The tribe that was sealed in the death realm for their envy and vanity, they have since suffered complete isolation from other tribes, as opposed to those within the Twilight Cage whom have each other to fight and converse, whereas the Shadow Tribe have only themselves.


There is not much history to them. They were once a large civilization, though not one of the 4 greatest. They did however possess powerful magic and as a result, were considered to be a great power during this time. They eventually, however, grew very vain and envious of other tribes, and began attacking them without mercy. As a result, the gods decided to seal them away in the death realm, a practically barren realm. However, before this happened, their princess was spared due to the fact she was but a child and had a soul that was pure, and so was removed and placed in a temporal stasis and hidden away. She was found many years later when the seal was broken by an archaeologist. She was raised as his own daughter. Eventually, she discovered about her tribe when G.U.N. captured her for what she was. She escaped and since has been trying to free her people.



  • Calamity (Rumored God of Destruction, legends say he is currently asleep, but when he awakens he will destroy the universe)
  • Silineas (Guardian God of the Death Realm)


Royal Family

  • Doomtress the Hedgehog (Princess of the Past)

Generals/Captain of the Guards

  • Ron the Banshee
  • Ryuk the Samurai
  • Ryes the Mage
  • Yunala the Spellseer
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