This is an article about Shade the Silhouette (Xeno 117), a character created by Xeno 117 on 10/30/2013.

ATTENTION: This is NEW Version of a Character i made dureing my Days as an ANON.


Shade is a Shape Shifter so she can have anyone's Appearance but her Faviroute and most used is Rouge the Bat's. But she has her own Traits added onto it. Her Fur is still White, like Rouge's, but her Skin is a Light Gray and her Eyes are Purple. Her Eye Shadow is Dark Blue aswell. She has changed Rouge's Attire aswell. The White is now Black like the Main Body Piece and all the Pink Parts are Dark Blue. Her Wings are more Detailed aswell. They Resemble Rouge's Wings in SA2 unlike how Rouge's Wings are more Plain in more recent Games and Comics and Shows.


Shade has a very Complex Personality. She Enjoys causeing Chaos and Destruction, killing others and Seduceing Sonic and haveing her Wicked Way with him. Which she doe's ALOT. She's Ruthless and Calculateing, willing to Destroy all who Appose her, though she'll NEVER Harm Sonic. She has a Hunger for Power aswell.


Shade was first encountered when a Scepter that Team Dark had recovered broke and she was set free. She took control of Rouge for a short Time but then escaped. She started to cause Trouble that both Team Dark and Sonic intervened with. They stopped her but she had developed a Desire for Sonic and escaped. She would constantly return Time and Time again to Seduce Sonic and turn him Evil. Nearly every Time it was Team Dark that Foiled her Plans. Though she has a Glimmer of Good in her and once nearly Died to Protect the Earth for Sonic. Though she soon Returned and was up to her Old Tricks again.


  • Shape-Shifting.
  • Blood Magic.
  • Super Speed.
  • Flight.

Special Abilities

  • Release of Pheromones that can Hypnotise others.
  • Night Vision.
  • Ability to Copy other's Powers and Attributes.
  • Super Regenerative Power.
  • Ability to Bond and take Control of another.


  • Homeing Attack. (Taught to her by Sonic)
  • Spin Dash. (Taught to her by Sonic)
  • Chaos Spear. (Copied from Shadow)
  • Chaos Blast. (Copied from Shadow)
  • Chaos Control. (Copied from Shadow)
  • Beast Form. (Copied from Lyc)
  • Flight. (Copied from Rouge)


Shade has a Weakness to Fire and the Sun. While the Sun only Weakens her, Fire is very Harmful to her. She also has a Slight Weakness to Silver due to it's Mystical Properties.

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