Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Twist in Time is a video game starring Shadow the Hedgehog, a character from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the second installment in the Shadow the Hedgehog Series and follows where it's prequel left off.

The game is a 3D platformer, following the trend of the newer games such as Sonic Unleashed. Each level has three possible missions—"Hero", "Dark", or "Normal"—that may be completed by the player. Which missions are completed determine the direction of the game's plot progression, a feature referenced by the game's tagline, "Hero or villain? You decide". To defeat the enemies found in the game, Shadow can use various moves and techniques, but the 'gun' idea has been left out to avoid 'maturity critisism.' The plot of the game involves Shadow, a creation of Doctor Eggman's grandfather Gerald Robotnik, attempting to discover why he has these ties to Maria.

Basic Plot

Shadow begins to have dreams and thoughts of Maria, and begins to wonder if he can even move on from the 'Maria incident.' So, he tries various methods to remove these ties, one including a favour from Namine...


Shadow is seen having a bad dream, involving seeing Maria's death and her last words. Then the next day, Shadow is given a mission which involves defeating a team of gunners who are attacking a street. And as one of the men shoots an innocent woman, Shadow does not see her dying but he sees Maria instead. Shadow then took out his rage on the shooter, and he was subdued. And then, we see Shadow helping Rouge escape from Eggman's base, but Shadow then mistakes her for Maria. He then realises that he cannot escape his past, and became rather upset.

Shadow, Rouge, and Omega are walking down a winding path when a mysterious man dressed in a black, hooded coat appears. He directs them towards a massive fortress called Castle Oblivion and then disappears. When the travelers enter, they find the mysterious figure again. When Shadow and his companions attempt to engage the figure, they find that their abilities seem to have no effect. The figure explains that they forgot all of their abilities when they entered the castle. He continues by creating a deck of cards made from Shadow's memories, and tells him that everything they encounter in this castle will be based on his memories. The higher they go, the more memories they will lose in the process. Meanwhile, floors below, Metal Sonic has been transported from the realm of darkness and fights his personal demons as he battles upward from the basement levels of Castle Oblivion.

Neither Shadow nor Met are aware that they are being watched by a mysterious group called Organization XIII. Marluxia, the lord of Castle Oblivion and the figure who lured Shadow there, plans to control Shadow with the memory-altering powers of a girl named Naminé and use him to overthrow the rest of the Organization. The Organization members Zexion and Lexaeus catch wind of this plot and observe it while the member of their circle, Vexen, fights Met to obtain his data and creates a replica of him that lacks the original's fear of darkness, believing himself to be stronger. After the Met Replica's fight with Met, Vexen decides to use the replica against Shadow when Leaxeus sends him up to sabotage Marluxia's plan, agreeing to have the replica's memory reworked with Naminé's powers.

As Shadow ascends the castle, he battles Larxene, a co-conspirator in Marluxia's plot. Afterwards, he appears to remember Naminé instead of Maria. He learns that she is being held in the castle and believes she has been revived, so he continues to ascend, clashing with the Met Replica who now believes himself to be the real Met. After witnessing the death of Vexen and killing Larxene, Shadow learns about his shifting memories and Marluxia's plans from Naminé; Axel, another Organization member who serves as a double agent, had allowed Naminé to meet Shadow to foil Marluxia's plans. Shadow forms an alliance with the Met Replica—who discovers that his memory was also altered by Naminé—and they fight to the top of the castle and defeat Marluxia. Naminé then puts Shadow and his friends into pod-like machines to help them regain the memories they lost in the castle, even though they would forget the events that transpired in the castle. Before they are put to sleep, Shadow and Naminé promise to meet again as real friends once he wakes up, Shadow firmly believing that his memories of her and the castle will remain in his heart despite being forgotten. Shadow awoke not long after and posessed a piece of paper with the words: Thank Namine, written on it.

As this occurs above, The Eggman Evil Program, attempts to gain control of Metal Sonic below, but is continually thwarted by Amy's support. On the way, Met battles and defeats Lexaeus, who then attempts to destroy him by dragging him into the Realm of Darkness. However, he is saved by Amy when the Program nearly succeeds in taking Met's body as it's own. Seeing Met of no use to them as Marluxia has been eliminated, Zexion attempts to dispose of him by tricking him disguised as Shadow. However, when Zexion drowns Met in light, he is saved by Naminé disguised as Hope Kintobor. With the darkness in his control, Met defeats Zexion. Arriving in Station Square, Met meets Nega, an enigmatic man interested in Met who sends him to speak with Naminé. The Met Replica, who now seeks to justify his existence, fights Met in front of the station in Station Square. After eliminating the replica, Met learns from Naminé that what remains of the Program lives in his programming. Met chooses to face him and Nega pulls the Program from Met's data to battle. After defeating the Program, Met vows to utilize both his darkness and his light to protect what's important to him. He sets out with Amy as his companion.


Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega

Metal Sonic

Amy Rose


Scarlet Pandress (in flashbacks)

Maria (in flashbacks or as illusions)






Shaddie Rose ( In futere levels)

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