Shade the Hedgehog is a fanmade comic series currently being planned by Goji64, this comic series will be like the fanmade version of Archie Sonic but the story will revolve around my fan chracter: Shade the Hedgehog. It will tell his life story and show all the adventures he and his friends have been through. Both the artist and writer will be Goji64 (real name with held at this time) on occasion, his friends from school will write one of the issues, pitch in on one, or submit character ideas. Shade the Hedgehog will have canon sonic characters but the comic itself mainly focuses on Shade and the introduction of new characters.





Update 3/28/13: The first issue is officially announced to be called "Defeat the Mighty Champion", it is confirmed that Shade, Shadow, Sonic, and Tails will all appear. The plot is some what like this "Shadow is online when he reads rumor of the greatest fighter ever living in Japan and being known as Shade the Hedgehg nicknamed 'Ultimate Lifeform' this brings Shadow to great rage and he says he is going to Japan to defeat this mighty champion. Sonic then points out that Shade looks alot like Shadow and even has the same subtitle, and said that meant something, Shadow however ignores this. Shadow, Sonic, and Tails all go to Japan and Shadow joins the most recent tournament there is to defeat Shade, Shadow watches patiently as Shade whipes the floor with all his opponents. Shadow then enters the ring and he and Shade engage in an explosive battle. Who will win this fight the Ultimate Lifeform or his Japanese counterpart? Did Shade and Shadow looking alike and having the same subtitle really mean something? Find out in the next issue of Shade the Hedgehog!" It is also said that Tails will have an important roll in finding out why Shade and Shadow are so similar.

Update 4/18/13: Srry ^U^ Haven't been on in a while. Well the first 15 issues for the series have been writen as well as a two comic mini series set to take place inbetween issues 11 and 12 and concept art for certain characters and certian story arcs in the upcoming future have been drawn.

Update 4/19/13: It is comfirmed there will be a story arc featuring

Fleetway Super Shade first concept drawing.

the more evil/deranged side of Super Shade: Fleetway Super Shade.
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