Shade the Hedgehog 

"This world is a beautiful place, it's amazing that if you stop and take the time to appreciate it, it can change anyone's mood, don't you think?"  Shade the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past

Shade the hedgehog is a fictional character based off of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic black and red hedgehog. Shade was created as the protector by Gerald Robotnik , using the chaos energy from the Chaos Emerald, and is the final results of Project Shade. Her purpose was to protect Gerald's granddaughter Maria Robotnik for any harm that came to her from Gerald Robotnik's work brought to her, and to provide ways of developing cures for deadly illnesses that had no cures. Namely for Maria, but Maria sent her down to earth fearing harm would come to Shade throughout her mission and would never get the chance to see the world because it was her wish to visits earth with Maria.

Sixty years later, Shade was released by Dr. Eggman to help him take down Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all and conquer the world. Shade, struck by the thought of Maria's death from the military from what the Dr. told her, she managed to escape. Running into Amy who introduced her to Sonic the Hedgehog and everyone else, they helped her regain her memories of why Maria left her down here. After many attempts to capture Shade back and release the darkness with in her to help conquer the world and destroy Sonic, Dr. Eggman was able to release her darkness by harming her new friends. But after Shadow the Hedgehog helped her regain her full memories of Maria and what happen on ARK sixty years ago, Shade was able to defeat the darkness within her, destroying her Dark form for good by turning Super Shade. Known for her heart of gold, love for freedom and adventure, Shade uses her abilities to continue her mission to protect humanity by becoming a special agent of G.U.N.

Shade is a sharp-witted, always on the edge and has a strong sense of purpose willing to accomplish her goals by any means necessary.  Essentially a girl version of Shadow, Shade can match him in both speed and skill, and possesses the ability to use Chaos Control with the Chaos Emerald. While preferring to seek out her missions alone, she will help Sonic and friends when necessary. 

Concept and Creation

Wanting to go back to a more darker story like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) had, I needed a example of a darker more serious story. Creating Shade and her story to create the light verse dark theme, and how light will always over come the dark, because no matter what no one is ever alone, even if you lose something dear to you.

Connecting everything to the incident on the ARK, making Shade and Shadow having crossed paths on board, Shade being created first, then being parted to Earth by Maria, like Shadow, but months before the actual incident. Shade waking up sixty years later to find out Maria is dead and creating the plot to the dark theme.

When beginning to design the character, Shade went through many phase and at first was just a girl copy of Shadow, since she was created by Gerald Robotnik. Finally sticking to one design finishing up, Shade became more of a Hedgehog version of Maria with the enigma of Rouge along with the sass and smarts of her as well, colors and tragic story of Shadow, love of adventure and thrill seaker like Sonic, weapon choice and power when it came to the weapon similar to Amy, machine savvy like Tails, well-mannered and polite from Cream, the sense of justice to right wrong of the past and uphold peace like Silver, ability to conjure flames like Blaze as well as preferring to doing things by herself and not relying on others for help, and stubbornness of Knuckles. She is a mix of all to help show that through out the story, with Maria gone, she isn't alone, that she's not the only one that has gone through something like this, and she doesn't have to face it alone.


Shade is a black hedgehog with red stripes on her frontal bangs, and on the back of her two shortest quills. She has red eyes and a tanned stomach, along with a tanned muzzle. She has six quills in total, the two on the front of her head, being her bangs, two longer ones brushed down on the outer sides of her head, and two shorter ones brushed down on the inside of the two longer ones, along with a small tail.

Shade wear white finger-less gloves with red and black cuffs with a ring around them. She also wears two light-weight, hyper friction resistant black sneakers with a purple strip down the middle of them, along with red outsole, and just like her gloves, she has red and black cuffs with a ring around them.


