'Shadow Crush' is a powerful Dark-elemental attack.


The user forms a large ball of Dark energy within their body, forming it on their skin almost like a layer of armor over their body, before falling on top of the opponent in a painful body slam. Some users jump into the air, in order get a greater impact on the target. On impact, the dark energy in the slam is transferred into the target, and is known to either lower the opponent's defense or even break any armor they might be wearing wide open at least three times out of ten uses.

As such, this technique is an extremely dangerous one for most physical fighters, especially armored ones, as well as Metal manipulators, due to it's power. However, targets with high physical strength have been known to counter the technique regularly by catching the falling body, nullifying it's effects.



Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's ability to break open armor and/or lower defenses on a single impact, it bears a B-rank.

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