Shadow: Dark Fire is a Sonic fanon game and one of only two Sonic games to feature Shadow the Hedgehog as the main character (the other being the game, Shadow the Hedgehog). The game centers around Shadow dealing with an alien being calling itself Dark Fire while understanding the full complexity of his own Chaos abilities, and working with a new character, a pyrokinetic female hedgehog known as Infera.


In an ancient forest, with trees that seem to be golden, there is a rumbing noise. Suddenly, of all things, a meteor flies in. It strikes the ground, and although the trees are undamaged, a strange creature emerges from the meteor, breaking it apart. The creature morphs through many black formations before settling on a humanoid black flame. He then steps out, looking around at the forest around him. The forest is wholly undamadged. He looks back at the meteor. A large black gem is in the perfect core of it. The black humanoid grabs the gem with both hands, then is coated in blue energy as it flies off for a bit, then vanishes in a blur of blue energy.


Shadow is on a cliffside doing something. He sees a large rock formation, and forms a Chaos Spear (in this game taking the form of a black bowman's arrow) in his hand, then throws it, but when its strikes the rock formation, it ricochets off. He seeths, then sees a large mark and realizes he's getting somewhere. Nevertheless, he turns around and punches the ground.

A few feet away, he sees a black flame emerge from the ground. He raises his hand and forms a Chaos Spear in his hand as it takes the form of a humanoid flame. He watches as it turns to him.

???: Another Chaos user? Yet the Spear is his best line of defense. Worthless.

Shadow: Not my best line. Just my first line. Who are you?

???: I am a flame of Chaos Energy, formed from the power of deep space! You can call me Dark Fire.

Shadow: Well, then, Dark Fire. You think I am just going to be a mere soilder?

Dark Fire: I think that you're going to be pretty easy to take care of.

{Dark Fire forms a black blade of Chaos Energy in his hand. Shadow's eyes go wide as the Chaos Spear in his hand vanishes}

Shadow: What the hell?

Dark Fire: Do you really think you can defeat me, hedgehog?

{Shadow forms another Chaos Spear}

Shadow: I usually do not just think nowadays. Eat Chaos Spear, Dark Fire!

{Shadow pulls back like a bowman and hurls his Spear. Camera phases to the side of the cliff, where Shadow is falling}

Shadow: Damn it! Come on come on come on come on come...

{Hits the ground with enough impact for something to show up on the other side}

Shadow: Damn it! Evidently, he eats Chaos Spear.

Shadow then tries to climb the cliffside, but he can't: it's too smooth. He starts to run around, but before he can come half a meter, a female voice behind him says softly, "You really think you can beat him, do you?" Shadow turns to see a female black hedgehog with a similar body to a Darkspine, a skintight battle suit not unlike that of Shade from Sonic Chronicles and eyes like fire looking at him.

She shakes her head pitifully. Shadow hurls a Chaos Spear at her, but she raises a hand, and the spear ignites, then crumbles into fading Chaos ashes. Shadow stares at her.

Shadow: Who are you?

???: My name is Infera. Might I ask your name and what quarrel you have with Dark Fire?

Shadow: I am Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. And no, you may not.

Infera: How do you expect to beat him?

Shadow: Same way I beat anything. Fight to the death.

Infera: How well are you with your Chaos abilities?

Shadow: Pretty well, why?

Infera: Because Dark Fire is unrivaled pure Chaos energy. How can you hope to defeat him?

{Shadow looks away, thinking. He remembers something, then dashes away}

Infera: Hey! Where are you going?

Shadow: To rival the unrivalled at his own game.

The game begins in Silent Canyon, which, like in Sonic Heroes: Xhaos Storm, acts as a tutorial level. At this stage, the only Chaos ability you can use is Chaos Spear, but as time passes, you will learn many more. Like in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow can use many different weapons, but in this game, he doesn't lose it if he has no ammunition for it. This might be because you are able to customize your weapons. When you are shown how to obtain weapons, you will gain the first and most basic gun: the handgun. (Note: Outside of tutorial, the Handgun has infinite ammunition) What? It's a pretty standard gun in a pretty standard level!

