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This is an article about Shade the hedgehog (Colemac45), a character created by Colemac45 on 07/26/2014.


Replicated from Shadow the Hedgehog, Shade is classified to be an android of Shadow, and as such resembles him through similar form: rising quills, his face, chest hair, and attire. However, Shade has minor differences compared to the authentic Shadow, such as lighter fur and gold-colored streaks on his quills, which flow slightly differently as well. Unlike the majority of Shadow androids, the inside of his metal covering consists of biological attributes, such as blood. He also has a layer of artificial skin with fur covering the metal.


Shade, as a robotic hybrid, was programmed to sustain Shadow the Hedgehog's original personality permanently. However, once Shade realized that he was just a copy of someone else, he tried to transform his thoughts away from his bodywork, showing himself with a calmer, caring mood toward others. As many do, Shade tends to become angered when he watches innocent people being oppressed to harm. By other triggers, he does not like being trifled with, either.


Shade began with his creation - the replication of Shadow the Hedgehog to maintain his image. For the first few months of his life, Shade believed that he was the true Shadow, like all other androids in his situation. Once, he was sent to stir up some trouble between Shadow and Sonic, narrowly surviving in the end. However, he benefited from his experience, examining the damage that was inflicted on him from both hedgehogs. From there, he came to know that he was indeed an android, not the real Shadow as he thought, and escaped Dr. Eggman's control. Because of the dangers of his background, he gave himself a new alias -Shade - and wanders the world to the present in attempt to become his own person and conclude his past.


Being one of the later models designed for Shadow Android production, Shade was programmed with the ability to manipulate Chaos Energy as much as the authentic Shadow. To a lesser degree, Shade can also mimic many of Shadow's learned skills and powers. Shade created a Chaos power himself that he calls "Chaos Comet", with which he uses to charge enemies at extreme speed.

Special Abilities

When Shade was created by Dr. Eggman, the doctor made sure that his new model would have the ability to gain strength through extensive training, obtained through contact with biological hedgehogs and observation. The only difference in Shade's abilities compared to the other beings is speed, for he is much slower, and the development of moves learned from the hedgehogs are not updated to reality. Due to his AI mindset, Shade has the ability to formulate tactics faster than other androids, and is able to notice details that others tend to miss. For special abilities, Shade also has the power to manipulate negative chaos energy as well as positive.


Much of Shade's battle skills were gained though experience, and this marks him as a decent fighter. He discovered how to repair his own damaged body after a strenuous fight, but was not very effective at doing so alone. Severe injuries cost him his independence, for he would need help to be repaired. Against Sonic or Shadow, he is matchlessly weaker.


Shade's programming will occasionally malfunction, causing him to become vulnerable for a short period of time. He is more susceptible to this issue while damaged.

A weak point is the middle of his forehead, as hitting him there causes moderate damage to his CPU.

Another weak point are places where insufficient repairs to his upper left arm remain; if damaged there, the arm could become disabled until further repairs are made.

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