Shadow the Hedgehog needs no introduction. He is known the world over as the Ultimate Lifeform and as Sonic’s principal rival, much to Knuckles chagrin. He has traveled to Disaster Club to find a way of improving his combat skills: any advantage over Sonic is an advantage worth having.


Health: 1500

Playstyle: Rushdown

Difficulty: Medium

Shadow’s playstyle revolves around his two transformations, both of which are tied to the two meters and have different uses. This means properly manipulating the two bars is critical to his playstyle and getting the most out of his damage.

Shadow’s Throttles both help with focusing on one form: Throttle 1 on Light Shadow, and Throttle 2 on Dark Shadow.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Rapid Kicks DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button Command Normal Shadow does two roundhouse kicks in rapid succession. DC 1 button hits low, DC 2 button hits mid and DC 3 button hits high.
Light Shadow IMG 0408+DC 1 button when the Guard Meter is filled more than the Strike Meter Special Shadow transforms into Light Shadow for 20 seconds. While this is active Shadow can dash cancel his normals, as well as various changes to his special moves.
Dark Shadow IMG 0408+DC 1 button when the Strike Meter is filled more than the Guard Meter Special Shadow transforms into Dark Shadow for 20 seconds. While this is active Shadow’s attacks deal more damage and various changes are made to his special moves.
Chaos Spear IMG 0408+DC 2 button (hold) Special Shadow throws a Chaos Spear. Stuns the opponent for a moment, but lacks damage. The more charged it is, the longer the stun and the higher the damage. Angled downwards in the air. While Dark Shadow is active, the Spear is automatically fully charged.
Jet Kick IMG 0408+DC 3 button Special Shadow flies forwards and kicks the opponent.
Follow Up-Burst DC 1 button during Jet Kick Special Shadow fires a burst of flame from his Jet Shoes, knocking the opponent away. While Light Shadow is active this attack can be dash canceled.
Follow Up-Kick DC 2 button during Jet Kick Special Shadow follows up with another kick. While Dark Shadow is active, Shadow follows up with more kicks.
Follow Up-Grab DC 3 button during Jet Kick Special Shadow grabs the opponents before ramming them into the ground. While Dark Shadow is active, Shadow throws the opponent into the air, allowing him to follow up with other attacks.
Follow Up-Chaos Control DC 4 button during Jet Kick Special Shadow teleports behind the opponent. While Light Shadow is active, Shadow is able to cancel the teleport into other attacks.
Chaos Control IMG 0408+DC 4 button+directional input. Special Shadow teleports in the direction inputted. While Light Shadow is active Shadow can cancel the teleport into his aerial attacks.
Chaos Blast DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button Super Shadow charges up before releasing a massive energy blast. While Dark Shadow is active Shadow follows the attack by firing a Chaos Javelin.
Chaos Rush DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Shadow dashes forward. If the enemy is caught in the dash, he will bombard them with punches and kicks before kicking them away. While Light Shadow is active Shadow will teleport up to the opponent before doing the dash.
Super Shadow DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Shadow transforms into Super Shadow for the rest of the match. During this time he has the benefits of both his Light and Dark forms and his Strike Meter charges automatically.
Chaos Genesis DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button during Super Shadow. Finishing Strike Shadow picks the enemy up before Chaos Controlling to above a barren world. He then throws the opponent at the planet before following up with a massive energy beam that cracks the planet in two.


Throttle 1: Strike Meter charges faster.

Throttle 2: Guard Meter charges faster.



“I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form!”

“I will show you the true power of Chaos Control!”

“I hope you’re ready.”

“Silver? Is that you?” (Vs. Vendeta)

“I’m finishing you off once and for all!” (Vs. Shadow, first)

In Infinite’s voice. You will burn before that happens, Shadow!” (Vs. Shadow, second)

“Let’s see if you live up to Sonic’s praise.” (Vs. Blaze)

“Let’s see if your worthy of Rider’s unit.” (Vs. Gemma)

“What’s your deal? I’ve never met you before.” (Vs. Max)


“Hmph. Pathetic.”

“I’m the coolest.”

“Stay down.”

“Fast, but you’re no Sonic.” (Vs. Angel)

“You’re stronger than Silver...that’s a first” (Vs. Vendeta)

“No machine can beat me...not even you.” (Vs. Omega)

“You’re not even good enough to be my fake.” (Vs. Shadow)

“I wonder what he saw in you…” (Vs. Blaze)

“Get off my back already.” (Vs. Max)


“G.U.N may have a use for you at some point. We could always do with more cannon fodder, and it pays decently well. You should consider the offer.”

“When I said I was the Ultimate Lifeform, I wasn’t exaggerating. No one can beat me in combat, so why try?” (Perfect Win)

“So in another dimension, we’re friends? I don’t give a damn. Whatever that Shadow saw in you, I am certainly not seeing.” (Vs. Max)

“I never thought robots could learn, but you’re certainly getting there. You up for another round, Omega?” (Vs. Omega)

“I’ve heard so much about you, Blaze. It’s astonishing we’ve never met in person before. That said, you did nothing but disappoint me.” (Vs. Blaze)


“No.” (Escaping a combo)

“ALL. HAIL. SHADOW!” (Activating Overclock)

“THIS IS THE ULTIMATE POWER!” (Activating Super Shadow)

“Maria…I failed...” (Defeated)

“Were you expecting less?” (Going up a rank in online)

“I am the Ultimate Lifeform...I can’t lose!” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Shadow fights Shadow as the final boss.

“Infinite had survived his battle with the two Sonic's and Kai at the end of the war, but he was much weaker than when I fought him as Super Shadow. He tried to imitate me, use my powers against me, but I defeated him once and for all, crushing the Phantom Ruby in my hand. Infinite is finished once and for all.”

Bad Ending

Shadow fights Omega as the final boss.

“Eggman had been watching the events of the past night unfold from afar. He had managed to hack Omega, and when I was weakened by Beautyface he turned the ultimate android against me. I fought Omega off, but was quickly overwhelmed as Eggman’s forces descended on Westopolis. A new Eggman Empire is dawning, and all I can do is hope Sonic can stop it.”


  • Completing Arcade once with Shadow unlocks All Hail Shadow (Magna Fi) for the jukebox.
  • Completing Arcade a second time with Shadow unlocks a Dreamcast skin.


Eggman’s Facility (Normal battle theme)

All Hail Shadow (Super Shadow theme)

This Machine (Vs. Omega)

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