Early life

Sixty years ago before the events in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, leading scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik was to create "The Ultimate Lifeform" a being of immortality that would be used to benefit the nation, likely to be used in a militaristic fashion. Gerald had plans for two projects, one being female, the other male, one being the prototype, and the other being the finished version of the Ultimate Lifeform, after the first project was deemed too dangerous and flawed (the Biolizard). Gerald knew of the Chaos Emeralds realizing that power of the Chaos Emeralds had healing capabilities and was a source of infinite power that gave immortality to whom possessed all seven, creating a miracle, the professor used that miracle to give life to Project Shade, putting the pure Chaos Energy into her, after creating her from other materials and DNA. The Chaos Energy within Shade gave her healing capabilities and immortality which the professor wanted to use to help save his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, whom was suffering from the incurable disease, Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Maria only thus had a short time to live and Gerald was willing to do whatever to save her life. Hiding Project Shade, making her the prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform, from the government so she could keep Maria safe till he finished the actual "Ultimate Lifeform", so no harm would come to her through his work, or her sickness. Although having access to resources at his disposal for creating project Shadow, the professor was unable to make significant progress. Leaving him to go to extends no one would go to bring The Ultimate Lifeform to life. (Thus Gerald went to the stars for help, finding Black Doom and Shadow the Hedgehog was born 1 years after.)  

Years before The actual Ultimate Lifeform was created, Maria and Shade grew close within the short time they were together, making Shade come to care and have a sisterly love for Maria. Maria and Shade would often talk about visiting Earth together, though Maria grew worrisome that Shade wouldn't get to fulfill her wish being "trapped" there because of her.

After Shadow the Hedgehog was created and the Biolizard, to help hide Shade's existent from the other people aboard the ARK at the time so Gerald wouldn't get in trouble, Shadow, and Shade grew close as well, both watching over Maria on the ARK, though, Shadow free to leave as he pleases, Shade had to remain hidden in part of the ARK no one knew about or went. It's where all three of them spent their short time together.

Maria's illness would get bad the Shade would use her energy to heal her, but the Chaos Energy couldn't remove the sickness from her completely, just stop the pain it caused and make it leave Maria be for another month or so till it came back, but each day Maria would see Shade staring at the Earth, and knew what she had to do to return the favor of helping her all those times. Maria lead Shade to the center of the ARK where she trapped Shade inside a containment unit, but Maria's timing wasn't perfect. As she did this, her illness started to bother her more and soon drove Maria into a coughing fit, making her hit a button, which started Shade's containment unit to count down before it set off on it's course to Earth and set off alarms across the ARK. Shade horrified watching her close friend die in front of her, Shade started to scream at the sight trying to break the glass that was fogging up, trying to get to Maria who was now on the floor coughing up blood. Light emerged from Shade's containment unit as Shade scream once again, sending light all the way to Maria, healing her as her eyes shot open and was able to sit up slowly, from lying on the floor. The door to the room burst open as Shadow raced in to aid Maria and help her to her feet, Looking over as the unit Shade was in, shooting her down to Earth. Shadow left Maria to run towards Shade as the capsule launched down to Earth. Military troops rushed in to see what was happening up on the ARK, as well as Gerald, finding Maria shakily standing and Shadow looking down towards the Earth..

Guards keeping a close eye on the professor after this incident the professor had to keep a low profile. Knowing what had become of Shade, the professor took a quiet trip to earth finding Shade and keeping her encapsulated and asleep, building a base around her where she fell in a mound of dirt, putting all traces of her data with her, leaving her be there for the rest of her life, till it was time to wake her up, once again.

Then the incident occurred aboard the ARK months later and no one that knew of Shade was able to release her ever again, Gerald and Maria being dead and Shadow not remembering anything about her at all, or even her whereabouts to know to wake her up being encapsulated for 50 years on Prison Island, which in time, damaged his memory as well.

Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past

After being found and released by Dr. Eggman, who was wandering about the forest picking up important pieces from his robot army that Sonic destroyed during a previous battle that day, Eggman figured he could use this as an advantage and try to get Shade on his side, just like Shadow. Telling Shade, who's memory was not intact and missing of to why she was down here, why Maria sent her away, and as to how to get back because Maria needs her, unaware of the incident that took place a month after she was sent down to earth. Eggman told Shade about what happened on the ARK fifty years ago, with missing details to help get Shade on his side, things not going his way. Shade left Eggman behind running to find a way to get back home for she didn't belong on the earth, not without Maria.  Eggman found out that Shade has a darkness being the real prototype for the ultimate life form containing pure Chaos Energy which they have a dark side to (Just like Dark Sonic but since she's pure Chaos Energy, it's more stronger), Dr. Eggman thought out to seek Shade and release it from her to help conquer the world and destroy Sonic.

Meanwhile, while Shade was running admits the forest of earth she happened to cross paths with Amy Rose who introduced her to Sonic the Hedgehog and friends. Crossing paths with Shadow once again due to Amy's idea of going to find Shadow because of how similar issue's they had, and how they both new Maria, not aware of each other at first, but memories began to slowly resurface after time spent with one another. Helping her to regain her memories and forgotten attacks, Shade became fond of them, and they all grew a new friendship, Shade and Shadow being closer than them all, due to them knowing each other before hand, with memory pieces missing here and there, both reminding each other of Maria.

Eggman manged to release Shade's Dark Form by harming her new friends, Shade then became trapped within an alternate dimension as her Dark Form became it's own person with a consciousness and a body of it's own, leaving the real Shade trapped inside the dimension. Shade's Dark Form turned against everyone even Eggman, ready to take away his life, like he took hers, but something inside Dark Shade was trying to speak. Memories of Maria was trying to break through, with Shadow voice being the one to get through to her and helped regain the last of her memories of Maria, as to why she was sent down to earth. Shade inside the alternate dimension was able to break free by transforming into her Super Form, and calling forth Dark Shade to her using Chaos Control. Super Shade was able to transform Dark Shade back to normal after their fight. Outside Shade's mind where everyone lay, the Chaos Emeralds transformed into Super Emeralds, as the two Shade's inside the alternate dimension became one, transforming Super Shade to Hyper Shade.

With the new power she now possessed, Hyper Shade was able to Chaos Control out of the dimension and back to everyone who lay on the ground, dead, from the battle with Eggman's machines that overpowered from the energy of the Chaos Emeralds. Hyper Shade was able to bring them back to life using her new found power "Chaos Heal" healing everyone of their injuries. Sonic and Shadow still remained on the ground off to the side, and as Hyper Shade tried to bring them back, it didn't work. Attempt after attempt, Hyper Shade gathered all the light energy from all around and removed her inhibitor rings, which enabled her to use all her power with out getting exhausted. The Super Emeralds gathered around Sonic and Shadow, lifting them off the ground circling around them, as Hype Shade rose into the air with them, huge amount of light ran across the ground running up to Hyper Shade, who's hands were straight out in front of her with one on Shadow, the other on Sonic. The Super Emeralds shone brighter and brighter with light, till everything was nothing but white. Becoming one with the Super Emeralds Hyper Shade shouted out "Chaos Heal" once more.

Slowly getting up from the ground Sonic and Shadow awoke body aching in pain as Hyper Shade helped them to their feet. Putting back on her rings Shade then fainted, transforming back to her Normal self, Shadow being the one to catch her as she fell. All going their own way after taking care of Eggman who awakened from fainting when Dark Shade was about to take his life, Shadow left with Shade who remained asleep until they stopped off to lie her down somewhere. Shade awoke to tell Shadow all she remembered of him, Maria, and the ARK. Shade placing a hand on his face to transfer the memories between them so he could remember as well. A tear rolled down both of their faces as they realized they both were home, together, were they belonged. A faded figure in a blue dress off in the distant smiled at the sight of them being together on earth, what they always wanted, finally came true.


Shade is a very calm, serious, observant hedgehog and often contains her true feelings. If Shade is quiet she is analyzing her surroundings, including people, this way she finds out who they are when they think no one's watching, what they really think, or knows her surroundings better if drastic measures occur. She is very soft-spoken, silent and will only say what needs to be said in the time being. Shade is always honest with her opinions and often blunt about it, if something she thinks or knows is wrong, she will not hesitate to tell you so, and will not sugar-coat it either, especially dealing with annoyances, throwing in her opinion no matter how cold-hearted it might be, and not caring for whatever the response is. She has a tendency of judging other before getting to know them, making her seem arrogant and somewhat overconfident.

