Clash of Mythics


"This may be fun."
—when selected
"Are you prepared to fight the Ultimate Life Form?"
—beginning a normal match
"Let's see if you've still got your edge."
—beginning a match against Sonic
"Yes! Another victory."
—winning a normal match
"Hmph. It appears you haven't. Disappointing."
—winning a match against Sonic
"H-how is this... possible...?"
—losing a normal match
"Hah, apparently you do... impressive."
—losing a match against Sonic


"There’s a reason they call me the ‘Ultimate’."
—earning an S-rank
"Not even worth the effort."
—earning an A-rank
"Nothing I couldn’t handle."
—earning a B-rank
"Hm. An average performance."
—earning a C-rank
"Guess I held back too much."
—earning a D-rank
"That couldn’t have gone any more wrong."
—earning an E-rank

Flames of Fate and Destined Dark

"These things just get easier and easier to take down... The doctor better come up with some new tricks if he wishes to remain a genuine threat."
—mocking how feeble Eggman's forces have become
"It’s none of my concern. All that matters is that you’re unharmed, nothing more."
—answering Rouge after being asked if he wanted to know more about the Dark Grimoire

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