The Serfane Airstation houses over 16,000 diffrent creatures and plants every year, as it is also a hotel. It is loosing passengers, though, as it has received poor ratings and only has 12 staff members, 2 of which are dead.


Serfane's a hot country, and the airport has no air conditioners, so it is at boiling point. Water is also not permitted, so if you go there, you'll have a rough time.


Serfane Airstation opened in 1954 and since then has been an unsuccessful Hotel and Airport crossover. It's ratings have dropped 54% after the day it opened, and it is currently being chosen wether or not to be closed down. It received high criticism and even got the "Worst Place in Mobius" award in 1985.


There is only around 16,000 guests and passengers at the Serfane Airstation and it is slowly decreasing. The manager (Blur the Porcupine) has put up ads on many occasions, but the population is still going down, no matter what he does. It might come to a close in December 2013.

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