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Shadow Leon is the shadow form of Leon and is a physical manifestation of Leon's harbored feelings toward being heir to the buisness


Lion's Light series

Feeling's Requiem:

Final boss for Leon's campaign

Shadow's Revealing Light:

Playable in Arcade Mode


Shadow Leon is a white Hedgehog with a black hue on his spikes. He wears the same clothes as his counter part, Leon the hedgehog does except his clothes are white with a black trim. He wears glasses to summon his Shadow Angel form and uses it to fight Leon when he's trying to regain his memories. Another difference between them is the color of their eyes, Leon has blue eyes while, SL has yellow eyes.


Shadow Leon is the direct opposite of Leon, who's a gentleman so, Shadow Leon would have to be an arrogant prince. He doesn't respect Leon and badmouths Leon's way of living. Basically, SL is a bratty prince compared to the gentleman Leon is.


Shadow Leon was created by Dr.Natas at the end of the first game when the character's harbored feeling reacted with the doctor's YinYang machine and he's just one of many that formed that day. He faces off against Leon and disappears after Leon comes to terms with his hidden feelings. SL returns in the final when Leon cries out that he never wanted to hurt anyone and the two merge to form the True Leon.


Shadow Leon can make copies of himdelf and use those copies to extend the length of his sword.He can also see in the dark. He can activate Shadow Angel Form without the use of the Angel Crystal and is more powerful in that form than in his normal form. SL can also make shadows from other people's hidden feelings, a power which later is given to Leon.


He can blend into the shadows and can attack from the shadows also. SL also has a high healing factor. SL can merge with his shadow copies to make himself tougher and taller than his opponents.


His skilla are much like Leon but, he more proficentt in hand to hand combat than Leon is and is boosted by the hate in Leon's heart. His batlingg skills rivals Leon except, when it comes to swordfightingg, he fails.


"Who am I? I am you and you are me." - SL's reply when Leon asks who he is

"I am the true you...the true Leon, the true feelings you've kept hidden for so long. I am the beast which resides in that soft shell of a hedgehog you call yourself...your true feelings are me and your...your just a personality created to occupy that body. Now let's end this once and for all, let's see who's the true LEON" - SL's dialouge before the boss fight

"Why?! How could I lose to you?! I am the TRUE one!!! But be as that loss may be, I accept defeat but, remember I will surface once more when I see you falter." - SL before being absorbed by Leon


SL is weak to light, which is Leon's main power. SL is also weak to kind and caring feelings. SL also has a weakness towards preety girls and will use them as bait in a fight.
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