Okay so Shadonic is this black sonic dude who decided to mess with some teenagers, who were lookin' for Time Stones, and he died but came back to life later.


He's a selfish jitch who likes to be a douche. Mmmyeah that basically sums him up.  He just does things to conquer the world and be selfish. Yep.
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Shadonic being a selfish jitch


Shadonic was born with the genetical form of Sonic with the color DNA of Shadow. So he has mainly black fur and tannish mouth, ear, arm, and belly fur. He wears Sonic gloves and Sonic shoes but in Shadow Red and Shadow White. Not much else to say.


Okay so, Skak the Dark, is a world dominating son of a gun trying to bring his father back. But Skak needed a henchman, so he created Shadonic as a combination of Sonic and Shadow using the "Recolor Process." Skak sent Shadonic out to find all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, and the Master Emerald. Shadonic was made around the time of Rushaos crash-landing on West-Side Island and stuff. Shadonic knew that the Echidna would have a Chaos Emerald. And burst down to West-Side to investigate, bursting a part of it into flames. This attracted the attention of Rushaos and the two heroes of West-Side. Rushaos kicked his bum and nearly killed him. Then Shadonic was saved by his brother and taken back to Skak.

>>Interlude, story between then and next in progress<<

Then came the time of the adventures of Ian and Floob, Ian and Floob had seven recolors trapped in a room, but Ian's jitch of an girlfriend released them, Shadonic was one of them. (btw, that girlfriend dumped Ian later on)

>>Rest of Story in progress<<

After that, the era of "SV" came along, where Ian and Floob had started a hotel but everything went down hill because of two Recolors. During that time, Shadonic was spreading chaos and stealing Time Stones on Little Planet. He created Zero to slow down Shift and MIKO, but Zero blew up because of Edge. Later, he was confronted by Rushaos, Edge, MIKO, and Shift. Shadonic made recolor versions of the four and watched the duel from above, Rushaos, Edge, and MIKO ultimately lost. Shift transformed using the Time Stones, and beat the Shadonic, RecolorRushaos, RecolorMIKO, RecolorEdge, and RecolorShift.

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