After Silent Canyon, Infera catches up to him and asks how he's going to even attempt to rival Dark Fire at 'his own game'. Shadow replies, "If I can find the Chaos Emeralds and use their power, then I will be able to overcome Dark Fire's power. The only problem is that they were scattered around the planet." He starts going throughout the area, looking for weapons and the Emeralds, Infera right on his tail, who acts as the help voice in this game.

Next level: Chaos Crevice, Shadow and Infera enter looking for a Chaos Emerald and find that Dark Fire has formed minions that are resemblant of Chao. Inside, Shadow runs into a water-like creature. After a quick boss fight with it, Shadow is shocked to discover it is Chaos Zero. The liquid energy creature is currently traveling, and wishes to help Shadow take care of Dark Fire. He teaches Shadow some Chaos abilities now, and Shadow continues on his way. As a note, every level or so, a new tutorial level will open in Chaos Crevice to show Shadow how to use a new ability.

Next up is Desert Ruin, a desert that looks like life was torn from it. Not the faintest wind blows; not a grain of sand is not ignited; what was once majestic is now ripped apart; there is no water even if you were to dig down to hell. Shadow searches through the ruins until there is nothing more to search through, then angrily flings Chaos Spears in every direction. Sand is kicked up, ruins are blow apart, and the power of Spears causes a sandstorm. Shadow lands and pants as the sand flies around him, but then he senses something.

He looks up and sees, of all things, an untouched shrine in the midst of the sandstorm. He walks up to it, but a creature forms from the sand, reminiscent of Chaos 1, except with the increased body mass within the main body, not the right arm. This is Desert Chaos. Shadow manages to defeat it and walks up to the shrine again. There is an empty hole with a brilliant-cut gem indent. Instinct tells him to raise his hand, and Chaos energy flows from it and into the shrine until the blue Chaos Emerald forms there. He picks it up. It's the real thing.

He turns off and dashes away, Infera right behind him. Eventually, they reach Icicle Plain, a barren ice plain with nothing in any direction. Shadow has trouble getting anywhere, and so Infera's pyrokinetics come in handy. Soon, they find a cave of clear ice. Inside, however, it is revealed that the ice exterior is an illusion, and inside is another shrine. Shadow uses his Chaos powers again, summoning (what, did you think he could just form Chaos Emeralds? Are you mad, (wo)man?) the white Chaos Emerald.

In the next level, Ignited Mountain, they find nothing around and on the volcano. Shadow thinks that traveling down it would be suicide, and Infera doesn't give it a second thought. They leave, and go to the White Sea, a frozen ocean. (Shadow remarks, "It's always ice. Always ice, damn it!") Eventually, he goes ice skating with his hover skates, half-piping up waves, and soon reaches a shrine in the middle of a funnel wave. However, another opponent forms from it, this one an ice creature resembling Chaos 2, but with the same bulk as Desert Chaos combined with the actual Chaos 2, which is probably what Chaos 3 would look like. This is Frozen Chaos. Shadow takes it out and summons the aqua emerald.

Up for round seven, Shadow and Infera meet Fair Field, an open field ("Aaah. After all that shit, its nice to find something calming."), and think they'll have no trouble finding the Emerald. However, they can't see it anywhere, even though Shadow can sense the Emerald's presence. Yet after tiring searching, Shadow and Infera combined cannot find it. Shadow turns away, then slams into something painful. A shrine forms out of nowhere and, with help from Shadow, calls the green Chaos Emerald.

Then comes Cloud Course. Shadow can easily jump around here with his by-now-learned Chaos Shot, but Infera is revealed in a cutscene to have trouble flying around (she has to use a bridge of fire with her pyrokenesis) and indeed seems to be having trouble keeping herself sane in this area (hehehe, funny isn't it, how pyrokinetics seem to be scared of heights nowadays?) A boss appears again here; a cloud form of Chaos 4 with increased body mass. This is Cyclone Chaos. After taking it out, Shadow summons the purple Chaos Emerald from an infinitely falling shrine.

Nine is the Neon Railway, a high-tech series of subway tunnels illuminated by neon lights. Shadow gets a loadful of grinding action here, provided he manages to avoid the subway trains that are abundant around here. In a 570m radius, there is a series of 'under construction' tunnels, in which Shadow and Infera venture through and find the yellow Chaos Emerald.

