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It is usually cold and dark on Shade. Not many plants grow there. There are lots of mountains and valleys, but that is always changing, since the planet is in fact a shapeshifter and changes from day to day. This can make it very confusing for non-Changelings, but the Changelings seem to find their way around despite everything reshaping.


No one knows how long Shade has existed. The Changelings themselves have existed for aeons before the Mobians first existed, so it is likely their planet is very old as well. The planet has always been ruled by a monarch. Kato the Changeling's father, Fury, who is currently the head of the police force, is scheming to take over the throne. The current king is unaware of this, and stupidly trusts Fury with everything.

Significant Populations

Shade is the home of the Changeling race. They are shapeshifters with mind powers. One of the inhabitants is Kato the Changeling, although he is currently hiding from the police force since he is a criminal on Shade.

Interesting Buildings

Shade has a large police station that also acts as a prison. Since it was built for Changelings, it is very hard to escape from, although not impossible. Sapphire the Cat and Sonic the Hedgehog once broke Kato the Changeling out of the prison directly before he was due to be executed for his crimes.

Kato's house is also remarkable. He once stated that the house was in fact part of him, and therefore it can shapeshift and do whatever he wants. He takes most of his prisoners to his house because it is difficult to escape from there.

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