shadow counters the attack and manages to pry one of the swords from Eclipse' grasp.

  • Eclipse: Okay... now this is interesting...



Eclipse will disarm Shadow if he attempts to draw any other weapon, and his presence disables the Chaos Meter, so the only option is to parry and dodge his attacks while striking back with your own. Eventually, Shadow manages to pin Eclipse down and points the sword at his face.

  • Shadow: I saw what you did. What was in that bucket?!
  • Eclipse: Water. Just ordinary water.
  • Shadow: What?
  • Eclipse: You truly are an interesting individual, Shadow... you concern yourself with her... yet there are still so many demons that you have yet to confront. Ones that you've let linger for too long...
  • Shadow: You know nothing about me.
  • Eclipse: I know what you're afraid of. I know that you hate yourself because your arrogance spawned one of the most vile menaces your planet has ever known... and now, that hate will consume you.

Before Shadow can strike Eclipse, Doom's Eye appears and blinds Shadow with a flash of light. When he regains his vision, he finds himself back in the hallucinatory city that he ran from Black Doom in, and sure enough, the gigantic Black Doom is right there behind him, uttering the same quote as before, and starts chasing Shadow once again. This time, however, Shadow stops in the middle of the street and faces the illusion.

  • Black Doom: There's no where you can hide, Shadow. Put as much distance between you and yourself as you want. You cannot change. You will always be... a monster.
  • Shadow: Maybe so... but I'm not your monster anymore.

With this, Shadow propels himself into the air using his jet boots, slamming directly into his gargantuan nightmare, who staggers and leans on the roof of a building that Shadow lands on... which also happens to have a mounted machine gun placed in the center, which Shadow then uses to blast Black Doom until he begins to fade and fall out of sight. With his fear purged, Shadow turns and begins to walk away, the floor suddenly crumbles and collapses beneath him, and dropping him into a laboratory-like basement. He soon hears a familiar-sounding growl, and turns to find his "prototype", the Biolizard, who roars in anger and ferocity.



The creature attacks in its normal manner, by rotating on its axis and biting Shadow or whipping him with its tail if it catches him, and will stop to catch its breath after a while, which is when Shadow can attack its life support system by either grinding up the pipe to its back like normally, or shooting it with a firearm (which does more damage).

Eventually, the creature will roar in pain and dissolve into a pool of black goo, once again indicating that the battle is over... however, this proves to be yet another false conclusion, as a black-gloved hand bursts out of the goo, and it bursts out to reveal none other than Infinite, who silently turns to Shadow and activates the Phantom Ruby.



  • Shadow: I was there at your beginning... and now I'll be your end.

Infinite hovers out of range of Shadow's melee attacks, and puts up a shield to defend against gunfire, so Shadow must avoid his laser attacks until Infinite slams into the ground, creating two large red cubes that Shadow must wall-jump across to reach him and break the shield, at which point Shadow will be allowed to attack him however he wants.

After repeating this process two more times, Infinite will begin writhing around in pain as the illusion finally dissipates, as Shadow finds himself back in the corridor. With his personal demons finally vanquished, Shadow once again turns his attention towards Eclipse, who is calmly strolling towards the exit. Shadow retrieves his pistol and points it in Eclipse' direction.

  • Eclipse: There's no need for that, Shadow. You win. You've conquered your demons, and I don't have anything else to throw at you.
  • Shadow: You expect me to believe that you'll just let me take her?
  • Eclipse: I didn't say that. I just think it would be smarter to live to fight another day than continue to fight you in this weakened state. I will have her another day.
  • Shadow: Stop. You need to tell me what she is, and what you did to her.
  • Eclipse: I know that may have looked bad out of context, Shadow, but you must understand that I was just doing what she wanted: showing her who she really is.
  • Shadow: I get it. She's not some ordinary girl. So what is she?
  • Eclipse: Oh, I'd love to explain and see the hilarious look of confusion on your face, but I think it would be better if she explained it herself. But before I go, just remember this... you did most of the work for me.

With this, Eclipse teleports away, leaving Shadow alone in the hallway.

Ending A: Til I Lost Control

Ending B: The Best of Us

DLC 1: Hard Cash Comin' Back

A story set before Rise, where Rouge must infiltrate an enemy stronghold to receive a flash drive of important information... among other things.

DLC 2: Waves of Change

After the events of Rise, Shadow and Rouge take a submarine to investigate biological traces of the Black Arms, but end up stumbling onto the underwater city of Meropis.


Rise's platforming controls very similarly to Shadow the Hedgehog, albeit with much smoother controls. Unlike Shadow the Hedgehog, Rise's gunplay controls more like a traditional third-person shooter, allowing for Shadow to zoom in with his guns for a better shot, as well as giving Shadow the option to defeat enemies in hand to hand combat as well as with gun play. Because of this, Shadow's access to the Homing Attack is limited, and serves more as a way for Shadow to start melee combos.

Shadow's health is once again measured in Rings, though unlike most other Sonic games, the Ring pool actually acts as a health meter, and thus, Shadow can take multiple hits and still retain Rings.

