Shade the Shadow Hedgehog

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Shade the Shadow hedgehog...Quiet...calm...elusive...not really much you can say about him....he sticks to the shadows....and stays with the underground....


Shade is and overall gray hedgehog,with very distintive coloring.Pink on his front quils and red on his spines.His fashion consists of a black and red striped tie,gray and blue energy gloves,a gold chain belt with a strange solid gold flower on it holding up his gray,slightly baggy pants,gray shoes with white stripes on them.

likes,dislikes and etc...

Likes:Cookies,gum,martial arts,ties,randomly punching people,guitars,Lena the Cat,Rouge the Bat(for her ears),Rosy the Rascal,and the color blue.

Dislikes:War,guns,power hungry maniacs,Shadow the Hedgehog,Miles "Tails" Prower,Spike the Reaper Hedgehog and the internet.



Shade is very kind,especially to those with a good voice.He communicates usually with grunts,whimpers,snarls and growl.Also with body language,so if he likes a person he will immediately hug and nuzzle that person,but if he doesn't like your look or your chi,he will either watch you or ignore you.


Shadow the Hedgehog---Father

Amy Rose---Mother

Exstrution the Dragon Hedgehog---Brother

Spike the Reaper Hedgehog---Brother

Velocity the Hedgehog---Brother

Black the Hedgehog---Brother


Lena the Cat

Black the Hedgehog

Mako the Fox

Velocity the Hedgehog

Shadow the Wolf

Jovan the Wolf

Add your character if you are his ally


Spike the Reaper Hedgehog

Exstrution the Dragon Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Add if you are his enemy


Anti-Amy Rose

Rouge the Bat

Tikal the Echidna


Lena the Cat

Lena is his translator.The two met one rainy night,2 days after he escaped from Eggman.He was sitting in the rain,holding his knees.The rain dampening his fur until it was stopped by Lena's umbrella.She extended a paw to him and he gracefully accepted it,especially after getting a peek of her boobs,and ever since then they've been with each other.

Black the Hedgehog

They are the best of brothers,they have a great skill of syncing with each other.As a team the call themselves the Black Shade.

Mako the Fox

He really only likes her for her singing and cooking.

Velocity the Hedgehog

Shade thinks of Velocity as his biggest inspiration,because of Velo's natural fearlessness and neutral attitude.


Shade was another one of Eggman's creation's ever since the creation of Project Velocity.So he decided to install a chip into Shade's brain as he created him,so he could control him.The control chip went well for many years until one dark and stormy night.He had sent Shade out to do some recon on the city.



Shade is fluent in over 26 languages but since he is not able to speak,he only does sign language...So he strives to find his voice.

Basic hedgehog skills

Basically like homing attack,fast running uhh some other stuff too...


Shade has always love the Taijustu,so in his earlier years he took the time to learn it from various movies and multiple martial art schools.


He can locate and lock onto a individual's chi,and use it to sense his opponents moves before they are thrown

Eagle Eye

This ability enhances his sight tenfold.


Shade cannot stay in extreme light and he cannot be in tight spaces,if he is in any tight spaces,he will let out a banshee-like scream,that shatters things.



It gives him the ability to phase through solid objects with a simple backflip.

Ki Dash

He uses his spirit energy to dash forward making him move faster

Spirit Lance

Using his Ki,he summons a mighty lance,in turn his strength increases and but his speed decreases slightly.

Kiba(Fang) Counter 1

He waits for his opponent to attacks,then he uses labiyinth to phase through them,and leaps on them to bite their neck or head.

Kiba Counter 2

He waits for his opponent to attack,then he uses labriyinth,and he chops his opponent in the back of the neck.

Crane Style:Wing Strike

He gets into a crane-like style and with his arms and hands acting as the wings,he lunges forward and strikes.

Bear Style:Claw Slash Combo

He puts his arms up,like an attacking bear and rolls forward while swinging his arms about performing Ki slashes..

Mole Style:Dig Uppercut

He borrows underground,confusing his opponent and when his opponent least expects it,he resurfaces with a heavy uppercut.

Smoke Uppercut

This move is very similar to Sektor's cyber uppercut from Mortal Kombat

Elemental Chi:Aqua

The spheres on his gloves glow blue and when they appear as such,he is able to control water for at least 30 seconds.

Elemental Chi:Fuego

The spheres on his gloves glow a orangish-red color and when they appear as such,he is able to shoot waves of fire at the enemy for at least 45 seconds.

Elemental Chi:Viento

The spheres on his gloves turn clear,and appearing as such,he is able to create mini tornados for at least 25 seconds.

Ki Burst

This is when he excerts Ki from his palm in a sudden burst.Its only used for CQC(Close-Quarters-Combat)


He used this to shut down electronic devices,within a 5-10 foot range of him.Though he mostly uses it to shut down Lena's cellphone for fun.

Kemora Lock

A non-lethal arm submisson,which is used to restrain and servely injure his opponent's arm.


Haze Mode

This Transformation allows him to break his body up into gasous particles,so he can phase through vented objects or even into his enemy.

Hidden Potential

This form gathers up all of the spirit enery around him,allowing him to raise his strength up by 100,Only can be used for a full minute.The Arua of the energy can be blue or red,depending on his mood.


Shade is a strong believer in the Sun Goddess of Japan,Amaterasu.

Shade Also wants to be as Strong as Amaterasu's brother,Susanno and the person before him,which was Nagi.

Shade has a perverted mind...sometimes,he usually just uses it when messing with Lena.

Shade has a weird liking for insane characters,Nobody knows why but he seem to like one that try to kill him with spiked hammers...

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