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Shade the Porcupine is a character by CaneTheVelociraptor.


Shade is a male, 11-year old, purple, anthropomorphic porcupine. While Modern Shade is purple, Classic Shade is more of a magenta color. Shade usually wears yellow boots, white socks and gloves. Modern Shade sometimes wears a grey coat. Shade has messy back spikes. Because Shade is a Crested Porcupine, he has a crest consisting of three spikes on his forehead. Modern Shade has light-blue, almost grey eyes.


Shade, like many other 11 year olds, is hyper-energetic. He likes to be like Sonic, and tries to keep up with him while running.


Shade always has a Light-Blue Chaos Emerald on hand.

Towards other characters


Shade always sees Sonic as his idol and tries to impress him. Although, Sonic might try to annoy him for laughs.


Shade sees Tails as "his younger brother". He always tries to push Tails upwards if he can't reach something. He also tries to protect him from bullies.


Shade has relatively good thoughts towards Knuckles.


Shade has good thoughs towards Amy. He especially likes her cooking.


Shade sees Eggman as the main foe.


Classic Shade

  • Spindash
  • Wheeldash: Rolls into a ball mid-air, when he lands, he rolls forward until he hits a wall or if he wants to stop Wheeldashing.

Modern Shade

  • Shade Boost: Boosts, but slower than Sonic's Boost.
  • Homing Attack
  • Somersault



  • Shade has won many Chips vs. Chili Dogs contests Sonic makes. He stated that "Chips are easier to eat".
  • It is confirmed that Shade has mild Claustrophobia.
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