Character Name

  • Seth the Werewolf

Character Image


  • 17


  • Male


  • Mobian/Werewolf



  • Seth the Power-Hungry Hunter

Relationship Status


  • Robust brown


  • 4 feet 9 in


  • 49 lbs





Romantic Interests

Voice actor

  • Yuri Lowenthal

Seth is a werewolf that lives in an alternate version of Mobius, and stars in his own fanfiction and roleplay, The Curse.


Normal Seth

Seth is a brown werewolf. In his non-transformation form, he has choppy black hair that reaches just below his ear. He often wears his golden Tristarr pendant given to him by his mother. He wears a plain white athletic cut T-shirt with camo jeans and black boots with a white line through the center. He likes to stick his hands in his pockets and "always has a grin on his face", as told by his best friends Yue and Link.

Werewolf Transformation

When Seth undergoes his werewolf transformation during a full moon, his clothes tear and become caveman-like. They stretch so far, however, he still wears them when he changes back to his normal self. His Tristarr pendant looks like a dog tag on him, which makes him look like a giant, dangerous dog.


Normal Seth

Seth is normally cool and collected. He speaks with a smooth, sexy tone, as said by Yue. He is confident and sometimes arrogant when it comes to protecting his friends, but becomes insanely shy around Yue, his major girl crush. Around her, he acts insecure and his voice cracks a lot.

Werewolf Transformation

In his werewolf transformation, his personality drastically changes. His voice becomes even deeper, with a feral tone. He is distant and dangerous to be around, especially when he has hunger issues. Although, around Yue, he acts like a gentle puppy and licks her hand.


The Compound

Seth was separated from his mother, Trinite. He was given her Tristarr pendant, which is said to wield magical powers. Amy Rose, the boss of the compound, picks him up from the streets and takes him to the orphanage. In this universe, Amy is 86 years old, and is described as being old and crabby. At The Compound, Seth meets Yue the Tiger and Link the Badger. Yue becomes fast friends with him, but Link rivals him.

The Game

Amy held a game that saw if you were stronger than your opponent. Seth entered, and so did Link. They went at it-hard-but it was Seth who was the victor. Link grea fond of him, and they became fast friends.

The Mission

Amy declared that Seth, Yue, and Link were ready for their mission to defeat Dr. Azela, a mad scientist who turned himself into a cyborg. In this world, he was the big bad guy. Seth is still trying to defeat him.



Seth gained his werewolf power from a family curse. It gives him unlimited strength, senses, and unbeatable wit. Seth doesn't take advantage of his form, howevery, and only uses it in times of deep stress.


His mother's pendant wields magical powers.


  • Super strength
  • Enhanced senses
  • Death Star
    • Death Star is Seth's go to move. He spins on one hand and kicks opponents in his path, like a ninja star. Link has experienced it firsthand.
  • Tristarr's Magic
    • The magic of his mother's pendant gives Seth wondrous power, such as flight, time control, supersonic speed, telekinesis, and much more.


Seth is a ninja guy. Taught by Yue the Tiger and Amy Rose, he can fight like a monk who's been training for 59 years.



Seth can hardly control his werewolf form. And if he's depleted of energy, he will go hungry and get distracted by raiding trash cans and neighborhoods.


If Tristarr is removed from his neck, Seth can't wield its magical powers.

Theme Song

  • Endless Possibility(Sonic Unleashed)


  • "Do you know how hard it is eating so much junk food??"
  • "Ninja guy, baby!"
  • "I love you, Yue- I mean, I love... vomiting!"
  • " I think I ate too much pizza..."
  • "I'm gonna puke so hard after that feeding."
  • "Nice going, Link."
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