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Shade is the long lost sister of Eclipse the Darkling. She tries to find out what she must do and fulfills that purpose. This is all that I know about her. Hope you like it! ^_^


Shade has black skin and hair with red highlights in her hair and on her legs. Her feet are completely red. She wears a twilight purple strapless dress and a necklace with a red Chaos Emerald charm. She has a barbed tail and two hooked spikes on each of her arms. Both of the spikes are red. She has three claw-like fingers and two toes on her feet. She does not wear shoes or gloves. The scoleras of her eyes are black, her cornea is a gold color, and her pupils are black.


Shade spends much of her time alone, indicating that she is not very social. She is very smart and independent and will only rely on others when she has no other choice. She wants to be strong, and does so by showing off what she can do. She is also very hopeful even if she doesn't know what she was meant to do.


In the Beginning

Shade was created much like how Eclipse was. Unlike Eclipse's creation, she was created as a baby and not a teenager. Even though she was created on the Black Comet, she was sent to Earth by Black Doom who sensed that she would be killed if not hidden. She lived with an Earth family, disguised as a human and unknowing about her true past for 15 years.

The Truth is Revealed

In a chance encounter with Black Doom at the time of the Black Arm's invasion of Earth, Shade learns that she was created by Black Death and that she belongs on the Black Comet. Upon arriving at the Black Comet, she finds her brother, Eclipse. After Shadow finishes off the Black Arms at Earth, the Black Comet travels to Mobius.

A Purpose is Found

When Shade gets to Mobius with the rest of the Black Comet, she battles Silver. After the battle, she wins by overpowering him with her telekinesis. She stole one of his gloves to prove to every one that she was as strong as she said she'd be. She instantly got engulfed in learning about the magic behind the Chaos Emeralds. During her studies, she found out that the Chaos Emeralds were the source of most wars in Mobius. She instantly formed a plan to change that.

The Final Mission

As Shade learned about the Chaos Emeralds, she decided that she needed to end all wars. She looked for the Chaos Emerald that she had found after defeating Silver in battle. She found it. The green Chaos Emerald. She then smashed it onto the ground, shattering it into a hundred pieces. After that, she decided to find all of the Chaos Emeralds and destroy them. Even though practically everyone tried to stop her, she prevailed and destroyed six of the seven Chaos Emeralds. She decided to transfer the last Chaos Emerald into a form that nobody could detect. She shrank it and put it on a chain necklace. She thought that no one would expect a very powerful and world changing jewel to be a necklace. She was right. Nobody asked her about the new necklace or about what she had done to the last Chaos Emerald. There was peace ever since the destruction of the Chaos Emeralds. She had found her purpose, and she had kept a little souvenir on a chain to remember the things that she had done to change the entire world of Mobius.


Shade only has a few powers which are telekinesis, chaotic energy manipulation, and an internal energy blast she likes to call "Dark Blast." She uses all of these powers perfectly in battle. She was born with these powers, so even when she was living on Earth, she could bend spoons with her mind.


The only abilities that Shade has are teleportation and telepathy. It seems as if she depends on these two abilities to survive. Just like with her powers, she was born with these abilities.


Shade's only weakness is that she is easily manipulated while using her telekinesis. While using that power, all of her rational thought is replaced by anger, and when someone tries to persuade her to come on their side it is as if she is forced to do so. It's almost as if she has been possessed by something. Hmmm....


"You'll never win!"- Shade challenging Silver to a battle

"I must find the answer"- Shade after realizing the truth of the Chaos Emeralds

"Quit trying to stop me! I must do it!"- Shade fighting against the ones who tried to stop her from destroying the Emeralds

"Nobody will ever know"- Shade making the Emerald into a necklace

"Hello, please don't hurt me"- Saying hi to Eclipse

"Wh-Who are you! Get away from me!"- Seeing Black Doom for the first time

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