Cold and calculating, Servine barely shows any emotions at all. If he or his kind are insulted in any way, however, he will unleash his true power.


Servine is a black Common Dragon standing four feet and three inches tall. He has a jagged mouth and reptilian nose on a gray muzzle beneath his sharp, yellow eyes. There are six upward-facing horns on the back of his head.

His torso is somewhat stocky and well-defined, with a gray underbelly going down his chest and to the tip of his long, sweeping tail. On his back are two large, spiked wings with gray membranes, and his hands and three-toed feet end in razor-sharp claws.

His attire consists of brown/gray pants rolled up to his knees and a red bandanna wrapped around his forehead.


Servine rarely interacts with anyone, including those he deems friends. He prefers to stay in his cave undisturbed. He is quiet, rarely showing any emotion unless someone mentions him or his kind in a negative or specist manner.


Servine first met Xavier and Reens when they came across his territory in a small group, looking for a new place for the Gifted to live. Initially wary of them, Servine smelled each member to identify them and allowed them to follow him to a secluded valley in exchange for a handful of berries. After leading them there, Servine retreated to his cave.

Reens and her group, minus a few members, passed his cave again as they returned to report about the valley. Jakob, the leader of the Gifted, ordered them to go back and scout out the area further, leading them to turn around, joined by a dolphin named Maia.

Though the valley seemed safe at first, it became apparent that Kabletech soldiers had appeared in the area. Rushing to safety, Reens and her group were briefly separated before Reens' life was saved by an electrokinetic cat called Static.

Perhaps Servine didn't know that Kabletech's soldiers had arrived at the valley, or maybe he did; no one knows for sure. All Servine knows is that he wants to be left alone for the time being.

Powers and Abilities

Like all dragon-kind, Servine has increased strength and speed, and like Great Dragons, has the ability to breathe fire. However, unlike most dragons, Servine also has the ability to use cryokinesis as well as fire.


Servine can see well in the dark, as he has reflective eyes similar to a cat.

He can use an ability known as Dragonsong, which can summon any nearby dragon-kind to him.


Servine is unable to swim, as his weight combined with his wingspan causes him to sink. As such, he avoids bodies of water.

Servine, being a fairly young dragon, cannot use what is known as the Dragon's Horn, a powerful amulet that increases a dragon's natural aptitudes.

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