A sketch of ShadeStar.

ShadeStar is the arrogant, self-centered ally of Zetsepkuu The Hedgehog, Tobey Yoshiro, and Yami Aurora. He's 15 years old unlike the others, he's speculated to have been born on a far away planet in space. He travels back in time with Zetsepkuu, Tobey, and Yami in order to free the future from Phantom Ragnorak.


ShadeStar has an odd resemblance to Yami, with both of them having purple fur, being Hedgehogs, and having an interest in Stars. He wears a red jacket with stars on it, along with red and white pants. He also wears a "Star Watch" on his wrist. His most noticeable feature are his shades that he wears (he wears them to look "cool").

Early Life

Not much is known about ShadeStar at birth. All that is really known is that he does not come from the Little Planet, or Mobius. He was found outside the Sanctuary at 3 years old, and was raised in the Sanctuary with Zetsepkuu, Yami, and Tobey. He and the boys would get themselves into a lot of trouble, and while he and Zetsepkuu were good friends, they never really saw eye to eye, and considered the other their rival. After the Sanctuary had been destroyed by Phantom Ragnorak, he went with the others on a quest to free the future from the rule of Phantom.

Separate Ways

After exploring the past of the Little Planet for Time Stones, and battling with Phantom's henchmen, ShadeStar decided to go solo. Before he left, he said "I can't be bested by Zetsepkuu, and the rest of you are just slowing me down". After traveling on his own for a while, he encountered the others. Before he continued searching on his own, he requested a challenge to Zetsepkuu, to prove which one is better. After a long battle, Zetsepkuu bested ShadeStar, and he left on his own again in order to become stronger. During the final encounter with Phantom Ragnorak, ShadeStar appeared to lend a helping hand to the others, along with Daishiro Blade.


ShadeStar is a selfish, arrogant character. Though he has friends, he's mainly in things for his own reasons. He also dislikes all things he sees as "uncool", including other people. Despite his selfish personality, he's always there when his friends need him.


ShadeStar has the ability to generate and manipulate stars and comets, which was the first sign that he wasn't from the Little Planet. He also has a "Star Staff", which is how he usually generates tiny stars. That and his Star Watch.

  • Star Dash - ShadeStar dashes and high speeds and leaves a trail of stars behind him.
  • Starcano - ShadeStar stabs his staff into the ground, causing the ground to erupt molten stars.
  • 2 Kewl 4 U - ShadeStar jumps in the air, stabs his staff in the clouds, causing it to rain Aquatic Stars.
  • Star Shield - ShadeStar stabs his staff into the ground and the rocks from the earth from to make a shield in the shape of a star.
  • See you in Hell! - ShadeStar attacks the opponent with a wicked combo, finishing off by smashing the deep into the earths core. Then, he stabs his staff into the ground, constricts the opponent, then makes the constricting rocks explode.

Friends and Enemies

ShadeStar has a good amount of friends and enemies.

  • Zetsepkuu (Friendly Rival)
  • Yami (Good Friend)
  • Tobey (Good Friend)
  • Tsunami (Rival)
  • Daishiro (Rival)
  • Phantom Ragnorak (Enemy)
  • Dante (Rival)

Theme Song

Like most of the Zetsepkuu Characters, ShadeStar has multiple themes. His main theme is "Snake Man - 20th Anniversary Remix" by Capcom.

thumb|300px|left|ShadeStar's main theme.

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