Shadow the Hedgehog: The Invertians The Game

Based off the Sonic Fanon story Shadow the Hedgehog: The Invertians

players can choose 1 of 6 files to play. Players start on the home planet of

Aria and Ranon.


Dr.Eggman has taken over Invertia.The player gets to choose 1 or 2 player mode.

Ranon and Aria have to escape to a pod in the stage "Invertian Palace".After doing so

the player faces off against the first boss of the game Destiney the Hedgehog as Shadow the Hedgehog.

If you defeat Destiney you can go into Travel Mode which allows you to talk even rematch Destiney at the current time. Talk to Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog and a cutscene will start. Different from the story you fight Ranon the Hedgehog. Beware don't give enough time to charge Chaos Breaker or it's Game Over. After defeating Ranon Maria will take Aria on a walk there the stage Skyscraper Scamper will begin (COPYRIGHT SEGA).After completion the player appears at a Travel Mode (like the town stages for Sonic Unleashed Xbox360 version) you will have to enter Date'n'Dine where a cutscene begins.Then Dr.Eggman shows up with the 7 Invertian Emeralds.There you face the final boss (Super Ranon, Super Aria, and Super Shadow) the battle resembles the battle against Solaris in Sonic'06 you can allternate between them. When the SP bar is full you can use Chaos Control, Chaos Destroyer, or Queen Blaster depending on who you are. When the Egg Nega Bot is defeated the final cutscene starts.


Heroes (sorta)

Ranon the Hedgehog

Aria the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog




1 Player Story Mode Play with a partner following you (CPU)

2 Player Story Mode Play with a 2nd Player as your partner (NON-CPU)

Boss Endurance Vs. Every boss on the hightest difficulty possible (due to few amount of bosses)

Battle Mode Play in a race or battle race (HP Bars no rings)


Invertian Palace

Skyscraper Scamper (COPYRIGHT SEGA)


Maria and Shadow's House



Ranon the Hedgehog

Destiney the Hedgehog

Egg Nega Bot:Final Boss must use all 3 super moves to defeat.

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