There are many rumors surrounding shade. The most prominient ones being "He's another project made by Black Doom himself", "He's a different project than Shadow", the most famous one being "He's shadow's brother". None of these are true. The truth is, he is a being that cannot age, so he is Semi-Immortal. However, he can be killed by disease, murder, crushing, etc.


He has several forms, all of which can be accessed at any time, except for Super, Hyper, and Omega forms. His first form is his Warlock Form. During this time, shades streaks randomly flash the colors of the rainbow and he gains an aura of magical energy. He has the same speed and strength as his normal form, however he can hover 20 ft. off the ground limitlessly, he also gains extreme-level magical abilities. The rest of his powers stay at their basic level. His second form is his Chaos Form, where he turns completely light green and is surrounded by an aura of chaos energy. He can fly for up to an hour and a half now, he also has speed that is between Sonic and SuperAmy, his strength is equal to Knuckles as well. He has weak magic powers, he also has mastery over his chaos powers, and his other powers stay the same. His third form is his Enesis Form where he turns purple, his streaks turn light green, and his eyes turn light blue. He is also surrounded by an aura of pure energy. During this form, he has weak magic powers, weak chaos powers, extreme energy manipulation. The only way for him to activate one of the three forms is to have the item appropriate for the form. To activate his Warlock Form, he must have a page from a prophecy or spell book. To activate his Chaos Form, he must have a Chaos Emerald. To activate his Enesis Form, he must have a items of power to activate. His fourth form is his Super Form, where he gains speed equal to SuperShadow and strength equal to SuperTails. He turns completely white, and his streaks turn purple while his eyes turn green. He also gains a yellow aura. During this form, he has weak magical powers, moderate chaos powers, and weak energy manipulation. His fifth form is his Hyper Form where he flashes the colors of the seven chaos emeralds randomly, his streaks turn green and purple randomly, and his eyes are green. He is surrounded by an aura that flashes light blue, light green, and purple randomly. His powers during this form include speed equal to HyperShadow, strength equal to SuperKnuckles, moderate magical abilities, extreme chaos powers, and moderate energy manipulation. His final form is his Omega Form, where he gains speed just barely above that of HyperSonic and strength equal to Tails if he had a Hyper Form. He also has extreme magical abilities, mastery of his chaos powers, and extreme energy manipulation.


Shade is about as fast as shadow, though, he lacks the jet shoes. He also has strength equal to Tails. His powers include basic magic, basic chaos powers, and basic energy manipulation. His attacks include:


Ray of Vemon (Fires a ray of Venom)

Sonic Marble (Fires a marble-sized ball of compressed sound)

Detect Magic (Allows caster to detect beings with magic powers within 50 ft.)

Detect Disease (Allows caster to detect any diseases within 50 ft.)

Magic Bolt (Fires a small arrow of magical energy)

Ray of Heat (Fires a ray of heat)

Force Arrow (Fires a arrow of psychic energy)

Ray of Force (Fires a ray of psychic energy)

Rock Throw (fires a baseball-sized rock from palm)

Sonic Beam (fires a beam of compressed sound)

Detect Heat (Detect sources of heat within 50 ft.)

Explosive Arrow (fires an explosive arrow of energy)

Concussive Barrier (Creates a barrier of compressed sound)

Corrosive Burst (Fires a burst of Corrosion)

Magic Aura (Creates an aura of magical energy that slightly reduces the damage/effectiveness of incoming spells)

Cold Snap (reduces the temperature of the region by 4 degrees)

Lightning Bolt (fires a bolt of lightning from hand)

Acid Bomb (fires an explosive ball of Acid)

Jelly Orb (fires a ball of Algae)

Earth Chain Blast (Makes small explosions of Earth travel from one target to the next)

Energy Blast (Creates an explosion of energy)


Chaos Spear

Chaos Card

Chaos Light


Aura Sphere

Nasty Plot

Energy Drain (Drains energy from a foe)

Energy Shield (creates a circular plate of pure energy in front of user/target)

Energy Spear (fires a Chaos Spear, only, this spear is made of pure energy)


Shade is like shadow in the fact he keeps to himself. He is a person who holds justice and law above all else, not letting any crime he see's go unpunished. He has developed insomnia, due to constantly running from G.U.N. Him and Shadow have fought on occassion, ending with him escaping. Not much more is known about Shade.


Shade looks just like shadow, however, his streaks are green and his eyes are purple. Also, his bracers (where the red is) are green and lack the rings. However, he does not have shadow's shoes, instead he has shoes similar to sonics. He wears black jeans and a black t-shirt.


Shade was born 200 years ago, it was around 16 years old he discovered his Semi-Immortality when he still looked like a 14 year old. He moved out when he was 18, started a life and everything. However, when his wife died of old age around 110 years ago, he was devastated, and even more so when his kids followed. exactly 50 years ago, he was approached by G.U.N. who had also discovered his semi-immortality and offered him a job. When they refused, they attacked him to no avail. Ever since, he has been on the run from G.U.N.


He will start to appear in roleplays. However, i will ask before i add him to them.

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