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Super Shadow is a powerful transformation utilized by Shadow the Hedgehog when harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, as well as an additional source of sufficient power - such as the innate energy emanating from at least 50 Rings. Not unlike his blue-furred comrade, Shadow doesn't rely on this transformation very often and uses it merely as a last resort. When in this state, however, Shadow becomes even more powerful than he could ever imagine.


Much like with Sonic, Shadow's overall appearance doesn't change all that much. The most notable alteration is his primary fur color changing from a shade of jet black to a bright, lemon-yellow coloration. Meanwhile, Shadow is occasionally seen coated with a powerful aura of energy when assuming the transformation. He also has the spines on his head flow somewhat upward, though this is only really noticeable while he himself is in motion.



Powers and Abilties

In this state, Shadow gains the ability of unlimited flight with which he can speed around the skies at high-speed. He is also granted with nigh-invulnerability, meaning that not many things are capable of legitimately harming him at this state. However, very much like with Super Sonic, this can be bypassed when something with a sufficient amount of force manages to hit Shadow.

All the while, Shadow's natural capabilities are enhanced to a significant extent. His physical strength, for one, becomes even greater than it was previously, allowing him to plow through even the mightiest fortress in one fell swoop if he wanted to. In addition, Shadow's incredible speed has also been bolstered to the extent that Shadow can exceed the speed of light at his fastest - though this is rarely seen in action.

Shadow also receives a significant enhancement in his Chaos Energy manipulating abilities. Aside from having some his signature techniques improved, most notably in the form of the Inferno Drive, a more powerful variant of his Rocket Drive technique, and being able to unleash a full-powered Chaos Blast, dubbed the Chaos Blast ver.Ω, without much repercussions, Shadow also gains access to a few other techniques that he normally doesn't use, such as the Chaos Collider, in which he pounds the ground with enough force to emit a small burst or a vertical beam of Chaos Energy, and the Chaos Nova, a desperation move where Shadow unleashes a portion of his full might with an onslaught of strikes.

Like with Super Sonic, Shadow's ability to utilize Chaos Control has also been enhanced and can temporarily stop time as well for a maximum of ten seconds. However, also very much like him, Shadow rarely resorts to using this and saves it as a last-ditch effort when he's in a pinch, but can very well put an end to the fight in a near-instant if possible.

Unfortunately, the transformation also has the same drawbacks, including the time limit due to the amount of energy needed to use the transformation in the first place being easily-consumed once active and honestly quite difficult to consistently maintain. Shadow also previously had difficulty properly controlling the transformation, as evidenced by how he seemingly ended up dying after the fateful battle with the Biolizard several years prior. However, he has sicne gotten a better grasp at using the transformation.


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  • Much like with his base counterpart, Super Shadow's moveset takes plenty of cues from Vegeta's own skillset in Dragon Ball FighterZ; this time, however, he is more like SSB Vegeta  in this regard with a lack of reliable defensive options and practically no zoning tools.
    • In addition, he also takes a few cues from Teen Gohan in the aforementioned game in the form of insane damage output and having a weak overall neutral game.
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