Shade is a black, anthroporphic hedgehog with bangs covering one eye who has a major roll in the sonic the hedgehog fanfic flash Sonic Chronicles: Rise of the Darkwind. He is natrually cold and mysterious his past was a mystery until later on in the series. He is Sonic's older brother and he wields black goo-like substances for attacks.

Early Life

Early in his life Shade was sent to live with his masked uncle, Yasumaru (due to Sonic's father dying). Yasumaru treated him like a son until he was ordered by the village leader to kill Shade. After Shade stopped him his mask fell off revealing Yasumaru's face. He told Shade he had always hated Shade and that it was his fault Jules died. His last words were "please just die". Shade changed from then slowly falling into madness.

Later Life

Shade was put on a three man squad with Knuckon and Lyle. He in time formed a bond with them, breaking it when ??? and Lyle were brain washed into joining the Darkwind. Knuckon tried and failed to bring him back much like Sonic and Shadow.

Series 1

Shade appeared as one of the main antagonists in the first series as he often tried to fight Sonic and was either beat or they came at a standstill. He helped Shadow awaken the Raikiri (Shadow had already learned it but still had amnesia). After him and Sonic fought it out in their powered states until Shade stopped them saying goodbye to Sonic and running off with Knuckon and Lyle, smiling.

Series 2

A month later. He reappeared as a netral alighiment character in series 2 helping Sonic fight the Darkwind and Finitevus. He revealed he was Sonic's brother and decided to teach Sonic the Rasengan (due to Sonic moaning about Raikiri) stating that the the technique was invented by the Blue Flash. After being attacked by the Darkwind, Shade became the village's leader, but decided that he should train Sonic for a year leaving Lyle leader in his absence.

Series 3

A year later Shade now one of the main protagonists returns with a new outfit and some new moves. He remains to battle Finitevus' followers while Sonic, Shadow and Amy chases after a criminal. A fter Sonic and Shadow fight above the hospital he talks to Sonic. He later finds and rescues Sonic at the end of tears after his battle with Shadow.

series 4 to present

Half a year later Shade still fights the Darkwind. He leads Sonic and the gang after Shadow. He fought Cloud the Hedgehog. Meanwhile Sonic fights Malawee.