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Shadow The Hedgehog In: The Battle For Mobius

Characters: Shadow The Hedgehog

Chapters: 3

Chapter 1: Shadow's Shocking Discovery

Shadow: Hmm? What Was That

  • An Meteor Heads Towards Mobius*

Shadow: An Meteor? Better Check It Out

  • Shadow Goes Outside*

Shadow: Oh No The Meteor Destroyed Mobius That's It I'm Getting To The Bottom Of This

  • Shadow Investigates Mobius*

Shadow: Rouge? What Are You Doing Here?

Rouge: Shadow I've Received An Letter From Sonic Saying Eggman Is Planning To Unleash Perfect Chaos On Mobius

Shadow: What!!! The Same Boss That Super Sonic Faced In Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX

Rouge: Yep

Shadow: I Need To Prevent This From Happening

Chapter 2: Shadow Travels To The Gun Headquarters

Shadow: *Contacts Commander Steele* Commander Steele Rouge Informed Me That Eggman Is Planning On Unleashing Perfect Chaos On Mobius

Commander Steele: Oh Dear Shadow Come Here At Once

Shadow: Yes Sir!!!

  • Shadow Heads Into The Gun Headquarters*

Shadow: What Is It You Asked Me For

Commander Steele: It Seems Like Eggman Is Up To His Evil Ways Again And I Want You To Interrogate Him

Shadow: Yes Sir!!!

  • Moments Later*

Shadow: *Shocked* I Know Why He's Bent On Destruction Of Mobius

Chapter 3: Super Shadow vs. Perfect Chaos Part 1/3

Shadow: Ah It's Safe Here

  • A Crumbling Noise Is Heard*

Shadow: What Is That

  • Perfect Chaos Rises and Roars*

Shadow: Holy Moly That Is A Big One *Goes Super*

Super Shadow: Alright Then Let's Do This *Smacks Perfect Chaos*

Perfect Chaos: *Roars In Pain*

Can Super Shadow Beat Perfect Chaos Stay Tuned For Shadow The Hedgehog In: The Battle For Mobius 2

Until Then This Is TheUltimateLifeform Signing Off

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