Shade is very much capable of handling herself, and when others try to reach out and help, she often turns them down, or hesitates, because she feels they think she can't do it on her own. This lead her to building up walls and lead her to be self-reliant and anti social, always question who she can trust when her memories of Maria was that Maria betrayed her and sent her away thinking she didn't need her at all. Sonic shows her that none of them are there to do that, but there to lend a hand for a friend in need, and that she doesn't have to do everything on her own anymore. After warming up to them, Shade developed much more socially, making her more amiable, friendly and gentle towards others. She also came to understand the true meaning of friendship, making her willing to trust and accept help from others. While she still prefers handling things on her own and remains reclusive, while she still accepts her friends' help and is genuine grateful for their aid.

Shade likes to be alone with her thoughts, she finds most answers when she's alone in the dark of night because the night reminds her of being up on the ARK staring out the window into the endless void of space. She doesn't like to be around a lot of people or enclosed areas, reminding her of being contained in the capsule she was in. Often having nightmares of being back in there Shade finds herself feeling like she has mental instability and often leads to panic attacks due to her post-traumatic flashbacks of Maria dying and how it's her fault, until Shadow or a memory of Maria is the one to bring her back, reassuring her she doesn't have to be alone anymore.

Shade tends to brush off any kindness or sympathy shown towards her thinking harm will come to those she cares about if she gets to close, how the past will repeat itself if she is not careful, this leading her to turn down any kindness shown towards her. This becomes less of a problem for her, after Amy and Sonic help her understand that no matter the danger, they will always be there to help.

Once Shade has a goal, by all means she will carry it out till pursued, often found stubborn once her mission has started if she is not able to finish it or something lies in the way of her goal. She will always try to find both sides of the story before choosing sides, and if both sides do not benefit her, her goal, or seem logical, she will go against both sides and carry out her mission without them.

Shade has a love for adventure and is often found exploring parts of the world no one has be to yet. Shade's love of the forest, water and the feel of falling often leads her to high waterfalls in the middle of a forest covered area. Shade's love of water has slowly helped Sonic feel more comfortable with water, returning favours, and helping him like he did her. Shade often loves to free fall off of tall buildings or mountains, giving her the rush she enjoys so much. She find serenity and can see the world from a whole different view point this way, seeing the word has given Shade more peace with herself knowing Maria is always with her, and that they are down there together, with Maria in her heart.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Shade is capable of easily matching Shadow abilities in terms of both speed and power, as well as Amy in terms of acrobatics, and weaponry power, and since Shade's weapon is a sword, she is much faster than Amy in terms of attacking. However Shade cannot compare to someone like Knuckles. She has superhuman strength; with little effort, can turn over large objects many times her weight and size, such as larger vehicles, and large slabs of concrete. Like other characters in the series, Shade can also move at super speeds, an innate talent that members of the hedgehog species possess, and can evenly match even Sonic's speed, who can run at hypersonic speeds. Though Shade can manage to keep up with Sonic, Sonic remains the faster out of the two.

Shade is extremely acrobatic, agile and an experienced athlete, capable of gracefully leaping over any obstacles that comes in her way and performing various forms of nimble movements. She has as well radical reaction time to match her movements, being able to react to danger within a split second.

Shade has incredible resilience to damage, being able to survive otherwise fatal situations even by the standards of superhuman creatures, making her nearly indestructible. She is completely bullet proof and can take a lot of major punishment in battle before she starts to wear down. Only when she uses almost all of the Chaos Energy in her, will she begin to feel anything, and only that can happen if she goes to her Hyper Form and uses most of her power to heal others; like in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past when she was trying to save both Sonic and Shadow. Once the Chaos Energy is regenerated in her body. As long as the Chaos Emeralds have power, so will she.

