Shadow Rave is a shadow-based ability. It is a crossover of the Shadow Rave move from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.


The user uses shadow energy to create a shadowy aura that covers a certain area of the ground, depending on how much energy is used. When the target steps onto or near the shadowy aura, shadow-like spikes are launched at the target. An advanded user can use this to create a ring of the shadowy aura around himself/herself or others, making the ability useful for defending or trapping purposes.

A second variant includes throwing shadowy spikes at the ground around an opponents feet. These spikes are deadly in sense that if the opponent causes them to move, the spikes detonate in a blast of shadow energy. This becomes a deadly technique, as many opponents will instantly be hurt. The spikes can easily cover a large area.


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In order to be able to use this ability, the user must have at least some knowledge in manipulating and controlling shadows. If the user doesn't have the knowledge or ability to do so, he/she must at least have something that allows them to control shadows (Example: A spellbook or enchanted item). If the user can only temporarily control shadows due to an effect (Example: The effect of a spell), the shadowy aura fades away as soon as the effect expires.

Throwing the spikes involves being able to form solid spikes out of raw shadow. Throwing the spikes requires no special skill, but knowing how to use this attack is key. Killing the target is never out of the question, and structural damage is near unavoidable.

Weak Points

The shadowy aura eventually fades away after so long, the amount of time depending on how much shadow energy it received. Another flaw is that the target can simply keep a distance away from the aura, making it useless unless the user somehow draws the target towards the trap. Also, if the user is in a mentally unstable state, the ability can become unable to distinguish between friend and foe, attacking both allies and enemies, sometimes even attacking the user. The ability itself is weak against light-based abilities, as well as other shadow-based abilities.


Although the ability is useful for trapping and defending purposes, the ability's flaw on relying on the distance of the target sets the rank back to a C.

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