This is an article about Shade the Hedgehog, a character created by furythehog (DeviantART user) in 2009. Sprites of this character were created too, still by furythehog. 

Shade Enigma is a female clone of Shadow the Hedgehog, who has shares her blood with Shadow's. Once created to bring destruction and terror over Mobius, back in 1997, she, however, was later reprogrammed to be a hero and to bring peace over the planet, living now as a peaceful and happy hedgehog. As of 2014, she's now the wife of Nikolaj DeSvaris and soon-to-be mother. 


This hedgehog seems to appear with a black fur with red streaks, a red shirt, sometimes orange or gold, and a black skirt. She wears inhibitor rings to focus her Chaos powers and even magical ones and usually wears hover shoes. In 2014, tho, she changes her wardrobe a bit, to put a normal red shirt and wearing most of the times just jeans. She also sports red and white shoes. 


Shade, in 1997, was known as a brutal and evil being with the only target of destroying and terrorizing the Mobians. After her reprogrammation, by the way, she turned into a happy and peaceful being, sometimes sarcastic and sometimes a bit flirty. She's loyal and wouldn't let down her friends, in every situation!


  • 1997: Project S.H.A.D.E.

Back in 1996, a doctor known as Dr. Enigma Riddle went to discover about Gerald Robotnik's project named "Project S.H.A.D.O.W.". This doctor went on a research trip to the Space Colony ARK to steal some of the projects made by Gerald and use them to create a newer and even deadlier version of this project. The project had to take over 37 tries to be completed, and it was ended the 13th September 1997, day when this project, named "Project S.H.A.D.E." was released and ready to destroy everything. The doctor, to test its skills, decided to take the hedgehog around the forests, where she will have to unleash her true powers. Once in the forests, she started to destroy everything in her path, with Chaos powers and even the newer abilities such as Umbrakinesis powers. This made Enigma think more about what he created, coming to the conclusion that he had created the most unbeatable creation he could've ever created. It didn't take long that in November, Shade completely erased 2/10 of Mobius' civilization, being even undefeatable for the special forces. But after a year, the 29th August 1998, she was captured and brought into a facility where she was going to be reprogrammed to repair to all her mistakes. Little is known about what ever happened to Enigma, and even today it's a riddle. Some say that he actually escaped from Mobius and some say that he ended up suiciding, whilst some say that Shade probably killed him in a full rage moment. Back to Shade, who was now in a research facility known as "L.I.G.H.T. Corporation", tried many times to escape, but failed each time, and at her last attempt, she was electrocutted, making her fall in a coma and erasing her memories, forever. One of the doctors of the facility, named Dr. Calmson, found her in coma and rushed her to the laboratory where she will be reprogrammed and brought back to consciousness. It took 7 hours of non-stop work to bring her back to be conscious, but it was worth the wait. Shade was brought back to her cell, where she will, 2 days later, wake up, not remembering any single thing of what happened to her. She suddenly felt happier, sarcastic and peaceful, even a bit flirty, but she cared way less about it, since she was stuck in a cell. Dr. Calmson then visited her in the cell, saying her everything about what happened. Shade felt a bit sad, hearing about the fact that she destroyed innocent people's lives, and since she was even reprogrammed to bring peace and restore everything back to normal, she ran off the facility, getting enough material to restore everything and running around the whole Mobius planet, bringing back what she erased. It took her only 4 months to accomplish her mission; after that, she disappeared in the forests, the same she destroyed as well. She will be around there for the next years to come.

  • 2013 - 2014: Shade, a flirty, free, wild and random girl!

Want to know what happened after her mission? Well then, here's a brief epilogue. After she completed the mission she was reprogrammed for, she started getting wilder, living in the nature, but not so much to become a beast as in behaving. Back in 2007, she was captured again by the "L.I.G.H.T. Corporation", but for good intentions. She, in fact, went to know about the fact that she was now a sister of another female hedgehog that was found as a newborn in 2000 and adopted by the facility. The name of this little girl was Louise, named like that because one of the doctors always wanted to name a girl with such name, a 7 years old girl who loves to bring the chaos around for good. The facility told Shade that she and Lou will have to get on the roads to solve some misteries and even arrest some of the recent Mobian criminals. Shade will accept happily to do so, while she'll babysit the little Lou on the way over. 6 years pass and Lou is now 13 and free from every mission, now a singer and even a young voice actress that does her job with pleasure. She was now even as flirty as Shade was, but still unable to find a boy that can love her. Shade, in the meanwhile, decided to take advantage of the retirement to dedicate to her flirty attitude. It doesn't take so much that after 3 months, she already had to dump with 4 boys because of their absence. However, she had a friend of her that she met back in June, named Nikolaj, who had a crush on her, but wasn't being crushed back. Shade, anyway, seeing that Nikolaj was always there for her, started to have feelings for him, that will then turn into a crush and finally into a relationship. Shade even finds something new to do since she retired: helping Nikolaj to guard the Little Planet and its giant jewel, the Master Time Stone. 2014 arrives and she and Nikolaj are now a relationship. One day, Nikolaj decides to propose to her to be his beloved wife, something that she will happily, and with tears of joy, accept, after a little thought about it. She's even 1 week pregnant of two twins: a male and a female. Will a family come out from this?

  • 2015: The life of a young working woman.

Eventually, Shade gave birth to two twins that his now husband Nikolaj DeSvaris decided to name after them. She also decided to start working a bit to gain money to keep her family's house. Later, Niko will add up to this thing, by handling three jobs.


Shade, being a remake of "Project S.H.A.D.O.W.", is able to use every single Chaos power existing, such as Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast and more. Enigma, anyway, even gave her Umbrakinesis powers, that she uses to trap and block enemies right from their shades. Thanks to Nikolaj, she is even able to use magical powers, but not completely good, since she's still practicing.

Special Abilities

Being an excellent singer, she can use her voice as a special ability to "hypnotize" her enemies and accomplish a certain target. Her magic tricks even provide as a special ability, but they're still being improved.


Shade has some more and less skills than Shadow possesses. However, this doesn't make her any weaker than Shadow is. By the way, they are:

  • Supersonic speed;
  • Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes;;
  • Minor super strength;
  • High jumping abilities;
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills;
  • Weapon and firearms combat skills;
  • Capable Extreme Gear rider;
  • Grinding;
  • Chaos Powers;
  • Excellent singing and guitar playing skills;
  • Seduction;
  • Illusionist;
  • Magical tricks and Umbrakinesis powers;


Shade has some weakness, since she wasn't completely designed to be like the real Shadow. Those weaknesses are:

  • Not completely full aim;
  • Not being focused on her magic tricks;
  • Getting easily in trouble;
  • Magic tricks failing, sometimes;
  • A little lower defense than Shadow's;
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