Being the end-product of Project Shade, Shade is immortal and does not physically age and presumably immune to disease, because of the pure Chaos Energy she is made out of.

Chaos Powers

Shade is naturally able to tap into the arcane powers of any Chaos Energy, she doesn't need the Chaos Emeralds to utilize their chaos energy because she is her own emerald. To empower herself she can use a wide variety of Chaos Powers, all of which she doesn't need to use the Chaos Emeralds, but she choose to use the one she has so she doesn't use up her own energy. Shade can specifically harness both positive and negative chaos energy, depending on her state of mind. Her Chaos Powers are so intense that if she removes her inhibitor rings, she releases tremendous amounts of energy. In this state, Shade becomes a dynamo of raw power, increasing her abilities so drastically that she can overpower Dark Shade in her state of Pure Dark Chaos Energy.

Shade's trademark Chaos Power is Chaos Heal, and is the only users of this power. No other character has the Chaos Energy to be able to harness this. With Chaos Heal, Shade can bring the dead back to life, but their consciousness.. their "Aura" must still be inside their soul. If one does not have this, than sadly the Chaos Energy can not call forth the Aura to awaken itself. The more Chaos Emeralds Shade possesses, the more likely Chaos Heal will work, and the faster the healing process will happen.

Shade can also produce a perfect Chaos Control, learning from Shadow, and not needing a Chaos Emerald to do so, being made of nothing but pure Chaos Energy, but with the more Chaos Emeralds she has, the stronger the power is. With Chaos Control, she can manipulate space and time to slow down time, warp across space, and can also use it delicately enough to distort space in small centralized areas, such as around her fists or in midair. Additionally, she can mold Chaos Control into a variety of offensive and defensive moves and even use it to heal herself.

Combat Skills

In combat Shade is very lethal and has a extremely powerful force that very few can defeat. Shade doesn't hold back her immense strength making her a brutal fighter with a distinct killer instinct. Shade's skills are more than a match for even the strongest in the series, matching Shadow both being created this way.

Fighting Style

Shade's fighting style forms mostly around her using her sword and her training herself in hand-to-hand combat aboard the ARK when Maria was away with the other people aboard the ARK. Shade often spent her time combining her acrobatics into her fighting style, including stances. Other times after Shadow was created, they often trained against one another to improve both of their skills. Shade's flexibility allows her to extends her legs to do higher kicks, combine that with her speed and enhanced balance, she is able to deal many powerful kicks or punches to many opponents at once. Shade also inhabits her use of her Night Shade or Dark Fire to sneak around in the Dark and damage her enemies in the pitch black or a lite them with a Black flame doing enormously large amounts of damage. Shade as well uses Chaos Control in her combat to appear suddenly in front or behind her opponents to do large amounts of damage, and with Chaos Control she can increase the damage done to them when striking them, often resulting in significant forces being released and blowing the opponent certain distance away.

Techniques and Moves

Shade has a wide range of techniques and moves, raging from using her sword, to the basic Spin Dash maneuvers.

Most of Shade's techniques are revolved around her sword. Shade has combined that of which her normal fighting into her swordsmanship. Being able to use Triple Jump, Shade's last part of the jump is her unleashing huge amounts of energy creating a combo of upward slashes into the air as Shade goes up on her last Jump. Her Jump Attack lets her swing her sword in midair to attack enemies airborne with the increased attack range. Shade can use her Sword Jump and Triple Jump techniques launch herself higher into the air by running and using her sword like a pole vault, then finishing off with her Triple Jump to go farther, and higher into the air. Shade can save herself from falling off a ledge by shoving her sword into the side of the wall and swing on the handle to launch herself back onto the ground.

