Shadow 3.0 is a copy of Shadow the Hedgehog, and the final product of Project:Shadow. He looks almost completly like Shadow, but every part of him that is red on Shadow is golden yellow on Shadow 3.0.


About 30 months After Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, Dr. Eggman decided to read more of Gerald Robotnik's diary, hoping it contained anything that would help him conqure the world. however, while he was reading it, Eggman discovered some shocking truths from the book, stated by Gerald himself:

Well I must say, Project:Shadow is almost complete. I regected the Biolizard because it had no reasoning, so some of the scientists aboard the ARK encapsulated it within one of the rooms. I started to work on another prototype, but I couldn't add any minor attatchments to it. So I contacted the alien lord, Black Doom. He agreed to help me if I gave him the chaos emeralds in the next 50 years. I agreed, and sure enough, another prototype was created: Shadow the Hedgehog. Project:Shadow is almost complete! However, unfortunately, it isn't complete. There's still more attatchments needed. If I work on one more prototype, it should be the final product I've been looking for.

After reading the entire entry, Dr. Eggman was shocked: Project:Shadow was still incomplete! Now realizing this, he started to create clones of Shadow(which explains the Shadow Androids), each one with a different power level. Soon However, when Shadow 3.0 was created, he was sent into the testing room. There, he destroied everything with a colossal Chaos Blast, making the doctor realize he went too far with the project. Shadow 3.0 then escaped from the doctor's base, wondering what purpose he exists for.

Secret role in Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow 3.0 does the neutral storyline, and he and Omega finish Eggman off. Soon however, he begins to want to become stronger than any product of Project:Shadow, and thus, absorbs some of the Chaos Emeralds' energy, becoming stronger and stronger.

Line of Defence

A month before Shadow 3.0 killed him, Eggman ordered the other Shadow Androids to search the entire planet for the yellow copy. However, those who encountered him all got destroied. This decreased the number of Androids remaining constantly.


Shortly after the events in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow read the entry in Geralds diary that reveald himself as a prototype. Now realizing that he isn't complete, Shadow became upset by this discovery, until learning of Shadow 3.0 and his existence. Shadow then stated that he would be the final product of Project:Shadow(and the most powerful) if he defeated the doppelganger. While Shadow 3.0 was walking in the Lava Shelter, Shadow ambushed him stating that he may look like him, but he knows he's just a fake. Angered by the fact that Shadow was still alive, Shadow 3.0 switched to combat mode. 1 hour after the battle started, Shadow 3.0 cornered Shadow, and loaded his rockets right in front of him. However, Shadow pushed his doppelganger out of the way, then shot him with the Shadow Rifle. About to faint, Shadow 3.0 fell into the sea of lava. At the control room, Shadow held Geralds diary before tossing it away into the lava, saying, "Goodbye forever...Android."


Shadow 3.0 has a personality almost completly like Shadow, but has a craving for power and violence. He seems to value the lives of other products of Project:Shadow as worthless mortals that have no right to even be called prototypes. He enjoys being the final product so much, he will always demonstrate his power in the most violent ways possible. He loves the fact that he remembers Shadow's death, and was devistated to discover he survived.


  • Although being defeated by Shadow, Shadow 3.0 is the strongest product of Project:Shadow. The only reason Shadow won was because he used the Shadow Rifle, which destroys enemies with one blast.
  • Shadow 3.0's name comes from the fact that he is the 3rd known product of Project:Shadow.
  • Shadow 3.0 appeares in Shadow the Hedgehog's 2P mode
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