Shadow Onslaught (千の影のスライス, Thousand Shadow Slices?) is a Shadow-based move that was developed by Malik the Hedgehog.


The user uses a bladed weapon and coats it with a dark aura, enhancing its power. Then, xe performs an upward slash, launching the target upward before jumping afterward. Then, the user slashes at the foe at high-speed, 15-20 hits a second, for 5 seconds, then slams the target into the ground.

Due to the high damage rate, this is an A-rank move.


Anyone can learn the technique as long as they meet the prerequisites outlined in the next section. (If you want your character to know the move, add it to the list below.)


The user has to have a bladed weapon, such as a sword, in order to use this move. The user also has to have great proficiency with bladed weapons and must be an umbramancer or umbrakinetic, meaning that they must be able to manipulate darkness.


  • The concept for this move is derived from some Super Smash Bros. Final Smash attacks.
  • Despite what the Japanese name depicts, much less than a thousand hits are dealt to the target. Rather, 75-100 hits are dealt in total.
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