Shadow Claw (Shado Tsume) is a powerful slashing move.


The user draws upon shadow energy, and concentrates it to their forearm. This dark energy is formed into the image of a large claw, outlined in purple around the black and gray aura. The attack is then slashed at the opponent. If it hits, it has an increased chance of striking the opponent in a weak spot.

However, one more novel use of the technique is a long-ranged variation. The user forms the same aura around their hand, but they slam their hand into the ground instead of slashing. The impact against the ground forms a shadow of a claw to emerge on the solid surface to reach along the ground for the target. Once it reaches a certain range, it pulls away from the surface to slash the target.


Pokemon Users

Synthetic Users


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Technique Rank

Due to the technique's form and power, it bears a C-rank.

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