They cannot find the last Emerald anywhere else. Shadow then suddenly snaps to an idea; they didn't care to search Ignited Mountain. They go there, racing against temperature to the peak. When they reach the peak, the volcano explodes, calling forth a blazing form of Chaos 6 with increased body mass. This is Blazing Chaos, and Shadow must deal with it along with subsequent eruptions. After defeating it, the volcano erupts again. Through the flames, Shadow can see a shrine. He tries to summon it from there, but it doesn't work. Infera can only stare as Shadow prepares to dive in between eruptions. Then she shouts at him

Infera: Are you mad, Shadow?

Shadow: There is not any other place the red Emerald can be.

Infera: But you'll die!

Shadow: Relax. I can form it as I fall from about... 50 metres, then grab it and use its power to survive the eruption.

Infera: And you expect that to work without fail? If you miss the shrine, you'll die!

{Shadow remains silent for a while. Then he remembers the havoc Dark Fire has caused throughout the world and braces himself for the dive}

Shadow {as the volcano is erupting}: Then I guess I shall die.

{Dives in}

Infera: No!

Shadow, however, is easily able to swerve through the air, form the Emerald, and land on the shrine. He grabs the Emerald, then crouches and aims for the sky as the volcano is about to erupt around him. His legs and feet coat in black energy.

Shadow: Chaos...

This volcano has an interesting eruption sequence from the inside. Lava forms a reverse-U loop around the edge, rises, drops near the center (where the shrine is), and starts to pool there.

Shadow: Shot!

At that, Shadow launches into the air, the heat and lava pressure giving him maximum lift. However, that's a little more than he needs (provided 'little' is code for 'insanely, to Perfect Chaos'), and the launch sends him flying far into the distance, screaming. Infera watches him with tears welling up in her eyes.

Infera: No. No! NO!

She coats her legs in fire, then launches into the air like a rocket, chasing after Shadow's fading form. However, soon he is gone beyond reach, and she cannot catch up.

Infera: NOOO!

Meanwhile, Shadow is dealing with the intensity of his flight. As everything behind him fades, he is coating himself in blue Chaos energy.

Shadow: Damn it! Too much! Chaos.....

He nears a golden forest with a meteor site there as he is fully coated.

Shadow: CONTROL!

There's a sound like a rip in space, and Shadow vanishes. Miles away, he reappears with a little upward momentum, then lands safely. He's on a plain with all sorts of terrains around him; sand, mud, grass, ice, and rock. He hears a strange sound and looks around. There's all sorts of machinery around him. Suddenly, a voice calls out through a loudspeaker.

?: Weapons testing 900. Today's target: Nine Chao. Tommorow's target: Twelve Chao. Weapon of subject: Rocket-propelled grenade. {Pause} Weapons testing 900. Change in target. Chao targets will be pushed back. New target: Black hedgehog.

??: Yeah! Finally, something new to target! I'm sick of those damn Chao!

???: You got that right! We can knock Chao guts to the sun anyday. Today we get a challenge!

Shadow rages, angry that these people will kill off Chao to test their weapons. He starts coating his body in red energy, his hands fists.

??: What the hell is going on with that thing?

???: Who cares, dude, blast it!

?: Firing open.

A projectile flies at Shadow, but he bats it to the sky with ease as his body reaches halfway coated. In a nearby area, Chao, about nineteen and chained, are watching him.

Shadow: You idiots kill Chao to test your weapons? In that case; Chaos.....

???: Blast it, dude!

??: You do it, man!

???: Fine, coward. Eat it, hedgehog!

From the opposite direction, another projectile flies at Shadow, but he flips, kicking it to the sky, as the energy fully coats his body and starts to expel.

??: Oh shi...

Shadow: BLAST!

Miles away, Infera is walking around, head down, igniting anything she sees other than the planet's surface, when something catches her eye. She looks up to see a large facility being engulfed in a red dome shockwave. When it fades, she sees a black shape and nineteen pearl-aqua shapes remaining amidst ashes. A sign nearby reads Atomic to Zutrian Weapons - Testing Facility. The black figure moves, and a black rift of energy flies at the sign and absorbs it, then vanishes. Realizing its Shadow, Infera dashes to him. Shadow hears her blazing footfalls and turns to her, seeing tears in her eyes.

