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Book One: The Beginnings

Shade appears in Book One with his family. He is a really quiet kid, often found on his computer or game console.

Book Two: The Sickness

Shade takes part in defending Will and New Mobotropolis from Jacob's armies as a sniper.

Book Three: The Invasion

Shade is a member of a specialized Team Dark as they try to free Ronan the Fox from his prison. He stays in Mercia with his parents and sister when the invasion starts, where he meets his girlfriend Joy the Echidna.



Rouge the Bat (Mother)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Father)

Bianca the Bat (Sister)

Maria the Hedgebat (Sister)

Cade the Hedgehog (Brother)

Dawn the Hedgehog (Aunt)


Will the Echidna

Maddy the Hedgehog

Kyle the Fox

Stave the Hedgehog

Romantic Interest

Joy the Echidna


Dr. Eggman


Celia the Cat

to be added


Shade is practically identical to his father (Shadow the Hedgehog) except his stripes are fluro green.

Forms and Fusions

Super Shade

Cobric Shade

Blood Cobric Shade

Ascended Blood Cobric Shade

Aero Shade

Knight Shade

dark Shade

darkspine shade

hyper shade

Ascending light shade


Shade is heir to a lot of power, as is Will and Manic. He has a lot of Chaos Energy in his veins, which also leads to massive power. He has not revealed a specific affinity to any element, preferring to use standard Chaos attacks. He has a unique style of transformation for his Cobric form path and his Aero form (and others that I need time to decide on) in that he becomes more like another species (Cobric onwards: Snake, Aero: Hawk). This is both good and bad for him. The positive effects can outweigh the negative in some cases, like where he grows fangs and starts losing his spines in his Cobric form (they are gone in his Ascended Blood Cobric form), and his arms become snakes, allowing him to bite people from a long distance. However, they have disadvantages too. For example, he cannot use too many Chaos powers in his Cobric form path, due to losing his hands.

He later becomes a member of Team Dark due to his skill, which rivaled both his parents.

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