Some of Shade's more Special moves include her Twister Slash, where she spins forward at high speeds causing near enemies to get sucked into her blade, then spitting them out, launching them far away, and her two powers with out her sword, Dark Fire and Night Shade. Dark Fire is nothing but a black fire ball that Shade can form in her hand and either send a stream of black fire at her opponent, individuals or multiple blasts of black fire. Night Shade blacks out everything around her from about 20 ft away, changing her eyes to pitch black enabling her to see in the darkness, she has to control how long it last, but has to concentrate when using it. if she loses focus then everything will go back to normal. The Homing Attack allows Shade to jump and home in on an enemy slashing them with her sword one by one to get over large gaps she cannot normally reach. The Spin Jump lets her curl into a ball to attack opponents by landing on them, and the Spin Dash lets her shoot herself forward as an acceleration roll at high speeds to break the barriers or mow down enemies.

Shade can use most of the Chaos Power Attacks Shadow can use, but doesn't choose to, other than using Chaos Control. Shade attempts to stay away in using the Chaos Energy she has or using the energy from the Chaos Emeralds, but similar to Shadow's "Chaos Blast" Shade has her own Chaos Blaze. Like Shadow's Chaos Blast, Shade's explosion not only releases a powerful shockwave of Chaos Energy, but an explosion of black fire as well mixed with it. Alternatively, she can focus it into a beam for more concentrated damage.

Miscellaneous Skills

Shade is also an expert Extreme Gear rider. When riding Extreme Gear, Shade is skill enough to ride of rails, execute complex tricks while in midair, and even perform her Swordsmanship, produce her Chaos Energy, and combat moves with ease. Also Shade has some knowledge about machinery, watching Gerald Robotnik tinker with objects and learning from him part and pieces of machinery.

Shade being big on using her sword, she has demonstrated proficient skills in swordsmanship.


Shade's trademark weapon is her sword which was also created by Professor Gerald Robotnik for Shade, dealing massive damage with no excessive efforts that she is able to call it out from nowhere at will. It is such a deadly weapon that even powerful figures such as Shadow knows nothing good comes from it when she pulls it out.

Though simple in function, Shade is highly adapt at wielding her sword and can use it with incredible proficiency. She mainly uses it as a melee weapon in combat, but can also use it for executing better movement, perform long-ranged attacks, and even mimic the variants of the Spin Attack


Super Shade

By harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Shade can enter a Super State, transforming her into Super Shade. In this state, all of Shade's abilities far surpasses her normal ones, and her Chaos Powers are increased. She is as well able to fly and is nearly invulnerable. Initially, Shade couldn't control this power, not being use to this new level of power, but quick stabled out and has since, mastered it.

Hyper Shade

By using the power of the seven Super Emeralds, Shade can achieve an extended and more powerful form of Super Shade, called Hyper Shade. This form basically shares the same abilities and traits as Super Shade, except they are all more powerful and upgraded, unleashing her full power.

Dark Shade

Like all, the is a darkness to everything. If Shade gets angry or sad enough, she becomes blinded by hatred that the Chaos Energy in her and the seven Chaos Emeralds uses it's negative power transforming her into Dark Shade. Like Super Shade, her abilities far surpass her normal ones, and all her powers have increased tremendously. Dark Shade has been able to create it own consciousness becoming it's own person, creating two Shade's to exist, one good, one bad, light and dark. But in the events of Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, Shade was able to seal Dark Shade within her once again where it lay dormant. Shade is still learning to keep it contained without it going mad and creating its own self once again.


While not having any physical weaknesses, Shade was initially a somewhat easy target for manipulation, during the time she had amnesia due to being asleep for sixty years and unaware of how she got down to earth. Dr. Eggman could easily fool her into thinking her was her master due to him being Gerald Robotnik's, her creator's, grandson, with telling lies about her past and what happened on the ARK to win her over, along with Shade not being able to go against anything Gerald would do, so Dr Eggman being his grandson, she must obey. Shade is now not as easily deceived as he was before.