Infera: Shadow.

Shadow: You say my name like you were crushed at my death.

Infera: You have no idea what I felt, Shadow. I...

Shadow: It is alright. Now let us take care of Dark Fire.

The two of them dash away, and the Chao turn to each other. Then they faint, falling to the ground and landing in a pile of ashes.

Equipment and Weapons


After defeating enemies, you may pick up items such as armor/clothing, weapons, and restock ammunition. Shadow can be equipped with the armor/clothing you find. Some are to increase your own power (ie: the Worn Ammunition Belt restores ammo, ah, one every ten seconds) whereas some are to weaken enemy power; (ie: the Torn Vest weakens enemy attacks by a few Rings). Since there's a really long list of weapons, gear, and etcetera, I'm just going to list the categories, worst, best of defense, and best of offense.

Piece Worst Effect Best - Offense Effect Best - Defense Effect
Headgear Hole-filled Helm Reduces damage by one ring None None Bulletproofed Helmet Reduces damage by three rings
Jacket Torn Jacket Reduces damage by three rings Ammunition Vest Increases ammunition for current weapon by one every five seconds* Bulletproof Vest Reduces damage by ten rings
Belt Worn Ammunition Belt Increases ammunition for current weapon by one every ten seconds* Ammuntion Waistband Increases ammunition for current weapon by one every three seconds* None None
Leggings Worn Leggings Reduces damage by one ring Ammunition-filled Leggings Increases ammunition for current weapon by one every five seconds* Bulletproof Leggings Reduces damage by five rings
Ammunition restoration will overlap if equipped as such
|*| Not affected by time-slowing abilities from you or your opponent


Weapons can be found almost anywhere. In boxes, dropped by fallen enemies, etcetera etcetera etcetera. By aquiring multiple weapons, you gain parts for them (provided your current version of that weapon is not dead of ammunition). Weapons can be customized by adding parts, and can also be painted. If you're a pathetic artist (because believe me, I am whether it be computer or Nintendo Wii. I'm not too bad on a standard controller, though), you can choose a preset paint job (both default and unlockable). These can range from Shadow's logo from the Olympic crossovers to perfect art of Devil Doom, Perfecrt Chaos, and Dark Fire.

Also, like in Shadow the Hedgehog, there are (in this one, five) special weapons available. I'm afraid you can't customize these ones. Not that you'd need to. Also, the special weapons are the only weapons that you can use in the Last Story (more on that later). The following chart lists the Special Weapons, along with the ever-useful standard handgun.

Weapon Name Rate of Fire** Maximum Ammunition
Handgun 1 shot/second God! How you insert an infinity symbol... aha! Here we are! ∞
Black Blaster (Handgun) 3 shots/second 100
Chaos Machine (Machine Gun) 9 shots/second 300
Red Dragon (Sword) 1 swing/second Again with the infinity symbol problem! Let's see... here again! ∞
Yami Rocket (RPG) 1 shot/3 seconds 10
Shadow Rifle (Rifle) 1 shot/5 seconds 5
|**| Affected by time-slowing abilities from you or your opponent.

Chaos Abilities

Shadow learns many Chaos powers during his adventure here.

