Shadow-Haunt is not a technique meant for attacking or defending. Rather, it's a technique that allows for near instantaneous movement from one shadowed area to another.


When someone performs this technique they enter a state of focus, slowing their perception of time in order for the user to best calculate where they want to go. When the user has reached a decision he or she merely has to take one step and the shadow magic will do the rest. Tethering them to the shadow where they have chose to go. This gives off a rather ominous feeling for those who are unaware of the user, with one stating that it feels like 'every shadow has eyes and they're all focused on me.' 

Theoretically this could be used as a way to bypass the guard of an opponent for the chance to deliver the blow that could end the fight, one could use it as a method of escape, one could use it as a method of moving around quickly and one could use it to get behind someone who is unaware of their presence.



  • One must be adept at manipulating the shadows, or umbrakinesis if one wants to get technical.
  • One must be physically fit in order to successfully use Shadow-Haunt. 
  • One must be in an area where there are shadows present, otherwise this technique will not work.
  • This technique must be taught by someone who knows how to perform it or from the notes of individuals who have mastered it.
  • It is advised that you have a lightweight weapon on you like a short sword or a dagger if you plan to use this as a method of attacking someone.

Significant Variants

  • Blackened Rush: Dark Fire variant, Developed by Exspira, gives off the sound of a hellish inferno rather than an ominous feeling.

Weak Points and Drawbacks

  • The technique slows down the users perception of time, not time itself, meaning that motion is flowing at the same speed as it always has, if the users reflexes are not fast enough then they would get hit and take the same amount of damage as normal.
  • The strain it puts on the leg muscles is enormous, which is why the user of Shadow-Haunt must be physically fit, if the user happened to be unfit then they would most likely cause irreparable damage to their leg muscles.
  • This can only be used in an area where there are shadows.
  • Repetitive use can lead to the user suffering from  the symptoms of motion sickness, dizziness, muscle cramps in the legs, muscle tearing and even death if the user has overused Shadow-Haunt.
  • If the opponent is aware that the user is in the general vicinity of him/her, he or she could shrug off the fear affect and even counter this move should they have combat experience comparable to the user of Shadow-Haunt.
  • Their is a five second recharge time before the technique can be cast again.
  • The distance one can travel using Shadow-Haunt depends on their mastery over the technique, their mastery over the shadows, their physical ability, their stamina, how much energy they have expended beforehand and how much energy they still have in reserve.


  • This technique was inspired by the 'Blink' technique from the video game 'Dishonored'.
  • The creator recommends that game along with Shadows of Mordor.
  • This technique would be considered a C rank due to it's relatively low energy cost and the lack of any real damaging effects.
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