Gerald Robotnik

Shade was created by the world renowned scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik using pure Chaos Energy along with other materials and DNA. She was essentially supposed to be the Ultimate Lifeform along with Project Shadow, but having created both at the same time and running into problems on Shadow's end after using most materials for her, Gerald had finished Project Shade is secret, knowing her energy could be used to keep his granddaughter safe and alive from her illness she had. Finishing Project Shadow in public, Shade was often left with Maria to watch over her in parts of the ARK no one knew about nor went. The professor coming in to check on Shade's levels of energy seeing if they remain stable, smiling at how proud he is of how perfect she turned out, never referring to her as his creation or project but his daughter and family, his light of hope and energy. After being sent down to earth by Maria, the professor had to keep a low profile because G.U.N. , was now keeping a close eye on the professor, still unaware of what was sent down to earth. Gerald went down to earth where he found Shade in hyper-sleep inside the containment unit, and built a small hidden base around where she fell putting all data of her with her so no one would know of her till the time came to awaken her. Learning of what had come to happen, Shade continued to keep her promise to him by being the light of hope she was to him, and fought to stop the bad that Gerald had created after going insane from Maria's death.

Maria Robotnik

Professor Gerald Robotnik's granddaughter, Maria Robotnik is the only person Shade felt where she belonged with. She was her happiest when she was with Maria, even when Shadow was awake or Gerald came in, Shade cared for Maria and protected her like family, Maria was Shade's little sister that she would protect at all cost and wouldn't let any harm come to her. Maria, Shadow and Shade all shared they same dream; to visit Earth, but Maria feared Shade would never get to witness visiting earth because she thought that Shade was trapped up there because of her. Tricking Shade into a capsule, Maria was set to send Shade down to earth, but Maria's illness took a toll for the worst and sent her into a deathly coughing fit, making her cough up blood, and accidentally hitting the button to put whatever was in the containment to hyper-sleep. Shade horrified at Maria dying, screamed as a blast of light shone the capsule, through the room, all the way to where Maria lay, healing her and returning her to life. The capsule Shade was in the shot down on it's course to earth where she remained dormant for the last sixty years not knowing what has become of Maria and the ARK. Shade now continues on protecting the world, creating peace like both Maria and Gerald had wanted in hopes of meeting again one day.

Doctor Eggman

Shade's approach to Eggman is quite similar to Shadow's. Shade sees Eggman as the super-genius he has proven to be, rather than the megalomaniac that Sonic and the others see him as. This can be backed up by how she refers to him by his title, "the Doctor", as opposed to his alias of "Eggman". Eggman has shown similar respect by referring to Shade's powers as "brilliant", and by how he sometimes applauds Shade and her power. This is seen in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, where Eggman remarks, "Marvelous Job, my dear." Even though with the events in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, how Eggman used Shade for nothing but her power, Shade has grown from being manipulated so easily, so trusting little what Eggman says, but still acknowledges his genius, and Eggman still showing respect for her and her powers.

Even though there is shown respect, Eggman and Shade also show a dislike for one another. This can be backed up if Shade's goal of mission is opposite to Eggman's, Shade will by all means not let him stand in her way, not matter the costs, and vise versa. Even though they have respect for each other over time, they still do not regard each other as anything more than an acquaintance.

Dark Shade

Dark Shade is Shade's alter-ego of Super Shade, made up with nothing but negative Chaos Energy, Dark Shade is everything Shade is afraid of becoming. Dark Shade can become its own person, creating its own form, consciousness, soul, aura, and mind, making her one of Shade's deadliest enemies. Dark Shade for most of her life, remained dormant with in Shade, until Eggman told her about Maria's death with missing details to get Shade on his side, however not knowing, this stirred the negative Chaos Energy within Shade. Through the events in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, Eggman's main goal was to awaken the darkness with in her, and succeed by destroying what she cared about. Filled with anger, loss, sadness, and despair, Dark Shade was born with everything of it's own, sealing Shade into an alternate dimension where she stay consumed by all the thoughts that were put into her mind. Breaking free from the thoughts with the help of the memory of Shadow and Maria, Shade was able to transform into Super Shade bringing Dark Shade to the dimension where she remain and defeated her in a deathly battle. Putting Dark Shade back to sleep within her where she remains forever more.


