This page is about a mysterious species of creatures known only as "Shadows".


Lesser Shadows

Lesser Shadows are the more common of the species. They are often smaller, weaker and have less self control than Greater Shadows. Lesser Shadows often stay trapped in the realm they were born in because they do not possess the power to keep themselves in a physical form outside of the Realm of Shadow.

Lesser Shadows are treated more like henchmen and will listen to anything a creature stronger than them has to say. It's because of this that many of the Greater Shadows rule the Realm of Shadow and use the Lesser Shadows to do their bidding.

Lesser Shadows cannot utilize Umbrakinesis and can only hover for a short amount of time. They do not possess all of the abilities that Greater Shadows do.

Greater Shadows

Greater Shadows are the less common of the species. They are often taller than an average Mobian, stronger than Lesser Shadows and have complete control of their actions. Greater Shadows are able to find the power to travel outside of the Realm of Shadow.

Greater Shadows are the rulers of the Realm of Shadow. Some have even created their own kingdoms to rule over. They are perfectly capable of feeling some amount of emotion and have a soul of their own. Greater Shadows are not mindless and have goals and impulses.

Greater Shadows have a wide range of natural abilities, including flight, umbrakinesis and shadow sneaking.


When a Shadow is created, they often take the form of a mobian creature. The creature they take the form of is often random, and in no way resembles an already existing mobian creature. No Shadow is a counterpart of an existing mobian.

Lesser Shadows

Lesser Shadows more commonly take the form of smaller mobian creatures, such as foxes or mice. However, due to their lack of a soul and weak willpower, the Lesser Shadows have trouble keeping their physical form together. Lesser Shadows often appear as small masses of darkness trying to form itself to resemble a mobian. Dark energy can often be seen dripping off of these creatures. They appear malformed and sometimes malnourished as well.

Greater Shadows

Greater Shadows often take the form of medium to large sized mobian creatures. Since Greater Shadows possess a stronger willpower and a soul, they are able to keep themselves together in a more solid form. Dark energy does not drip from a Greater Shadow and they often look cleaner and more complete than a Lesser Shadow.

Greater Shadows still appear malnourished, as they don't eat often.

Natural Abilities


All Shadows are created with a small pair of bat-like leathery wings. For some shadows (Mostly Greater Shadows) these wings grow larger as they continue to grow but for others they stay relatively small. For the Shadows with tinier wings, they are normally only able to glide.

All Greater Shadows, however, can fly no matter how small their wings seem. A Greater Shadow's wings often grow a little bit after they are created. A Shadows wings can carry them a long way depending on how large they are. Smaller wings can carry a Shadow for about a half hour non-stop, while bigger wings can end up carrying them for even a day if they are just casually flying around and not exerting too much energy.

Shadow Sneaking

All Shadows, even the lesser shadows, can sink into an objects shadow and stay their virtually undetected as long as the objects shadow keeps it's form. They can travel between shadows and even hitch a ride on a creatures shadow if that creature happens to be moving.

Shadows cannot keep their form in a shadow if it is too dark, due to shadows not being as visible in darkness.

Immunity and Immortality

All Shadows are naturally immune to all types of illnesses. They resist most, if not all, kinds of poisons.

Shadows are also naturally immortal and cannot die of old age.

Night Vision

Due to being creatures of the dark, all Shadows can see in the dark. Shadows have perfect vision in the dark. All Shadows eyes glow slightly when their night vision is active. Night vision is always automatically active for a Shadow.


All Greater Shadows possess the ability to control darkness. All Shadows umbrakinesis is different from each other, however. Every Shadow has a unique kind of darkness. One Shadows darkness could come from dark-colored objects, sucking the color out of the object they take the dark color from. Another Shadows darkness can come from the bad energy radiating from a mobian with a nasty personality.

From colors to personalities to emotions, a Shadows darkness can come from almost anything. They are all unique.


Shadows do not require any kind of known nourishment to live.

Shadows can consume any kind of food, but they don't seem to need it in order to live. A Shadows taste can vary as widely as normal Mobians preferences. Some Shadows prefer spicy foods, while others would rather have sweet foods.

Shadows can even consume poisonous things without being affected, due to their immunity.

Shadows that have been deprived of darkness for too long seem to become exceptionally weak however.


Shadows do not have any reproductive organs. Shadows are not capable of producing their own offspring.

Shadows are created from a great mass of darkness in the Realm of Shadow. The great darkness only creates Shadows whenever it sees their numbers drop drastically because Shadows can technically live forever. The darkness monitors the number of Shadows in the Realm of Shadow 24/7 and is aware of the exact number of Shadows living in the Realm of Shadow.

The Great Darkness seems to be sentient and also appears to become agitated whenever a Greater Shadow leaves it's realm.

Known Shadows

??? the Greater Wolf Shadow

Twilight the Greater Kitsune Shadow

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