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Shadow Blackgem

Shadow is the daughter of Shadow (wow that makes PERFECT sense XD). She is a bit like her father, Shadow and attends Green Hill Middle School. She is dark and shy, and does NOT liked to be messed around with.

"I don't get it. Why should I waste my time on those PATHETIC humans!?! Oh God, I'm turning into my father!"

Shadow Blackgem
Stats Speed: 4/5

Power: 5/5

Defense: 3/5

Chaos: 5/5

Flight: 3/5

Extreme Gear: 3/5

Family Mother: Rouge the BatFather: Shadow the Hedgehog

Sister: Jewel Blackgem

Gender Female
Species 99% Hedgehog

1% Bat

Alignment anti-hero
Likes Destruction, getting stronger, GIR, computers, darkness, chaos, chocolate, jewels, Black Doom, waffles
Dislikes People, people on a sugar high, skirts, math, heights, Sonic the Hedgehog, Eggman
Skills Energy Blast, Super strength, Chaos Control, Psychokinesis, Darkness, Shadows, Flight, the ability to ride a board
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Shadow is a black hedgehog with red streaks on her fur. She has short curved quills and neon blue eyes. She has a tiny nose and dark lines around her eyes. She wears the same shoes and gloves as her father but her gloves are cut. She wears a dark grey-blackish t-shirt and jeans. She has pale skin.


Shadow is very dark and mysterious, she is sly, and knows how to trick people into doing what she says. She can be evil and will always aim for revenge. She is quite an excellent eavesdropper. She knows how to hide in and become a shadow, and is a good thief. She doesn't like people very much, and hates loud, crazy people. She is mainly one of those "strong and silent" types. Actually that is exactly what she is. She doesn't talk at all but only when around family, friends, or to trick people.

Strengths and Powers

Shadow is amazingly strong. She has her fathers powers and some others. She is kinda slow compared to her father. She has amazing strength and when not using chaos, she uses a kung fu style. Her powers include:

Chaos Control

Chaos Nightmare

Chaos Force

Dark Chaos Beam

Shadow Blast

Shadow Beam

Shadow Force

Shadow Control

Darkness Wave

Dark Shadow Wave

Dark Force

Shadow Ball

Chaos Blast

General Info + Super Form

When Shadow is in her super form it is mainly her speed that increases because she is already strong enough, just not fast enough.

((Oh I will put why her last name is Blackgem here!!!) When Shadow and Rouge got married they decided to make up a last name because it would be weird combining "hedgehog" and "bat".)

Shadow is the oldest and is sort of evil. Shadow is the oldest of her sister by 1 month and 20 days.

Items Currently In Possession

Dark Wave board


Cyan Chaos Emerald

MacBook Pro

iPhone 3GS


Shadow is the daughter of Shadow and Rouge and she has a younger sister named Jewel. After birth Shadow started to grow up a dark way. When she was 5 she ran away and met the spirit of Black Doom and trained with him for five years. Luckily she had already learned from her father Black Doom was evil so she killed him after her training. Ever since they have had a close relationship because she has, "proved her strength by defeating Black Doom." As a reward of defeating him Shadow also received the Shadowgun, a special gun handcrafted for her.

Shadow returned to her family at 10 and her father became proud of her. She then had to go over to Tails' lab to gain all the information she had lost over 5 years. (she missed 5 years of education!) After that....she went to Green Hill Elementary to go to school and stuff, like any normal kid. At school she met her best friend forever, Flare, daughter of Blaze the Cat. Flare became best friends and they were friends until they died.

Then....she Hill....Middle School! She currently attends school there with a few other friends she has met.






Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters


Mom: Rouge The Bat

Dad: Shadow the Hedgehog

Sister: Jewel Blackgem


MP3 the HedgehogRascal

Flare the Cathog

Jewel Blackgem

Honeysuckle the Cat

Vanilla the Rabbitfox

Fox the Rabbitfox

Emerald the timeenchidna

Fisto the timeenchidna

Pyschicic the Cathog

Rosie the HedgehogRascal

Dagger the Chamilion

Rocky the Flying Squirrel


Spike "stupid" Crocodile

Bumble Bumblebee

Speedy the Armadillo

Fun Facts

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