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Seth is usually relaxed however if anything or anyone close to him gets hurt he will become enraged and try to get revenge. This is due to the fact that he has BPD (Borderline personality disorder) luckily it isn't severe.His BPD causes him to be emotionally unstable,burst into rage and the inability to mantain a relationship because of this he is single.


Born to a decendant of the ancient echidna tribes and a travelling hedgehog. Seth was raised by chao as his parents died of chaos radiation from the chaos emeralds that the group of chao had.His parents died a week after his birth that same week the group of chao with the emeralds found him and took him to thier garden which is where he was raised.


Seth's powers depend on how many and the colours of the chaos emeralds he has.(when using the powers of the emeralds,he absorbs them and transfers them to his spines.

Light blue:Seth is able to fly about wherever he wants, unfortunately this power is limited,and only lasts for a few minutes

Red:Seth is able to create drills made of chaos energy around his hands or his whole body and use them for combat.

Clear/white/grey: Grants seth invisibility 

Purple:Makes Seth's knuckle spikes poisonous.

Yellow:Grants Seth the ability to run at the speed of sound

Green:Blinking (Teleporting)

Dark blue:Water powers

When he gets 3 emeralds he becomes Wild Seth which is a werehog like form.

Once he gets 5 he becomes even more beastly and less solid.

With 7 he becomes Feral Seth


Gliding,Digging,Strength (The usual edchidna stuff)


Seth can speak with and summon chao. He is also skilled in Chao Fu (Sorry about the lame pun) as he trained in the chao dojo 


Himself,Not having any formal education

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