Shadon the Fusion

Shadon the Fusionthumb|300px|right is a blue and black hedgehog who is genetically an equal mix of Sonic and Shadow, created artificially in a lab. Shadon is also currently a member of the Anti-Eggman Squad V2.0.


Shadon was created as an experiment by Eggman to combine Sonic and Shadow's DNA in order to produce a super-hedgehog that could destroy both of them after his earlier attempt at doing this, named Seelkadoom, failed. Shadon proved to virtually be Seelkadoom's opposite: a nervous, shy little hedgehog with a good heart and a hatred for Eggman. Shadon ran away to Casino City where he had to live in filthy conditions for three years until the Anti-Eggman Squad V2.0 found and recruited him.

Abilities and Personality

Shadon is rather shy and nervous most of the time, but he has a warm heart and many times is sensible where his teammates are not. He usually acts as a scout due to his ability to teleport, similar to Shadow. He can also run extremely fast, though not as fast as Sonic. He looks almost exactly like Shadow except for his gloves, shoes, chest, and blue marks as opposed to Shadow's red marks. Shadon has psychic lapses from time to time involving swapping bodies with Sonic and Shadow. More about this can be read on the Sonic and Shadow pages under the "Anti-Eggman Squad Universe" section.

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