Shadow the Hedgehog is a black and red hedgehog who is also a character from the Canon Series.



Shadow the Hedgehog was created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Eggman's grandfather, solely for the purpose of finding cures to terminal illnesses, specifically that of Robotnik's granddaughter, Maria. However, he was captured by the Military, and released by Eggman, fifty years later. Shadow planned to avenge her death by killing those who he believed killed her, but was able to change his mind for the sake of humanity.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Shadow first appears in the second part of Chapter 2, when Thunder goes to the convenience store, but he is not mentioned or called by name. He is seen looking at the refrigerated section, seeming slightly frustrated. Thunder starts a conversation, and he explains he cannot find any Diet Coke. Thunder offers to help, but he declines claiming "The Ultimate Lifeform needs the help of no one."

Thunder puts the energy drinks in her backpack, and Shadow comments that eleven-year old girls should not drink as much energy drinks as she does, but is surprised to learn that she is actually fourteen, and pretends to go back to looking for Diet Coke. When Thunder purchases the energy drinks, he shouts, frustrated, that it is difficult to find a Diet Coke. Thunder goes back over to him and gives him a diet coke, to which he, a moment later, claims he single-handedly found himself. He rushes over to the counter, slips and falls when there was a "wet" sign on the floor.

A buck crashes through the window and pays for Shadow's soda, taking it with him. Thunder asks Shadow if he is alright, but he simply yells at the buck to give him his soda back, and leaps out the same window the buck went through.

Once Thunder catches up to Shadow, she suggests that he can go get another soda, but he claims he was in the store for a half hour looking for that particular soda. Thunder offers him to buy him another one if he does not want to purchase it himself, but he once again claims he does not need anyone's help. Shadow calms down a bit, and tells Thunder it is best she goes home, or whatever it is she usually does at this time of day, and leaves to track down the deer, and runs off before they can say "goodbye".

The third part of Chapter 2 is taken from Shadow's point of view, and similarly to the other chapters, it is in second person POV. He thinks about the best way to track a deer, and decides to begin with camouflage to help him. Realizing he has no camouflage clothing, he decides to make his own from what he can find in nature, and begins looking for a mud puddle.

Once he finds one, he meets "Jake" (even though he is not mentioned by name) who demands that he get off of "his" mud puddle. When Shadow refuses, "Jake" throws an acorn known as "Linda" at him to attack. Shadow gets an idea, and pretends to hold the acorn hostage, which makes "Jake" give into whatever he wants, in this case, getting him a handful of leaves from a tree. When "Jake" comes back, he throws the leaves at Shadow, claiming if he takes any more, the bankteller cow of the forest will make him pay in sticks. Shadow agrees to give "Linda" back, and "Jake" claims he does not know why he was so scared, since he claims Shadow is a mere figment of his imagination.

Shadow decides that the next thing he needs to do is look for tracks. He finds a trail that is relatively fresh, and follows it. About fifteen minutes later, however, there is no sign of the buck, and he wonders if non-anthropomorphic animals, let alone non-anthropomorphic bucks, drink soda. He soon finds the Green Chaos Emerald in a tree a moment later, inside the hole of a tree trunk, and decides to keep it safe with him, in case anyone with bad intentions tries to take it.

==== Following the deer tracks for a few more minutes, Shadow wonders if he should have just let Thunder buy him another soda, but then brushes off the idea. Shadow then finds the buck, but by the time he gets to him, he has already finished Shadow's soda.


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Similarities to the Canon Counterpart

Shadow is a loner, and often takes care of his problems on his own. Being quite stubborn, he believes he needs the help of no one else, no matter how big the situation is.

Shadow remains very arrogant and self-absorbed, constantly referring to himself as "the ultimate lifeform". This can also be a weakness, since he will sometimes underestimate his opponents. This trait is sometimes used as a running gag for comedic purposes.

Differences from the Canon Counterpart

Although usually softspoken, Shadow is more like to raise his voice more easily when angry or annoyed

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While he isn't as strong as power characters like Knuckles, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series.

When using his hovershoes, Shadow can run at superspeed, rivaling that of Sonic the hedgehog. It is unknown how fast he runs without them.

Shadow is very agile and athletic, being able to react to danger as fast, if not faster than it comes.

Shadow is immortal, so he does not physically age.

He can manipulate the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.


So far, Shadow's only known weakness is that even though he is very durable, even by superhuman standards, he is not indestructable. If he has any other weaknesses, they have yet to be shown.


Future Relatives

  • Thunder the Hedgehog (Wife)
  • Lightning the Hedgehog (Daughter)


  • Bokkun (Ally, depending on his goal)
  • Maria Robotnik (Best friend, before her death)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Arch-Rival)


  • Bokkun (Depending on his goal)
  • Dr. Eggman (Depending on his goal)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Depending on his goal)



Thunder: "Dude, calm down, you can just get another one."


Thunder: "Filming you."

Shadow: "WHY?!?!"

Thunder: "Because this is starting to get entertaining."


Thunder: "So...I can just get you another one."


-Shadow rejecting Thunder's offer for help. (Sonic Fanfiction, Chapter 2, part 2)

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