Only knowing of Gerald and Maria, Shade never did have any connections to any other human, though she promised both that she would carry out their wish and be their light of hope and energy. After being awakened by Eggman and escaping him, she began to wonder if all of humanity was like Eggman, and how she has no problem going against them all if it meant getting back to Maria safely. After realizing what humanity had done to Maria and Gerald, Shade had no consideration to go through with helping them upon realizing Maria and Gerald's wish once again. Shade now continues on to cleanse the earth of Gerald's mistakes and heed out their wish of protecting them, teaming up with Shadow, and Rouge, by joining G.U.N.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shade has a very close relationship with Shadow ever since the ARK, to after the events in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past. When Maria was away, Shadow and Shade would often find themselves opening up to one another like it was nothing, and now down on earth, they continue to do so, because they both remind each other of Maria, and the ARK, their home, but now at peace because on earth, they are home.

Shadow is never the one for getting close to anyone and doesn't consider many by the title "friend" and has only done so with Omega, but does show caring for others, like Rouge, or even Metal Sonic after the events of Sonic Heroes and in the events of Sonic Rivals 2 only.

At first after being released, Shade forgot Shadow completely and Shadow forgot her as well for all data on her wasn't on the ARK but with Shade, and no one that knew of Shade was alive to help Shadow remember her, let alone find her. After crossing paths once again, Shade's first thoughts of Shadow was nothing more than another person that stood in her path of returning to Maria. That changed once Shadow told her his story, and she could she the pain in his eyes from remembering what had happened, realizing that Maria and Gerald, were truly gone. Shade then had a new respect for him seeing how strong he was, and how the death of them has helped him grow. Shadow began to get visions of Shade, and wondered why she was so familiar, but nothing seemed to fall into place. When Shade was containing with her thoughts, it was the memory of Shadow that helped her remember Maria's wish and why she sent her down to earth. After using her forgotten power "Chaos Heal" bringing everyone back to life, using most of her energy, Shade fainted, Shadow being the one to catch her. Resting in his arms, the sound of his heartbeat released the memories of him to her, and Shade remember how she knew him. After waking up she used her regained energy to transfer the memories to him, so he could remember everything about her from the ARK.

It was Shadow's idea that she'd join G.U.N to help carry out their wish like him, so trusting his words, Shade joined G.U.N. and since then, she's been known as "their light of hope for the world".

Rouge the Bat

Shade has a close companionship with Rouge, they both enjoys each others company, though Shade prefers to get her goals done on her own, Shade will willingly assist Rouge if needed. The two at the beginning were nothing but acquaintances when introduced, but with time as Shade and Shadow grew closer, Shade grew closer to the other team mates of Team Dark. Shade admires Rouge's ability to get whatever she wants, and considers her as a trusted friend, even though Shade found it hard to consider many people her friends after thinking Maria didn't want her anymore. Shade wouldn't open up to Rouge and Omega like "best friends" would do nor accompanying them  as casual company due to her independent and distant nature, unlike how Sonic interacts with his companions, but she values their existence that she would protect them without thought, and Rouge is one of her closest people for Shade to interact with, (excluding Gerald and Maria who are dead).

Amy Rose

Shade considers Amy as one of her close friends. She finds a lot of similarities to Maria within her, and is one of the reasons why Shade trusted Amy's words when they first meet in Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past. She finds her stubbornness of not giving up on Sonic, and with holding a positive, optimistic attitude towards everything, heart-warming, exactly like Maria. Amy was the first person that Shade ever considers a friend, reminding her so much of Maria, Shade didn't want to let her go, knowing she would be important in her life, and through out Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, Shade was right, and cared for Amy, like she cared for Maria. Amy even stated that Shade was like a sister she never had, exact words Maria used towards her.

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Theme Songs 

Solo Themes 

- In Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, Shade the Hedgehog's theme song is Magenta by Nano

Shared Themes 

- In Shadow the Hedgehog 2: A Forgotten Past, Shade shares Who. Am. I by Bentley Jones the ending credits with Shadow the Hedgehog.

- Dreams of an Absolution can possibly be shared with Shade.

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