Shadow has a total of 6 weapons on him that can be equipped at any time for any range of situations, and can be used for combos in melee combat:

  • Pistols
  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Crossbow
  • Flamethrower
  • Cell Cannon (Chapter 6 only)
  • Light Shot (Chapter 6 & 7 only)
  • Black Sword (Chapter 7 & Endings only)

Though all weapons have a finite supply of ammo, they all share the same ammo (for example, picking up pistol rounds also increases your amount of shotgun shells). These weapons (with the exceptions of the Flash Shot and Black Sword) can also be outfitted with different paint jobs, all of which are purely cosmetic:

  • Default
  • Shadow: Paints the weapon black with red stripes with a Black Arms logo on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 1)
  • Rouge: Paints the weapon pink and purple, while also covering it with jewels and diamonds. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 2)
  • Omega: Paints the weapon red and black with a "Ω" logo on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 6)
  • Eggman: Paints the weapon with the color scheme of an Egg Pawn's weapon. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 3)
  • Amy: Paints the weapon pink and red with a floral design on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 4)
  • G.U.N.: Paints the weapon a dark grey camouflage with the G.U.N. logo on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Chapter 5)
  • Eclipse: Paints the weapon red with black stripes with an inverted Black Arms logo on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Ending A)
  • Sonic: Paints the weapon blue with a white trim, with an image of Sonic's head on the sides. (Unlocked by completing Ending B)
  • Faith: Paints the weapon bright red with a lavender trim. (Unlocked by completing both endings)
  • Completionist: Paints the weapon a metallic gold.
  • Hard Cash: Paints the weapon gold and silver, while also covering it with jewels and diamonds. (Unlocked by purchasing the Hard Cash Comin' Back DLC)
  • Aquarius: Changes the weapon to make it appear like its Meropis counterpart. (Unlocked by completing the Waves of Change DLC)

Shadow also has access to a Chaos Meter, filled by collecting Artificial Chaos Emeralds, which give him a variety of Chaos powers that he can use until the meter runs out:

  • Chaos Control: Slows down time, allowing for more precise shots and movements. Can be upgraded to increase slowdown.
  • Chaos Spear: Throws a laser with a short distance that stuns enemies it touches. Can be upgraded to increase distance.
  • Chaos Blast: Creates a shock wave around Shadow that will toss enemies that come into contact with it, giving them damage upon contact with any solid surface. Can be upgraded to increase range of the shock wave and throwing distance.
  • Chaos Grenade: Throws down a large glowing orb that will explode after a short time and damage any enemy caught in the blast, but will also harm Shadow in he's in the blast radius. Can be upgraded to stick to enemies upon contact.
  • Chaos Dash: Shadow rushes forward, propelled by his rocket skates, knocking away any enemy that gets in his path. Can be upgraded to have Shadow perform a Spin Dash after the initial charge.
  • Chaos Boost: Creates a shield around Shadow that makes him invulnerable and increases striking power.

Certain conversations allow Shadow to pick a line of dialogue to say, but the choice will not have an impact on the plot beyond altering certain conversations later.


Hard Cash Comin' Back

  • Rouge the Bat (playable)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Audio log only)
  • MIAs (Mentioned only)
    • The Hooligans (Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite, Bark the Polar Bear)
    • Chaos & Tikal
    • Shade the Echidna
    • Infinite

Waves of Change

  • Shadow the Hedgehog (playable)
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Pearly the Manta Ray
  • Razor the Shark
  • Chancellor Striker
  • King Puff (Mentioned, Tombstone and Audio Log only)
  • Queen Angelica (Mentioned, Tombstone and Audio Log only)
  • Faith the Hedgehog (Mentioned and Audio Log only)
  • Tails (Audio Log only)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Audio Log only)


  • This game and its prequel are the only two Sonic games to include swearing. While Shadow the Hedgehog only used one swear word ("damn") and used it very frequently, Rise uses a larger variety of words ("crap" & "hell" for instance) and uses them far less often, at least once per chapter.
  • The game's soundtrack uses various songs by indie musician Gavin Dunne, also known as Miracle of Sound, who is known for writing songs based on video games and other media;
    • Rise, originally made for The Dark Knight Rises, is the game's main theme and namesake, used in the intro and Ending B.
    • Replica, originally made for Prey 2017, is the boss battle theme in Chapter 2.
    • Going Nuclear, one of two songs made for Fallout 4, is the boss battle theme in Chapter 4.
    • Hell to Pay, originally made for Doom 2016, is the boss battle theme and namesake of Chapter 6.
    • Hard Cash, one of three songs made for Grand Theft Auto V, is the main theme and namesake of the Hard Cash Comin' Back DLC.
  • There are numerous references to the popular web series, Red vs Blue;
    • Shadow and Rouge arguing over the sniper rifle in the Prologue is a reference to the running gag of Tucker wanting to use Church's sniper rifle.
    • In Chapter 2, if Shadow lingers in the hangar long enough after meeting with the Commander, he can overhear two agents argue over what animal their jeeps most resemble, a recurring argument among Red Team.
    • The Commander states that the Artificial Chaos Emerald Plant in Chapter 2 is located in "a box canyon in the middle of nowhere", a reference to a common description of Blood Gulch, the main setting of Seasons 1-5.
    • The agents' conversation in Chapter 5 is a reference to the famous "Why are we here" joke.
  • Picking a certain dialogue option while confronting Eclipse in Chapter 2 will result in Shadow sarcastically asking if Eclipse plans on "boring him to death", a reference to a similar conversation with Black Doom in the first game.
  • The sequence in Chapter 7 where Shadow confronts and defeats illusionary copies of Black Doom, Biolizard and Infinite sequentially is a reference to a similar sequence in The Evil Within 2, where main protagonist Sebastian Castellanos is confronted by recreations of the Sadist, the Keeper and Laura.



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