Ability Name Appearance Effect Availability
Chaos Spear Black bowman's arrow Damaging projectile   From Start
Chaos Dash Second-lasting coat of black energy Gives the user a quick burst of insane speed First meeting with Chaos
Chaos Fade Blur of black energy Causes targeted projectile to fade First meeting with Chaos
Chaos Lance Spear (reality) of black energy. A charged form of Chaos Spear First meeting with Chaos
Chaos Flurry Limb coat of black energy Quick leaping assault to multiple enemies After clearing Desert Ruin
Chaos Hack Target coat of black energy Hack into computer systems to enter new passages. After clearing Desert Ruin
Chaos Magic TimeSpace distort, causing bends and twists Drains energy from the opponent to the user After clearing Desert Ruin
Chaos Bow Bow of black energy Increases power of Chaos Spears until user takes five hits After clearing Icicle Plain
Chaos Load Swirl of black energy Reloads current weapon fully After clearing Icicle Plain
Chaos Sense Head coat of black energy Surrounds invisible enemies and enemies on other sides of walls in white. After clearing Icicle Plain
Chaos Sword Faint coat of red energy Empowers user's offense  for a period of 1:00 After clearing White Sea
Chaos Shield Faint coat of blue energy Empowers user's defense for a period of 1:00 After clearing White Sea
Chaos Shot Leg coat of black energy Empowers user's agility and jumping abilities After clearing White Sea
Chaos Blade Sword of black energy Weapon for a period of 1:00 After clearing Cloud Course
Chaos Plate Shield of black energy Defense for a period of 1:00 After clearing Cloud Course
Chaos Rift Deadly rift of black energy Causes heavy damage/death After clearing Cloud Course
Chaos Burn Black flame Chaos fire attack After Clearing Neon Railway
Chaos Freeze Black vapour Chaos ice attack After clearing Neon Railway
Chaos Shock Black thunderbolt Chaos electric attack After clearing Neon Railway
Chaos Control Strong coat of blue energy Slows time to all but Shadow and enables high-speed movement After clearing Ignited Mountain (2nd visit)
Chaos Blast Strong coat of red energy expelling into a red domelike shockwave Kills anything non-boss in range that is not an ally. After clearing Ignited Mountain (2nd visit)
Chaos Light Strong coat of white energy, white domelike shockwaves A combination of Chaos Control and Chaos Blast Chaos Shadow only.

Bottom line: Shadow is awesome.

Last Story

Shadow arrives on the same cliffside, Infera behind him. Dark Fire is not around, so Shadow turns around and hurls a Chaos Spear at the rock formations again. It breaks right through, leaving a clean hole. Shadow clenches his fist and smiles, then hears a cackling and turns around. Dark Fire is right behind him. Shadow raises an eyebrow.

Dark Fire: Surprised, hedgehog?

Shadow: Hardly. Just one question while you are still able to answer. Why do you want to kill me?

Dark Fire: I refuse to be rivalled by a creature as pitiful as you!

{Dark Fire forms a blade of Chaos energy. Shadow mimics his act, his handgun held at his waist by Chaos energy}

Shadow: Did you just call me pitiful?

Dark Fire: Here. Now. We see who is truly the ultimate Chaos user!

Shadow: As the Japanese say, Yatte watashi ni; try me.

This is part one in the final battle. Shadow and Dark Fire clash, starting out with Chaos Blades. Shadow can change to anything, but be warned that Dark Fire has a powerful fire-launching gun. After Shadow knocks him down, he gets back up, but this time tripled in size. He holds a hand towards Shadow, draining all his weapons and Chaos power from him but, ironically, leaving the handgun hanging at Shadow's waist and a Chaos Spear in his hand. He takes a whole new form, being able to change his arm into any weapon Shadow had and using every Chaos attack listed above. Shadow fights him again, this time armed with only his handgun and Chaos Spears.

Not easy.

After taking down stage two, Dark Fire lands back in the form of a black humanoid flame. The weapons and Chaos power return to Shadow, but Dark Fire takes the Chaos Emeralds from Shadow, using their negative energy to take a huge form resemblant of a burning Perfect Chaos. Shadow is shocked, when he hears the sound of water behind him. He turns.

Chaos himself is behind him, holding his hands together. Shadow, not sure what to do, kneels before Chaos, who laughs.

Chaos: Let me take care of him. Just get me to the Chaos Emeralds!

Shadow: Without problem.

Shadow grabs Chaos and flings him at the Emeralds below Perfect Dark Fire, and Chaos uses the positive energy to, frankly, transform into Perfect Chaos. The two clash, and Chaos speaks within Shadow's mind.

Chaos: Use Chaos Magic to drain the energy from both of us. Then take their power and transform for yourself.

Shadow: Very well. Chaos...

Shadow holds his hand out, coated in black energy, waiting for the point in which Chaos and Dark Fire are both at maximum tension, then snaps his fingers.

Shadow:  MAGIC!

