Seth is an Eternal Warrior, which are Hero's who have lived throughout time, but they always were reborn into another life
Seth Gaiablaze the DrakoHog


everytime they "died". it was pretty much reincarnation but without the rituals or religion thing. Seth lived different lives and gained many abilities in different styles of fighting and weapon crafting and such

Seth's 5 Lives

Life #1

Seth (who was first known as Korran), was a Knight for the City of Jironuy. he was taught the proficiencies of Swordsmanship and lance use. Korran was a married man with 3 kids. he was on duty when the enemy barraged the city rampaged through the nation. Korran's life was the last to go, with his last breath he stopped the leader of the onslaught

Life #2

when he awoke he was 16, he remembered nothing about Korran, but remembered that his name was Tale, he was in a relationship, and he was an expert marksman with his Bow,on foot and horseback, even pegasus back (which exsisted in this life) Tale later on got married to his teen girlfriend and had another family, he died of old age, but still he was neeeded for something else, so the cycle reset.

Life #3

he next woke up and lived an entire life as a boy named Xavior. Xavior (also known as Zao) was a prodigy in his weapons work, with sword lances and bows. one day Zao was walking through the forest and was confronted by the same enemy that was from his first life, he was told his whole lives story, then killed out of revenge

Life #4

he reawoke in a hospital bed with a "good looking" girl next to him, she told him his name was Danny and she was his betrothed. after years of training he remembered what happened to him in his past lives and moved forward. he kept working with his weapons proficiency in swords Lances and Bows and also added Axes and Maces. he left this life prepared for what was coming because he knew he only had one life left after this one.

Life #5

my name is Seth GaiaBlaze the Drakohog. codename: Lycan. my life is seen through you, so i have 2 words for any evil that crosses my way. Bring It.


as said above he is a master of the proficiencies of Bow Sword Lance Axe and Mace, he also has a Pegasus.


Auron GaiaBlaze the Hedgehog (brother)

Cyrus Boulderak (father throughout his lives (which stayed the same))

Sarah GaiaBlaze (human) (sister)

Siftus Gaiablaze (human) (brother)

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