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This is an article about Shade the Silhouete., a character created by on 06/1/2013.


The Appearance of Shade is very similear to her first host, Rouge the Bat. Only her eyes are a dark blue colour and her skin is a gray instead of Rouge's tan colour. It should be noted that Shades hair is more pointed then Rouges at the back of her head. Rouge's white fur is present on Shade. As for her attire ( Which is a copy of Rouge's gloves, boots and jump-suit. ) the colours are black, purple and dark blue. ( The dark blue replaceing the pink, the purple replaceing the white and the black remaining untouched. ) Interestingly the attire comes of her. ( Evidenced as when she and Dark Sonic where in the 'Act', this means she must be able to replicate clotheing aswell as body mass. ) Note: Shade is essentialy a recolour of Rouge the Bat.  


Shade's personality is of that of a evil villain. She has also been shown to be very flirtatious even with heroes! She was that suductive with Sonic she was able to turn him into a cold hearted villian like herself. She flirted with Shadow when he was her prisoner but always turns her full charms to Sonic, who she bedded multiple times. She was that infatuated with bedding the blue speedster she made a deal with Team Dark that she would bring Lyc the Wolf ( Who she recently killed. ) back to life if Sonic came with her. Sonic agreed to the terms and Lyc lived once more. The only goals she has shown so far have been world dominaton, blocking out the sun, feeding her vampiric urges, causeing chaos and destruction and haveing her way with Sonic... Constantly. She is cold and ruthless and willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. Apart from Sonic who is the only one she has ever showed affections too.


The first encounter anybody had with Shade was during a weekend retreat at an old Manor called 'Night-view house' at which Team Dark ( Shadow, Rouge, Omega and Lyc.) along with Sonic were staying. Where she bonded with Rouge when she was asleep during the first night. She then masqueraided as a vampiric Rouge for the next day and night until after a confuntrationel and emotionel speech by Shadow which caused Rouge to be able to free herself from Shade's bond. Shade then made her motives clear about wanting to rule the world and haveing Sonic as her mate. She then escaped with a willing Sonic ( Lyc's death and reviveal incident. ) to a dimension created by herself. In the dimension she had her way with a now evil 'Dark Sonic' multiple times as she was amassing an army of unspecified creatures. She is also the distant cousin of Mephiles the Dark.


Shade can easily do the following: Shape-Shift, Bond with a lifeform, Suduce Male characters, Use Chaos powers and replicate the knoledge and abilities of those she bonds with. 

Special Abilities

Shade has the following Special Abilities: The abilitie to bond and take over lifeforms even Robots like Omega E123. She can also take the forms of her victims. ( Though she makes her own changes as seen when she took the form of Rouge the Bat after bonding with her for over a day. This Rouge form is the only one she's ever took aswell. ) She can use a variation of Chaos blast called 'Dark obliteration' and has the power of Telepathy. She also has strange vampiric magic powers which she can use at will.


Shade can make exstenseive use of modern tech, ( Learned from when she briefly bonded with omega during a fight. ) she can also use the famous homeing attack, ( Taught to her by Dark Sonic. ) She can use a variation of Chaos blast ( Learned when she stole Shadow's shadow. ) that is called 'Dark obliteration' and she can also suduce Sonic easily. ( Though in later stages Dark Sonic made the choice himself as the two were together. )


The only known weaknesses Shade has is Sunlight ( Which do's not directly harm her it just makes her weaker. ) Chaos powers used by Shadow, Omega's special silver stun rounds and her near constant need for blood which makes her stronger.


- Shade was going to have been the ghost of a dead vampire related to Rouge but this idea was scrapped early in production of the Fan-Fic she debuted in called Night of doom.

-Sonic lost his virginity to her.

-Her theme tune is 'World so cold' in referance to the fact somebody always splits up her and Sonic.

-Despite being a Villian, Sonic admited he actually loves her. He also said he would try to turn her good.

-She is the cousin of Mephiles the Dark.

-She is the first character Sonic ever dated.

-She has a strong rivalry with Amy Rose.

-Strangly when she bites her Victims she can chose either to just feed on them or infect them with Vampirism and feed.

-She is based on Characters like Venom from Spider-Man, The Darkness from The Darkness and Mephiles the Dark.

-She has a Vampire Lord form similear to the Vampire Lord's from the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. She once faught Lyc who was in Werewolf form ( He's ironically a doppelganger for Skyrim Werewolves. ) while she was in the form.


"Death to all who appose me!" - When others try to stop her plans.

"Pathetic Humans." - About Humans.

"Stunted Weakling!" - When she defeats something.  

"Hum... Destruction... Power... Blood... a Blue Hedgehog is what i crave right now." - Random Line.

"Perfect Chaos? Hah! I am Perfect Chaos." - When Dark Sonic told her about some of his past.

"My Cousin Mephiles was too weak to do what i can!" - Bragging about her Power.

"Just stop this foolishness... Sonic always comes back to me." - When somebody tries to take Sonic away from her.

"I havent fed in a while... Humans may be weak but they make great snacks!" - When she's Hungry.

"Perfection! All i need now is my 'Blue Hedgie'." - When she get's a S rank.

"Hah! This here girl is unstopable!" - When she get's a A rank.

"Not Bad. A bit o' fine tuneing to do." - When she get's a B rank.

"Drat! It's that Team Dark to blame!" - When she get's a C rank.