Time slows and space bends as Chaos and Dark Fire scream out. The two Perfect creatures part from each other and shrink down, then take their original forms; Chaos back into a humanoid water-creature, Dark Fire into a black humanoid flame. Energy drains from both of them into the Chaos Emeralds, which fly to Shadow. Dark Fire screams and feints for Shadow, but then spins and embeds his fist in Chaos' brain. The water creature screams as Dark Fire and Chaos melt together.

Chaos: What the hell are you doing?

Dark Fire: I am the one true ultimate Chaos being! Only now can I show my true power!

The two merge, meeting at Chaos' brain. For just a second Shadow can see images of Chaos and Dark Fire in the gelatinous mass. Dark Fire strikes down Chaos with a single blow to the head.

Then there's a huge universal tear as a new creautre forms. Pure corrosive acidic concentrated Chaos energy, taking the form of a black Perfect creature. This new creature opens a huge Chaos Rift, absorbing both Shadow and itself. Shadow closes his eyes and coats himself in a mix of red and blue energy as the Chaos Emeralds swirl around him.

Shadow: CHAOS.....

There's another universal tear with Shadow at its cortex as he transforms, becoming a... pure black skeleton marked with red and blue.

Shadow: FORM!

Onyx skeleton with markings of cobalt and crimson Chaos energy, formed from both positive and negative emotions...

This is Chaos Shadow!

Final Battle: Chaos Shadow versus Dark Perfection

Chaos Shadow is in an infinite black void with nothing but itself and the new creature before it; Dark Perfection. This creautre screams at him.

DP: I am the ultimate Chaos creature! You cannot hope to defeat me! Any who stand in my way will be destroyed!

CS: Sonic once called something in a wild tale an incomplete monster. Guess I found what he was talking about.

DP: You dare insult me, you pitiful little beast?

CS: How do I put this nicely? You're going straight to hell.

The two then battle it out. Chaos Shadow has all the abilities of normal Shadow, except with the addition of perfectly free flight, unlimited ability of Chaos Spears, infinite time period of Chaos Blade and Chaos Plate until you use another Chaos attack, much shorter Chaos Meter decrease, and the new ability of Chaos Light. This is a mix of the two ultimate abilities - Control and Blast -  in which Shadow slows time, and flies around at high speeds, coated in white, unleashing a white shockwave whenever he strikes something. Lasts thirty seconds and takes a full Chaos Meter to activate, completely draining it upon use. Also, Chaos Shadow is only able to utilize the special weapons of the game.

Whereas Dark Perfection is lethal. It can use any Chaos ability Shadow can (aside from Chaos Light), has Chaos versions of every weapon throughout the game, and has the ability Chaos Storm (a direct reference to Xhaos Storm), in which he opens up a Chaos Rift above him, unleashing Chaos meteors that would be an instant kill to anything but Chaos Shadow and still do fifty Rings of damage per meteor that strikes Chaos Shadow.

But eventually, Shadow manages to destroy him. As he lands, Dark Perfection screams out and parts back into the two beings; Chaos and Dark Fire. Chaos immediately grabs Dark Fire around the neck and lifts him. Chaos Shadow nears him.

Chaos: Permission to kill?

CS: {pauses, eye sockets (remember, he's a skeleton form) narrowed in not anger but thought}

Dark Fire: I will reform! I will kill you all!

Chaos: Give the command before this guy breaks my eardrums. And I don't have eardrums.

Dark Fire: I cannot be killed! Even by you!

CS: ... Denied.

Chaos & Dark Fire simultaneously: What?

CS: He has gone mad. His desire to be the ultimate Chaos user has driven him insane. Release him.

Chaos: But...

CS: Release him!

{Chaos releases in shock. Dark Fire stares at him in confusion}

CS: Run along.

Dark Fire: No! Not without my fight!

CS: You just had your fight.

Dark Fire: I mean with the water beast!

Chaos: Did you just...

CS: Let it go.

Dark Fire: No! {reaches in a punch}

{Chaos Shadow reaches in and knocks Dark Fire unconscious with three skeletal fingers in the side of the neck}

CS: And that, {turns around and prepares to use Chaos Shot}, is that. Chaos Shot!

Shadow flies into the distance, still Chaos. I'll say this once more, because it's kind of hard to get out of my head. Besides, chances are that ninety-nine-point-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine of you agree with me.

Bottom line: Shadow is awesome.

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